Mariaville Lake Bed & Breakfast

176 Batter Street, Mariaville, New York 12137
Innkeeper(s): Rick and Lorrie Runnels

Ever Tried Acupuncture? 26 May 2016, 7:24 am

I’ve never been afraid of needles. I don’t particularly like them, but not the overwhelming and anxiety ridden fear that some people have. I have more of a distaste for doctors, which probably partially comes from growing up in a family where everything could be fixed by herbs, tinctures or in my dad’s case, masking tape. That being said, I still had some hesitation about my first acupuncture treatment. Everyone said that it wouldn’t hurt, but I was nervous anyway and to be honest, probably more apprehensive about answering all sorts of personal questions. I’ve heard so much about the benefits though, so I decided to rally and head in for an appointment. Yes, they did ask a lot of personal questions and you fill out a health questionnaire (much like you would at a doctor’s), but really it wasn’t so bad.

Mmmm….. Miso….

After Gua Sha

The first thing they did was Gua Sha which is sort of like a massage done with something that looks an awful lot like a miso soup spoon. I’m not going to lie – it did hurt a little bit, and actually was more uncomfortable than when the needles were inserted. The results (as you see in the picture), are pretty brutal looking! It doesn’t hurt once they’re done, and honestly the relief that you get from it is wonderful! In short, it breaks up collagen binding the muscles, and stimulates the area to encourage fresh blood and oxygen to the area.

After that, she went ahead with the needles. They really aren’t big, and while you do feel them going in, it’s just a teeny tiny pinch. The needles do vary in size for different treatments, but they aren’t that intimidating. Two were put on either side between my neck and shoulder. I was very tense and sore in that area, from sitting at a computer 8 hours a day (hence the Gua Sha as well). After inserting them she went back to the first one and started to massage the skin and muscle around the needle. She asked me if I felt anything. My answer was “Yeah, I feel like there’s a little needle stuck in there…”. After another few seconds of her fiddling, I suddenly felt an incredible release in the muscle. I’ve never felt anything that immediate and strong, not even with massages or Chiropractic work. I instantly felt better

Serene, like this sunrise at Mariaville Lake B&B :-)


After a treatment, at least for me, you sort of feel a little high. And calm and serene. That might be partially because they leave you by yourself with the needles in for maybe 10 or 15 minutes. So, you just lie there. You focus on your breathing and relaxing (and in my case, try not to think about being bored). If you’re like me and are busy enough, you don’t really get a chance to do that often. It was nice to just relax, be quiet and just, well, BE.

It often takes more than just one treatment to feel any significant difference so don’t give up if you’ve just tried it once! If nothing else, its a good time out and its great to lie there thinking “I am doing something good for myself!” I doubt anyone can convince you of this if you’re afraid of needles, but really, they don’t hurt! Consider a treatment, let them know up front you’re squeamish, and a good acupuncturist will talk you through it and use just a few of the most delicate needles they can. Want some more good news? Rick and Lorrie won’t be sticking you with needle anytime soon, but you can book an in room massage at the B&B!

The Pilot Innkeeper 19 May 2016, 9:22 am

Toasted Coconut Walnut French Toast

Think your day is busy? Try this: Wake up before the sun to start coffee and breakfast. That’s coffee and breakfast for 8 people (not including you). Serve breakfast, say goodbye to guests. Go through the rooms, gathering up piles of towels and sheets and empty the garbage. Make yourself lunch for later and clean up the kitchen from breakfast (and now lunch). Shower and get ready for work! Where’s my lunch? Where are my keys? And where is my flight bag?



Some of the fleet in 1988

Flight bag?! Yep! Because not only do you run a B&B, you’re also a pilot, on call for a charter company, flying a King Air to god-knows-where, god-knows-when. But, “that ain’t nothing” when you’re Rick Runnels. He’s only happy when he’s “going Mach 2 with [his] hair on fire”.


There’s that Pitts!

Speaking of Top Gun, Monday was the 30th anniversary of the day the movie was released. Top Gun was the go-to movie for us in the early to mid-nineties (side note: us kids got to watch an edited version – no sex scene!). Rick had already been flying for about 15 years when it came out and had started his own charter business– and that’s NOT because he’s old, it’s because he started flying really young! He bought a Pitts Special (a super duper fancy flying machine, in which you go upside down and up and over and around and probably backwards), in 1982, 4                                                                                              years before Top Gun, so basically Maverick’s got nothing                                                                                      on him.

Rick with the King Air 200

After several decades, Rick settled down – wait, let me rephrase that – retired from flying. However, this just in! He has taken back to the skies, as mentioned before, in a pretty swanky King Air. They won’t let him fly it upside down though, and don’t dare him to try. We may be playing a little guessing game in the future… where is the Pilot Innkeeper? Stay tuned!


Concert Venue, Downtown Night Life, Healing Mineral Water? Yes Please! 12 May 2016, 8:07 am

We’re lucky enough to be just 45 minutes away from one of New York State’s premier performing arts venues – and the summer season is upon us! Not only is it the home of the New York City Ballet, but you can just as easily go see Dave Matthews Band or Snoop Dogg and Wiz Kahlifa. Oh, and the location is awesome. What am I talking about? I’m talking about SPAC!

While the layout of the facility at SPAC is great, with both indoor seating and lawn seats (where you can spread out a blanket and really kick back) it’s made even more special by its surroundings. There are hiking trails, mineral springs and geysers (yes, that’s right) surrounding the 25,000 capacity venue. There are several spigots where you can fill up a bottle of the mineral water to drink or add to your bath! The city was a hot spot during the Gilded Age for its spas and bath houses and quite a few famous people vacationed there (but I won’t mention names *ahem* The Vanderbilts *ahem* JP Morgan). So, hey, before the show, head over to one of those spigots and get yourself a dose of the mineral water. I hear it cures malaria too.

It’s SPAC’s 50th anniversary this year, and they’re pulling out all the stops. They’ve got some great jazz, the Philadelphia Orchestra, several pretty big country names lined up, as well as the afore mentioned DMB and Snoop Dogg.  I have so many memories of SPAC – seeing the NYC Ballet, Ray Lamontagne, The Allman Brothers, the crazy Lil’ Wayne concert (don’t judge me) and checking out the parking lot scene during DMB because we didn’t have tickets. Again, don’t forget the mineral water. You might need it after the show.

There’s plenty to see and do around Saratoga, before and after a concert or performance. The city has no shortage of history, shopping and dining. The vibrant downtown area is just packed with cute boutiques, antique stores, restaurants and bars. The best part is, when we’re exhausted and “peopled out” we can head right back up to Mariaville Lake B&B for crisp air and to stare at the dazzling night sky (while we sip our mineral water)!

B&Bs With Modern Amenities That Rival Boutique Hotels 6 May 2016, 10:57 am

A view better than a parking lot for sure!

The phrase “Bed & Breakfast” often brings to mind a very specific idea – and not something everyone is excited about. If you’re thinking busy floral bedspreads, moth-ball smelling lace curtains and your hosts hovering (and casting looks of disapproval at your late hours) – you could be wrong. If you tend to gravitate towards hotels for an escape and some peace and quiet, re-consider the idea of a B&B. You can actually get the same solitude while being able to enjoy some beautiful scenery.




Are your Inn Keepers this cool?

      While many B&Bs can be a little “old school”, there are plenty that have adapted to fit the modern sensibility of today’s population. Equipped with self check-in and high-speed internet in addition to a gourmet breakfast, you can find all the comforts of a 5-star boutique hotel – without the view of a parking lot or highway. In these B&Bs, the idea of a doting grandmother monitoring every move you make and describing each and every last knick-knack in your room has been banished. There you will find innkeepers that are gracious and welcoming, but not over bearing. Not to mention, they may be pretty cool! 


If you are looking to get away and not be disturbed, don’t let your pre-conceived ideas of a Bed and Breakfast deter you. That’s not to say don’t do your research! You can get a good idea from their website and reviews on Tripadvisor. Most B&Bs will also have a section on their website about the owners. Check it out, and also look at their B&Bs Facebook page. The Facebook page will often have more personal anecdotes so you can get a feel for the owners.

Whether you’re looking for a week vacation, a weekend get-away, or just need a place to stay on your road trip, don’t forget about B&Bs! It is possible to get all the modern conveniences and comfort of a hotel while enjoying beautiful views and a gourmet breakfast!

             A B&B and a sports car? Sign me up.


GEOCACHING 13 Oct 2015, 6:39 pm

Geocache Mariaville Lake B&B

Recently a guest asked if he could put a geocache here at the B&B and we said, “Sure!” That was our real introduction to geocaching and we really enjoy it. I love a treasure hunt and geocaching uses a GPS and good old fashioned luck.  The app we loaded on our phone works reasonably well, but I think the secret to finding a geocache is intuition. I always ask myself, “If I was placing this geocache, where would I put it? ” Often I just know and walk right up to it. Visit us here at Mariaville Lake B&B and see if you can find ours. The only hint I’ll give is, “A child may need a boost.”

Be sure to log your find  at

Have a cuppa coffee 13 Oct 2014, 5:57 pm

I just learned from UrbanDictionary  that “Do you want to get a cup of coffee” is code for “Do you want to have sex?” Good to know in the hospitality industry! I won’t be offering you that cup of coffee, but you can help yourself  to our delicious organic free trade coffee. Of course you can have both kinds of coffee when you visit a Romantic Getaway like Mariaville Lake B&B.

Deans Beans Roasting Facility

I recently visited Deans Beans in Orange Massachusetts so I could see exactly where our coffee comes from. Their facility is in a beautiful rural area with the sweet smell of pine and coffee in the air.


The folks there are super friendly and showed me all around. They buy their organic beans direct from small farms and cooperatives  that are committed to fair trade. Their warehouse was chock full of bags and bags of beans from all over the world. The employees have a great groove going in moving those bags over to the roasters.






The place was super clean and the roasters were state of the art.

The beans are roasted in small batches and ship the same day.  They sell roasts with cool names like Thunder Mug, Rattlesnake Gutter Brew and Full Moon. We are presently serving Sumatran French Roast and Birdwatcher’s Blend.




The average American worker spends $1109 on coffee per year. You may as well spend wisely and get the best coffee you can afford. Plus with every sip of coffee from a company like Deans Beans, you help to make the planet a better place.  I’d rather have one cup of perfect coffee than 5 cups of crappy coffee.

Now Booking for Saratoga Vacations 21 Jul 2014, 8:30 am

Saratoga in the summer! There’s no place like it!

Except Mariaville Lake Bed & Breakfast!

Let us be your home away from home away from Saratoga. We are an easy, scenic, 45 minute drive from SPAC, Saratoga Race Track, and all the cool shopping, museums and atmosphere of Saratoga Springs in the summer. We offer wonderful lakeside lodging with fantastic breakfasts, exquisite sunrises, kayaking on the lake, and, last but not least, excellent value. We don’t ramp up our prices during track season, but you can expect great service and an immaculate place to stay. Call or book online to reserve your unforgettable vacation.

Babymoon Package 17 Feb 2014, 10:56 am

Expecting a little bundle of joy? Take a week-end away before the baby arrives with our Babymoon package!

Our special Babymoon package includes the Anytime Romance Package and a private breakfast one morning of your stay OR a one hour pre-natal massage for only $75! Plus receive 10% off the regular room rate for 2 romantic  nights.

Simply check Babymoon when reserving your room and you will automatically receive all the discounts.

Babymoon. A Very Special Package 17 Feb 2014, 10:46 am

Babymoons are all the rage, and with good reason. Once your little bundle of joy comes along, you’ll be sticking close to home for awhile. Your wild nights will still be wild but in a completely different way!






Before our first was born, Rick and I took a road trip to Vermont in our cute little maroon MGB.






Once our son was born, that two passenger sports car was replaced with a station wagon!





The kids are grown and we have a little fast car again, but we will never forget that special trip





We want to do the same for you.


Our special Babymoon package includes the Anytime Romance Package and a private breakfast one morning of your stay OR a one hour pre-natal massage for only $75! Plus receive 10% off the regular room rate for 2 romantic nights.

Simply check Babymoon when reserving your room at and you will automatically receive all the discounts.