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Cedar Crest Inn

674 Biltmore Avenue, Asheville, North Carolina 28803
Innkeeper(s): Drew Hepburn

Room#1: The Study Room (Mansion)

$199.00 / $225.00 night

Located on the first floor of the Mansion in a quiet back area.

  • Enter into a small foyer
  • Solid brass queen bed
  • Day sleigh bed for additional guest
  • Antique aremoir
  • Private bathroom
  • Deep claw foot tub/shower

This room can be converted into a suite, with exclusive use of the study/sitting room. (See website for additional rate.)


Room#2: Eastlake Room (Mansion)

$199.00 / $235.00 night

This room is located in the Mansion, with embellishments dating back to 1891.

  • Queen bed with damask spread and velvet pillows
  • Victorian lace ceiling veil
  • Eastlake period furnishings
  • Fainting couch
  • Fireplace
  • Private bathroom
  • Shower and claw foot tub

Room#3: Romeo & Juliet (Mansion)

$155.00 / $175.00 night

Romeo & Juliet room is located in the Mansion.

  • High open ceiling
  • Oak and brass fitted fan
  • Queen size bed
  • Antique vanity
  • Small private bathroom

Room#4: William Breese (Mansion)

$175.00 / $200.00 night

William Breese room is located in the Mansion.

  • Queen bed with fabric canopy
  • Satin and velvet linens
  • Private bathroom with shower
  • Cylinder top desk
  • Fireplace

Room#5: Queen Anne Room (Mansion)

$225.00 / $275.00 night

This stately room is located in the Mansion.

  • King bed
  • High ceiling draped in a crown veil
  • Deep basin tub
  • Shower

Room#6: Garden Room (Mansion)

$185.00 / $215.00 night

This room, once occupied by the head servant of the Breese household, is located in the Mansion.

  • Doorway to the servants corridors
  • Bright room in Laura Ashley paper
  • Elevated Mahogany Pencil Post Bed
  • Fireplace
  • Deep, old fashioned claw foot tub/shower

Room#7: The Page Room (Mansion)

$155.00 / $175.00 night

This elaborate room is located in the Mansion.

  • Collection of printed papers on the walls and ceiling
  • King bed
  • High-backed wing chairs
  • Private bathroom
  • Shower

Room#8: The Tower Room (Mansion)

$180.00 / $199.00 night

The Tower Room is located in the tower of the Mansion.

  • King bed with carved oak headboard
  • Private turret
  • Deep claw footed tub
  • Hardwood floor
  • Antique furniture

Room#9: The Celebration Room (Mansion)

$165.00 / $185.00 night

An enchanted room located in the Mansion.

  • King bed
  • 32" flatscreen HDTV
  • Private Jacuzzi tub
  • Hand-held shower
  • Sitting chairs

Can be converted into a suite. (Visit the website for rates).


Room#10: The Serenity Suite (Mansion)

$255.00 / $295.00 night

Our finest accommodation, and is located on the garden level in the Mansion.

  • Secluded suite
  • Large private verandah
  • Outdoor wicker furnishings
  • Sitting room with plush sofa(full sleeper)
  • Flat screen TV
  • King bedroom
  • Gas fireplace
  • Full bathroom
  • Jacuzzi tub for two
  • Rain showerhead
  • Coffee maker
  • Mini fridge

Guest Cabin Room#1

$175.00 / $195.00 night

This cottage-style room is located in the Guest Cabin near Biltmore.

  • Queen bed
  • Private bathroom
  • Shower and modern tub
  • Separate sitting area
  • Plasma TV with DVD
  • Mini refrigerator
  • Coffee maker
  • Microwave

Can be combined with Guest Cabin#2.


Guest Cabin Room#2

From $290.00 / night

This 2-bedroom suite is located in the Guest Cabin near Biltmore.

  • Large front porch
  • Overstuffed couches
  • Convenience kitchen
  • Microwave
  • Refrigerator
  • Coffeemaker
  • Toaster
  • Large living area
  • Gas fireplace
  • Large plasma TV with DVD
  • Dining area
  • Two bedrooms with queen bed
  • Adjoining bathroom

Can be combined with Guest Cabin#1


Carriage House Room#1

$215.00 / $235.00 night

Located on the main floor of the Carriage House.

  • High board king bed
  • sitting area
  • walk-in closet
  • 26" LCD plasma TV
  • Widows overlooking the grounds
  • Large master bath
  • Door to outside deck

Carriage House Room#2

$185.00 / $215.00 night

This room is located on the main floor of the Carriage House.

  • Highback king bed
  • Private bathroom
  • Walk-in shower
  • Antique furnishing
  • 26" plasma TV

Carriage House Room#3

$145.00 / $165.00 night

This guestroom is located on the second floor of the Carriage House.

  • Cottage furniture
  • Queen bed
  • Flat screen HDTV
  • Private bathroom
  • Shower/tub

Can be converted into a two room suite. (See website for rates).


Stables Suite

$255.00 / $295.00 night

This suite is located under the Carriage House, and was originally used to store horses and buggies.

  • Large kitchen
  • Living room
  • King bedroom
  • Private patio
  • Large windows