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Greenpreneur: How It All Began 1 Apr 2013, 12:42 pm

Writing my first blog seems like a very intimidating proposition. Like sowing seeds for a new garden, I worry about this new entity’s care and feeding, and the responsibility and worry that comes with having another creation to tend to on a regular basis. Yet, here I am, off on this new endeavor to share some green things I’ve learned along my way.

I am indeed the entrepreneurial type. It did not take me long during my first half dozen years out of school in commercial interior design to know I was not going to thrive siting behind a desk, drawing plans and painstakingly following someone else’s directions. My creative juices just were not thriving, and besides, I’m not a good ‘sitter!’

Green entrepreneuring was right up my alley. A tree-hugging, play-with-box-turtles-and-salamanders kind of kid, I found my first business calling in starting a small business to install and maintain those green plants that dot the interior landscape of most every single office I know. This was perfect. Digging in the dirt and fussing with smaller tree-like plants put me right back in my comfort zone. My first green job, and all on my own terms.

And now as I think about that entre into the working world, I’m realizing this was also my very first recognition of how plants and nature improve one’s working environments. NASA reports and other research studies have documented the benefits of added oxygen and purification processes that plants contribute to indoor air quality, and the human need to feel close to nature even within concrete and glass walls. And it was apparent to me even back then how good it feels to be able to have a job where I, once again, got to play in nature, get me hands really dirty while adding some green goodness to office environments.

Fast forward to sitting here typing on my iPad - who would have imagined such a device during my interior plant-scaping day. Not new to writing - I actually started the first green design and build newsletter in the US in 1990, I look forward to not just sharing the past journeys of my green businesses and projects, but my never ending daily discoveries and continued research for doing everything from choosing groceries and dog food, to some new “safe” enzyme cleaner guaranteed to eat mold that my real estate colleagues recommend.

Okay, here we go into blogging! This should be good green fun.
See you next time.


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Welcome 11 Mar 2013, 12:52 pm

Welcome to my first blog!