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    El Farolito - Galisteo (1)

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  • Four Kachinas B&B Inn

    Four Kachinas B&B Inn

  • El Farolito B&B Inn - 514 Galisteo Street

    El Farolito B&B Inn - 514 Galisteo Street

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    El Farolito - Breakfast Room

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    El Farolito - Santa Fe Suite (8)

  • El Farolito Bed & Breakfast Inn

    El Farolito Bed & Breakfast Inn

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    Four Kachinas - Private sitting room for rooms 5 and 6

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    Four Kachinas - Zia (2)


Sweeten Up Santa Fe Cuisine 9 Dec 2014, 9:00 pm

Visit Santa Fe this winter, and you’ll find an amazing variety of exquisite restaurants at your fingertips.  In recent years, Santa Fe has earned the reputation of being a top foodie destination, known for its innovative flavors and world-class chefs.  There are over 200 restaurants for you to explore, ranging from traditional New Mexican cuisine featuring New Mexico’s prized chile’s and contemporary fine dining, to the highly popular farm to table restaurants featuring fresh, locally sourced ingredients.  There is no doubt that a culinary journey through Santa Fe should be on everyone’s travel list.  However, there’s another side to Santa Fe’s culinary scene that doesn’t always get as much attention, but it just as sweet.  Stay at our luxury Santa Fe bed and breakfast this winter, and we’ll help you discover the sweeter side of Santa Fe cuisine.

The Sweeter Side of Santa Fe Cuisine

While we still think an important part of a visit to Santa Fe is a sampling of our delicious and fiery chiles found in a great variety of dishes, we’d be remiss to mention the many bakeries and chocolatiers that sweeten up the often spicy Santa Fe cuisine.  In fact, you can even find the perfect combination of sweet and spicy in chocolate chiles if you feel so inclined.  So, whether you’re out for a day of shopping and are looking for a sweet break, or whether you’re looking for the perfect way to cap off your evening, sampling the delectable sweets around Santa Fe will be the perfect compliment to your day.  The BODY Cafe, a vegan-friendly dessert destination that is as healthy as possible, making it the perfect place for an afternoon treat.  When it gets chilly outside, opt for a cup of hot chocolate at Kakawa Chocolate House, which has been voted one of the best places to drink authentic hot chocolate.  Pick up some delicious treats to go while there, or stop in to local legend C.C. Higgins for some exotic and delicious truffles and other treats, many featuring fantastic local flavors such as the chile and pinon nuts.

When you’re in the mood for a traditional bakery, head to The Railyard to the Swiss Bakery and Bistro, where you can find traditionally made croissants, danishes, pies, tarts, and more.  If the glutinous shelves of products typically found at bakeries isn’t your thing, then head to Revolution Bakery, where everything is not only 100% gluten free, but is incredibly delicious as well, as evidenced by the frequent lines outside of this popular bakery.  When in Santa Fe, there really isn’t a bad time to indulge a little, and treat yourself to some of the artisinal goods made here.  Book your room with us this winter, and indulge a little in the Sweeter side of Santa Fe cuisine.

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Catch the Magic of Santa Fe Holiday Traditions 14 Nov 2014, 9:00 pm

As Thanksgiving weekend looms ever closer, it’s time to start thinking of holiday traditions both new and old, and making plans for this holiday season.  If you haven’t been to Santa Fe during the holiday season before, then we can’t think of a better time to start.  Santa Fe during the holiday months is a truly magical place to visit, and features a calendar chocked full of memorable traditions and other festivities to enjoy while here.  Throughout the months of November and December, there is no shortage of festive fun to be had in Santa Fe, and El Farolito Bed and Breakfast is the perfect place to call home while you’re here.  Our luxurious accommodations will help you feel relaxed and at home, while all of Santa Fe’s culture and holiday traditions are at your fingertips.  Book your room with us today, and start planning your perfect Santa Fe holiday.

Magical Santa Fe Holiday Traditions

Imagine the Santa Fe holiday scene, where the traditional adobe architecture and glowing faralitos are set against a backdrop of brilliant blue skies and snow-capped mountains and trees.  Of course we can’t forget that floating through the air is the uniquely sharp scent of burning Piñon wood.  Santa Fe celebrates the holidays unlike any other major city in the US, with its unique combination of Spanish, Native American, and Old West influences.  On November 23rd, enjoy the traditional Santa Fe holiday favorite, Handels Messiah at the Lensic. Then, on November 28th, head down to the Santa Fe Plaza, where you’ll enjoy the annual Christmas tree lighting and the official kickoff to this year’s Santa Fe holiday season.  If you’re looking for unique holiday gifts, then don’t miss the annual Santa Fe Indian Market, or the many boutiques and galleries that are teeming with special gifts.

Santa Fe’s annual Christmas at the Palace is on December 12th, followed by Los Posados on December 14th.  Los Posados is a wonderful holiday tradition in Santa Fe, where a candlelit procession travels around the Plaza recreating Mary and Joseph’s search for a place to give birth to the Baby Jesus. Christmas Eve in Santa Fe is nothing short of a magical winter wonderland, when the Santa Fe Plaza is filled with 1,000 glittering farolitos.  People gather around bonfires, sing carols, drink cider, and celebrate another holiday season.  No conversation about the Santa Fe holiday traditionas would be complete without mention of the annual Canyon Road Farolito Walk.  On this special night, Canyon road is lined with farolitos, exceptional works of art are displayed inside the century-old adobes along the way, guests enjoy the sweet taste of hot chocolate & biscochitos, and are warmed by bonfires.  Whether you’ve experienced a Santa Fe holiday before or not, now is the perfect time to book you room at our centrally located Bed and Breakfast, and to start planning your holiday adventure.

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A Fall-Inspired Romantic Getaway in Santa Fe 26 Oct 2014, 10:00 pm

Many consider fall to be the best time of year to visit Santa Fe.  Not only are there awe-inspiring colors dotting the landscape, but there are less people, as the summer crowds have thinned. The weather is crisp and clear, with highs getting up to the 50’s and 60’s, and lows plunging down into the 20’s throughout the month of November. This fall bite to the air is ideal for hiking, biking and other outdoor adventures.  Imagine, after a day spent in the chilly outdoors or maneuvering from shop to shop, unwinding in a luxurious spa or by a warm fire with a glass of New Mexico wine.  As we reach the end of fall and begin to fade slowly into winter, so too will the bustle come back to Santa Fe as we gear up for the wonderful Holiday and ski seasons soon upon us.  Book your room at our romantic Bed and Breakfast today for your last-minute fall-inspired romantic getaway to Santa Fe.

Santa Fe is the Perfect Romantic Getaway Destination

Bring your loved one to Santa Fe this fall, and take advantage of everything this great city has to offer to create the perfect romantic getaway. Find the perfect holiday gifts at Santa Fe’s unique boutique shops on Canyon Road and the Plaza, refresh your body and spirit with rejuvenating spa treatments at our world-class spas, attend a spectacular performance, and savor the unique and delectable flavors of Santa Fe.  Spend a day together soaking up the pristine nature that Santa Fe is known for at the Bosque del Apache, where avid birders from around the country join to celebrate the annual return of thousands of sandhill cranes and Canadian snow geese to their winter quarters. Follow your relaxing day with dinner at one of the world-renowned restaurants in Santa Fe

If you want something a little more active, pack a picnic and take a short drive from the Santa Fe Plaza up Artist Road/Highway 475 to the Dale Ball Trail System, where you’ll find a variety of trails through the beautiful foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.  If you’re really up for adventure, head even higher to the Aspen Vista trailhead, where you’ll enjoy a prime fall walk through a huge stand of aspens that cover the trail in yellow leaves for the first several miles of the trail’s 7 mile length.  Aftewards, experience the healing aspects of Santa Fe at one of the day spas, where you’ll be able to soak, massage or detoxify the stress and pain away.  Escape the vibrant city as you climb the stairs to Ten Thousand Waves, luxuriate in the services at ShaNah Spa and Wellness Center, or let your stresses drift away as you sink into the hot mineral springs at Ojo Caliente.  No matter how you choose to spend your romantic getaway in Santa Fe, one thing is for sure:  You will leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and newly in love.  Book your room at our luxury Bed and Breakfast today!

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Exciting Day Trips from Santa Fe 11 Oct 2014, 9:20 am

There is no shortage of fun and exciting things to do and places to see when visiting Santa Fe. In fact, you could spend days exploring this diverse and exciting city, without feeling the need to leave and explore the surrounding region. However, as wonderful as Santa Fe is, there are several equally as wonderful places to visit outside of the city, which make for unique and exciting day trips during your vacation. Choose from any or all of these day trips, and allow us to show you even more of Santa Fe. Reserve your room at our Bed and Breakfast today, and begin the journey through Santa Fe’s rich and unique culture.

Four Fantastic Santa Fe Day Trips

North of Santa Fe, there are two beautiful and historically important locations that should be on any itinerary to Santa Fe.  If you only have enough time to visit one place, then Taos should be it.  Taos is a beautiful, historic town located at the base of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, and is home to the Taos Pueblo, whose classic adobe structures are estimated to be over one thousand years old. Highlights of a trip to Taos are the Taos plaza, the thriving center of the old Spanish settlement, which today is full of many colorful shops, galleries and restaurants.  After taking a historic walking tour of Taos and seeing the many interesting sites along the way, you’ll want to see the views on the The Rio Grande Gorge Bridge. This bridge is the second highest cantilever bridge in the U.S., at 650 feet above the river.  Another popular day trip destination outside of Santa Fe is the tiny town of Abiquiu, which is known for the stunning colors and vistas that inspired famous New Mexico artist Georgia O’Keeffe, who made her home at nearby Ghost Ranch.

Two other popular destinations for visitors to Santa Fe are the stunning natural areas known as Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument and Bandelier National Monument. Tent Rocks National Monument is located on the Pajarito Plateau, and is a fun and interesting place to spend the day exploring ancient geological events.  The characteristic tent-like formations are the products of volcanic eruptions that occurred 6 to 7 million years ago.  Bandelier National Monument is a beautiful place to visit, complete with 33,000 acres of rugged and beautiful canyons and mesas.  As you explore Bandelier, you’ll find Petroglyphs, dwellings carved into the soft rock cliffs, and standing masonry walls that pay tribute to the early days of the ancestral Pueblo people that first lived here, and whose culture has been kept alive in the spirit of Santa Fe.  Santa Fe is a deeply inspiring place to live and visit, and these day trips are the perfect way to help you explore the reasons why.  Hurry and book your stay with us this fall, and come discover Santa Fe.

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Santa Fe is the Perfect Fall Destination 28 Sep 2014, 10:00 pm

As we end what has been a beautiful month of September in Santa Fe, it’s time for us to look forward to what fall has in store for us this year.  It is often said in travel circles that the best time of the year to visit Santa Fe is between September and November.  During these months, the temperature is mild and enjoyable, the streets are less crowded, fall colors begin to show their vibrant hues, and the City Different becomes an even more affordable fall destination.  And of course, we couldn’t talk about fall in Santa Fe without mentioning the fantastic fall festivals that are happening, too.  No matter what it is you’re looking to do this fall, book your room at our luxurious Bed and Breakfast Inn, and see for yourself why Santa Fe is the perfect fall destination.

Let Santa Fe Be Your Fall Destination

The colors of fall in Santa Fe are as distinctive and beautiful as they come.  While many, when they first hear of fall foliage, think of the vibrant reds, oranges, and golds of Maine or Vermont, let us assure you that the colors of Santa Fe are just as stunning, when the native trees change into the deep crimson and golds we usually reserve for sunsets.  There are a tremendous variety of hiking opportunities to suit all fitness levels in Santa Fe, all with different but equally rewarding views out over the stunning colored mountains and valleys.  As its name suggests, Aspen Vista in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains is a great place to enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view featuring our distinguished golden aspens.  Another popular hike in the area is the Atalaya Mountain Hiking Trail, which features great fall views of the Rio Grande Valley.  If you want the views without all the work, then take a drive up to the Santa Fe Ski Basin, where you can get on the Santa Fe Ski Quad Lift, taking you to soaring heights and a stunning view of the area.

While the beauty of Santa Fe during this time of year is worth seeing, there are so many other reasons to make Santa Fe your fall destination.  During no other time of the year will you have such personal access to the artists and artisans famous to Santa Fe, than in October during the Canyon Road Paint Out. It’s a great time of year to explore Santa Fe’s art scene, and likely even find a new piece of work to take home with you.  Other fun fall events in Santa Fe include the Santa Fe Independent Film Festival, the Harvest Festival, the Galisteo Studio Tour, nearby Albuquerque’s International Balloon Fiesta, and many other great events.  To complete your trip, be sure to sample some of the delicious green-chile based food around Santa Fe, too, because autumn is harvest season for these local favorites.  For these reaons, and so many more, Santa Fe is the perfect fall destination.  Book your room at our luxury Santa Fe Bed and Breakfast today, and fall in love with Santa Fe.

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Don’t Miss These Great Santa Fe Art Galleries 19 Aug 2014, 10:00 pm

First time visitors to Santa Fe may at first glance be taken aback by the seemingly plain buildings, brown, and built in the traditional adobe style.  It doesn’t take long, though, for visitors to unearth the hidden beauty and exquisite culture that have melded together and made Santa Fe the top travel destination that it is today.  Today, even the architecture throughout Santa Fe is considered an art form, echoing the deep layers and history that make Santa Fe so exquisite.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re an art collector, an artist, or just someone who appreciates beautiful and oftentimes unique things. Art lies at the heart of Santa Fe’s culture, and rests at the fingertips of those who stay in Santa Fe, fully accessibly in the city’s 250+ art galleries.  Our luxury Bed and Breakfast Inn is located in the heart of downtown Santa Fe, within easy reaching distance of many of the best art galleries.  Book your room with us today, and fall in love with the artistic flair of Santa Fe.

Browse the Best Santa Fe Art Galleries

One of our favorite things to do in Santa Fe is to walk the beautiful streets of legendary Canyon Road, around the downtown Plaza, or in the upandcoming Railyard District, discovering one gallery after another. You may even have the chance to meet some of the artists at Santa Fe’s famous Friday evening gallery openings throughout the year.  Two of our favorite galleries include the Gerald Peters Gallery and the Nedra Matteucci Gallery, both of which feature beautiful representations of American art from nineteenth and twentieth centuries, including the Taos Society of Artists, artists of the American West, and masters of American Impressionism and Modernism.  If you’re a particular fan of Jean-Claude Gaugy, then don’t miss the Gaugy Gallery, where you’ll find a full variety of his artwork, including his signature medium of carved wood paintings.  Canyon Road staple, the Waxlander Art Gallery, is also an exquisite place to browse works by local aritsts.  If you’re in the mood for more contemporary art, then we suggest both the new LewAllen Gallery in the Railyard District, which is fast becoming the primary center for contemporary art in Santa Fe, as well as the Turner Carroll Gallery on Canyon Road.

If you’re interested in learning about and seeing fine examples of regional Native American Art, then we highly suggest the Blue Rain Gallery, Andrea Fisher Fine Pottery, Mark Sublette’s Medicine Man Gallery, and Niman Fine Art.  You’ll be rewarded with a beautiful mix of historic and contemporary Native American art, ranging from baskets and beadwork, to pottery, include Pueblo Pottery, Jewelry, and much more.  Santa Fe is also home to a great variety of interesting specialty galleries.  The Andrew Smith and Verve Galleries showcase beautiful contemporary and historic photography, and the Tai Gallery showcases stunning pieces of bamboo art.  Head five miles north of Santa Fe, to the village of Tesuque, and you’ll find the Shidoni Gallery, featuring 8 acres of sculpture gardens and a bronze art foundry situated along the Rio Tesuque.  While there, don’t miss the beautiful Tesuque Glassworks, featuring a sales gallery, daily glassblowing demonstrations, and tours of the cast glass facility.

No matter what kind of art speaks to you, a visit through Santa Fe’s art galleries is nothing short of fantastic.  Book your room at our luxury Santa Fe Bed and Breakfast today, and the world of Santa Fe art will be at your fingertips.

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Cast Your Vote for the Top Green Chile Cheeseburger in Santa Fe 10 Aug 2014, 10:00 pm

Green Chile’s are something of an icon in New Mexican cuisine.  While there are several amazing New Mexican dishes that allow this versatile ingredient to shine, it’s safe to argue that there are none more delicious than a green chile cheeseburger.  Over the years, these burgers have taken on legendary status.  Burger fanatics have been known to go on pilgrimages in search of the most delicious bite of green chile perfection.  If you’ve never heard of, or never had to chance to try a green chile cheeseburger, then now is the perfect time for you to visit the charming city of Santa Fe as we gear up for the Green Chile Cheeseburger Smackdown.  You don’t want to miss this mouth-watering experience.  Book your room at our luxury Santa Fe Bed and Breakfast today!

Green Chile Cheeseburger Smackdown

Symbolic of Southwestern culture, the green chile is New Mexico’s largest crop, and brings the distinctive heat and flavor to our distinctive cuisine.  So how does one participate in the Green Chile Cheeseburger Smackdown?  That’s the best part of the entire competition:  You get to try any number of amazing Santa Fe restaurants, and their own version of this classic Santa Fe burger, and then vote for your favorite.  It’s as simple as that.  Voting is over soon, closing on August 15th, and the winner will be announced at the Santa Fe Farmer’s Market Pavilion on September 12th.  Even if you don’t get a chance to vote, you can still sample burger bites from 7 local restaurants, enjoy brews, music and a night of fun at the Farmers’ Market Pavilion while helping crown the 2014 Green Chile Cheeseburger Smackdown winner at the grande finale event.  For more green chile-centered fun, join the Santa Fe Farmer’s Market Institute in the Green Chile Harvest Festival on September 7th, where you’ll enjoy green-chile centered cooking demonstrations.

There are a wide variety of restaurants participating in the Green Chile Cheeseburger Smackdown, and you’d be hardpressed to sample them all.  However, we can help recommend a few of our favorites to get you started.  Tempt your tastebuds with what is being called the sexiest Green Chile Cheeseburger at Las Fuentes Restaurant and Bar, located at The Bishop’s Lodge Ranch Resort and Spa.  Other Notable places to dine include Amaya at Hotel Santa Fe, Anasazi Restaurant and Bar, Terra, and Luminaria Restaurant.  There’s even a zesty vegetarian offering at the Body Cafe.  No matter where you choose to try this culinary sensation, we’re sure you’ll enjoy every bite.  Book your room at our Santa Fe Bed and Breakfast today, and get tasting!

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Sign Up For a Cooking Class in Santa Fe 17 Jul 2014, 12:53 pm

The city of Santa Fe, home to an amazing variety of world-renowned restaurants, is a food-lovers paradise.  It is easily a city where you can spend your days exploring the streets, and moving from one great meal to the next if you so desire.  The creative spirit that is so central to life in Santa Fe is not limited to the arts, as it extends to the table as well.  Here, you’ll find award-winning chefs always daring to push their own envelopes, and try something new and innovative.  In Santa Fe, you’ll find it all; from traditional New Mexican fare, including of course our legendary New Mexican chiles, to equisite fine dining, and fresh farm to table discoveries.  If you’d like to take a little bit of Santa Fe home with you, so you can keep recreating your wonderful memories of time spent here, then why not sign up for an exciting cooking class?  Or spend some time wandering through the farmers markets, or take culinary tours across Santa Fe.  Book your room at Four Kachinas Bed and Breakfast Inn today, and let your culinary adventure through Santa Fe begin.

Sign up For a Santa Fe cooking Class

With more than 200 worthy restaurants to choose from, there really is no need to do any cooking while in Santa Fe.  However, if you’re looking for a more hands on experience, then perhaps a cooking class is exactly what you’re looking for during your time here.  Every year, thousands of people come to Santa Fe for the unique classes and workshops offered here.  Cooking classes are available at a variety of places around Santa Fe, including Las Cosas Kitchen Shoppe and Cooking School, the Santa Fe Culinary Academy, and the Santa Fe School of Cooking.

Another great places to get a hands on experience with Santa Fe’s local cuisine is at the Santa Fe Farmers Market in the Railyard. The Santa Fe Farmer’s Market begain in 1960, and is now considered to be New Mexico’s largest farmers’ market, as well as one of the most widely recognized markets in the United States.  Here, you’ll find over 150 vendors, countless of locally-grown agricultural products, as well as cooking demonstrations and other fun events.  There is no better place to meet the people growing your food, and learn more about the fascinating culintary movement in Santa Fe.  Book your room in Santa Fe, and start tasting your way through the oldest capital city in the country.

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Fly Fishing in Northern New Mexico 28 Jun 2014, 10:00 pm

As home to the purest air in the country and 320 days of sunshine every year, it’s no wonder that Santa Fe is a huge draw to outdoor enthusiasts of all varieties.  From skiing, hiking and biking in the mountains, to river rafting or fly fishing along the lakes and rivers, there truly is something for everyone. Northern New Mexico just so happens to be one of the best places for fly fishing in the western United States, and Santa Fe serves as a great jumping off point for your fishing adventures.  There are wonderful fly fishing opportunities in the Santa Fe, Chama, and Taos regions. Book your room at our luxurious Santa Fe Bed and Breakfast, where you can enjoy the exciting nightlife and great restaurants of Santa Fe after  a long day of fly fishing and relaxing at the many rivers, lakes, and streams in Northern New Mexico.

Fly Fishing in Northern New Mexico

For many outdoor enthusiasts, fly fishing epitomizes what it means to relax and enjoy your natural surroundings.  If the fishing isn’t enough for you, then you’ll surely enjoy the breathtakingly diverse landscapes on your fly fishing adventure, where you’ll find everything from deserts, canyons, and mountains with forests of pines and aspen, to mesas brimming with cactus and juniper.  Northern New Mexico is home to a variety of fishing opportunities also, including large rivers, high mountain spring creeks, and lakes.  Whether you’re an experienced fisherman or are just testing out the waters, the areas surrounding Santa Fe are great places to sample the finest of New Mexico fly fishing.  Local guide companies, such as The Reel Life or the Land of Enchanment Fly Fishing Guides, can help you find the perfect fishing experience to suit your needs.

In Northern New Mexico’s fly fishing waters, four main species of trout can be found, depending on the area you choose to fish.  The most popular fly fishing areas include the Chama River and it’s main tributaries, the Rio Grande and it’s main tributaries, the Pecos River, and the Jemez River. The Chama River is one of the least known, yet most diverse, trout fishing streams, and is also one of the most scenic, lending itself to wonderful fishing adventures for those seeking an authentic fly fishing experience.  If you’re looking for a fishing experience amongst our beautiful alpine meadows where large fish don’t make your day, then the Jemez River is for you.  It should be no surprise that the Rio Grande is one of the more popular trout fishing rivers in New Mexico, rewarding fishers with large trout along its 70 miles of water.  The Pecos river is very easily accessed, making it a popular fly fishing destination for families and tourists. As you can see, there is a lot to choose from when planning a Northern New Mexico fly fishing adventure.  We look forward to hearing your fishing stories when you stay with us at our Santa Fe Bed and Breakfast Inn.

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Enjoy A Summer of Santa Fe Art 12 Jun 2014, 2:05 pm

There is always something happening within the art scene of Santa Fe, and for newcomers, knowing where to start or what to see can be more than overwhelming.  The history of Santa Fe’s artistic culture dates back to the New Deal Era, when artists were sent to the southwest to reinvigorate the economy. Today, Santa Fe ranks as the 3rd largest art market in the country, and is home to over 300 art galleries and dealers as well as several wonderful art museums worthy of exploration.  The types of art found in Santa Fe are as diverse as the artists that live and produce here.  Browse through the galleries of Canyon Road or the Railyard district, and you’ll find a variety of art to look at, including Native American Art, International Folk Art, as well as a variety of contemporary art.  Book your room at our luxury Santa Fe Bed and Breakfast Inn today, and get ready to dive into the world of Santa Fe art.

The Best of Santa Fe Art

If there is a better time than others to be in Santa Fe, it’s certainly during the busy summer months, where special art exhibits, art markets, and other festivals abound.  A special exhibit, which happens only twice each year since its inception in 1995, is the SITE Santa Fe Biennial.  The newest Biennial exhibit, which opens in Santa Fe July 20th, 2014, is titled  Unsettled Landscapesand is part of a larger program called SITElines:  New Perspectives on Art of the Americas.  This wonderful six-year long series of exhibits are dedicated to contemporary art and cultural production of the Americas.  This year’s Unsettled Landscapes explores contemporary art from Nunavut to Tierra del Fuego.  Through the use of three different themes – lanscape, territory, and trade – this art exhibit attempts to focus on the political and historical conditions of this region, linking the past with the present.  The artists participating in this exhibit are from multiple geographic regions, and their works consist of new and existing works, 13 new commissions, and several off­site installations as well.

Also happening in the month of July are the wonderful annual Santa Fe art fairs and markets.  From July 10-13th, the 14th annual ART Santa Fe will take place at the Santa Fe Convention Center, featuring excellent contemporary galleries from all over the globe, cutting-edge art installations, as well as emerging artists and dealers.  This international art fair is a wonderful opportunity fort the artisans of Santa Fe to shine, while at the same time allowing visitors to meet and speak with dealers and artists themselves.  For a more laidback art experience, try the Traditional or Contemporary Spanish Market, of the world-famous International Folk Art Market.  You will love your time spent exploring the world of Santa Fe art, no matter where you choose to spend that time.  Book your room at our Santa Fe Inn today, so you don’t miss an exciting summer of art in Santa Fe.

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