Sunset Hill House

231 Sunset Hill Road, Sugar Hill, New Hampshire 03585
Innkeeper(s): Lon and Nancy Henderson

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow! 20 Dec 2011, 6:24 am

As it seems to be the week where we title our blog posts with song titles, this song is only appropriate for today, as the snow is finally falling! We woke this morning to a dusting on the roads and a candy-like coating on the trees, much to our pleasure.

This week, we are happy to announce the launch of a promotion with Groupon. This amazing deal we have with them will be offered from 12/20/11 to 4/30/11. If you give us a call in the next bit, please be patient, as our phones tend to ring off the hook! Also, it seems that there is a slight typo in the fine print, stating that the coupon is for quadruple occupancy, while it should be for double occupancy only. Please note that there is a 20/person/night fee for any amount of people over double occupancy.

Finally, we are getting much better at learning how to update and maintain our website, so if you have any pictures that you would like to see up there, please just give us a call or send us an email!
(603)823-5522 or

Mary Henderson

The Weather Outside is Frightful! 19 Dec 2011, 7:26 am

The weather outside is holding fast to the infamous song, but our fireplaces are doing an even better job. It is hard to believe that it is already that time of year again, where the trees have been set up and the candles lit. It feels like just yesterday that we were carving turkey and raking leaves! Though it isn't a white holiday season as of yet, there is snow in the forecast and we are holding out hope.
In the non-weather news, we have decided to do something slightly crazy. Renovate every single room. One by one. It started with rooms 302, 303, and 304, all wonderfully redone by professional decorators. Then, after they left, we finished that end of the building by decorating our cozy corner room 301. And of course, many of you are well familiarized with room 211, our grand master suite. Yes. We went there.
Now rooms 209 and 309 sit in different states of finishedness, but both already look stunning! If you don't believe us, check out our facebook and our website for pictures.
Hopefully, we will be seeing a few of you up here for the holidays, and we would love it if you stopped by, just to say "Hi!".
Also, be on the lookout for our new wedding booklet--it will be out soon!

Mary Henderson
Daughter of the World's Happiest Innkeeper

Wow! 15 Jul 2011, 4:54 am

Was it really in April that we last posted? Shame on us, so much has happened since then!
   First, I am not sure if we already mentioned it, but we have a new chef! We call him Little Chef, and he's okay with that. In reality, his name is Eric, but he is rather...vertically challenged. To make up for it, he is an incredible incredible chef. For those who have been up in the last two months, you know what I mean. For those who haven't, I highly recommend that you do. He is adding new, fresh ideas to the menu and we are using more local products, giving the dining at the Sunset Hill House a fabulous new twist.
    Second, we are setting up a gift store! No, not that cute little stand thing in the front of the desk, and no, not spread out all over creation, but in a nice, cute, almost organized way in the second parlor. Come up and see it anytime!
    Well, that's our major news, but we have done other little things here and there. First, we actually repainted the pool deck from battleship grey to a lighter almost bluish color. Also, would you believe that we have redone an entire room besides the 3 that our fabulous decorators did? I didn't, until I saw it!
    See all the exciting stuff that's happening? And you are missing out! So come on and get up here, we would love to have you (as always!).

Seeing you soon,
Mary Henderson
Daughter of the World's Happiest Innkeeper
Sunset Hill House

Spring? 30 Apr 2011, 6:59 am

It seems to be that spring is taking a chance to poke through. Practically over night, the grass has turned a gorgeous almost-emerald green, and there are even some flowers bursting through here and there. But of course, it wouldn't be spring at all unless the Sunset Hill Golf Course was open for business. The greens are mowed, and the pond is absolutely frigid, so the only thing missing from the picture is (I hate to be cheesy) you! Sadly, we can't allow carts yet, as you'll be driving along and then, basically, you won't. We also like our fairways and even the rough with out permanent six inch wide ditches. And so, hopefully, we'll be seeing you up here soon.

Mary Henderson
Happiest Innkeeper's Daughter
(In the World)

And the dash is on! 8 Apr 2011, 3:58 pm

And so, today marks the start of Sunset Hill House's Design Competition. We have given our designers semi-full use of our blog, so keep looking for updates! As such, these are what the 3 rooms looked like to start. There is one picture from a back corner, one from the doorway, and one looking into the bathroom. Then, you will see the room number on a plaque. (Ignore the hallway picture at the end, by the way)!

Decorators Showdown begins in 5 hours 8 Apr 2011, 5:28 am

Lon and Sean are furiously finishing the primer coat to be 'all ready' for our three wonderful decorators coming in today.  Toy Garfield of Easton NH is tackling room 303 - she has been up scoping out the place several times.  Deb Ellis of Massachusetts has room 304 and though she cant come up she calls and emails frequently for dimensions, and has mentioned carpets and colors several times.  Evaline Foley of Littleton NH has room 302 - she has been in touch about bedding and window treatments.  It is fun to see how each of these professionals attack their jobs!

See you soon, ladies and assistants.  We'll add photos to this blog throughout the weekend and invite you to post back voting for your favorite after every update. 

 8 Apr 2011, 5:14 am

Decorators contest starts in 5 hours.

Still looking for designers! (and our wine dinner!) 13 Mar 2011, 5:36 am

Hello blogging buddies,
Sunset Hill House is excited to announce our first ever Decorator’s Showdown, to be held at the inn the weekend of April 8th.
The inn will provide a serviceable, but not exciting, guest room and bathroom, an inn filled with items to scavenge, a small budget and some basic supplies (paint and paintbrushes, basic tools, etc). The decorator and assistant will receive lodging and dining throughout the weekend, plus just for participating all will receive recognition in press releases, social media and on the inn’s website. 
The decorator will provide the vision, implementation, panic and sweat needed to turn a nice but plain room into “the perfect guest room” between Friday night and Sunday morning. 
This exciting event will begin April 8th (Friday) at 3pm and terminate Sunday at noon. Judging will be a panel designated by the innkeepers, with the winner announced Sunday at 6pm Sunday night. The public is welcome to view the project throughout the weekend, advise the decorators, and vote for their favorite. The weekend will culminate in a decorators and public open house, hosted by the inn, on Sunday April 10th, and awards banquet that evening
Winner of innkeeper’s choice and viewer’s choice rooms will receive two night a luxury getaway for two, or choice of other available prizes. Consolation prizes will be given to other participants, so no one leaves empty handed.
Those interested in participating should call or go online to for details. Participation is limited to decorating and design professionals, but the public is most welcome to watch, advise and judge.  
For more information call 603 823 5522 and ask for Nancy, or email
 There are only 2 positions left! So if you or anyone you know is a design professional, contact Nancy at the email given above ASAP. 

Also, be sure to sign up for our wine dinner coming up on the 26th. There will be 4 courses and 4 fabulous wines, all focusing on the Venice region of Italy! And to top it off, we have Allesandra Marino coming from Cesari Vineyards in Italy to give you an even more fantastic taste of Italy.

 20 Feb 2011, 5:09 am

Seeing to how it has been almost a month since you read the slinkies post, we decided it was time to fill you in on the happening of the inn yet again, starting with our misadventure of last night.

Time Stamp: 9:00 PM
Lon is in bed, slowly drifting off to sleep, when suddenly, his phone rings loud and clear. Wearily, he picks it up, knowing that a call this late at night will not be about whether or not he won the lottery. It's the inn, calling to tell that they have no hot water. As one might assume, this is slightly problematic. And so, Lon gets out of his nice warm bed, changes into jeans, a t-shirt, and work boots, and clomps downstairs. He takes his daughter's phone and leaves his at the house, and then drives over to the inn.
Time Stamp: 9:12 PM
Lon arrives at inn. Can't believe that guests aren't happy when they don't have hot water. He apoliges to all the expectant faces at the front desk and heads to the boiler room.
Time Stamp: 9:18
Lon relizes there is no way to fix the hot water heater easily. Heads upstairs, calls maintenance technician. Technician says he'll be there ASAP. Lon writes a letter apoligizing to guests.
Time Stamp: 10:00ish
Technician arrives, takes a look at the hot water heater and announces it will be at least an hour before it's fixed, and another hour before it makes enough hot water to do any good. Lon hits head against wall (not really, but it does make the story more interesting...).
Time Stamp: 11:30 give or take a few minutes
Heater is up and running, rumbing and bumbling about it's business.
Time Stamp: 'O dark 30 (12:30)
Finally, enough hot water to let people take showers. And so, Lon goes home, and climbs back into bed, only to be up again at 6 to make sure that the water still works in time for morning showers. It does.

As per the other adventures, we'll be working on adding more of them as time goes on, so don't forget to check up on us!

Mary Henderson
World's Happiest Innkeeper
(Inn Training)

Dry Wall, Sour Cream and Slinkies 26 Jan 2011, 8:46 am

     Drywall compound, a Cabot sour cream container and a Slinky:  Until a few minutes ago, I never would have believed they had much in common.  First start with a job that needs doing (no shortage here).  Today's task is redoing the stairway to the function room.  Which means filling the umpty-frat zillion dings and dents that occur in a busy corridor.

     Rather than lug around a 5-gallon pail of drywall mix, I decanted into an old 2-quart Cabot sour cream bucket  (tall and narrow) and began at the bottom of the stairs.  At the top, I set said container on the newly recarpeted floor and worked my way up to the ceiling. 

     As I stood on my step stool working on the ceiling, I turned in horror at the first gloppy thump, knowing already what I was going to see.  My giant dry wall cup of wet compound had flipped over onto the first tread.  You know that's gotta be messy--professionals call it "mud" for a reason.

    I got off the ladder to grab it and start cleaning up the mess.  Imagine the look on my face when before I could quite get it, it flipped onto the next tread--this time open end up.  Now I had it cornered.  I went down a step and reached for it.  And just as it was nearly within my grasp, it flipped again.  Mud side down of course.

     I had a few unpolite words to say at this time about the now double piles of goo on the carpet.  Went for it and it flipped again. 

    The part of me that knew I had to clean up this gawd-awful mess was now at war with the scientist in me wondering just how long this would keep up.  A third part looked for the hidden camera.  The "I don't want to clean it up, camera be-damned part" won and I wasted my time on a fourth futile attempt to lasso the wayward sour cream cup.

   Suffice it to say that I never did get it before it made it to the landing, an odd number of steps thereby enabling it to finish its maneuver in the "butter-side-down" position.  Apparently the thick compound moving around inside acted like a slow motion wave similar to what makes a slinky move down stairs.

     I'm still chuckling about it as I write this even though it was every bit as much fun to clean up as I'd imagined.  Luckily, dry wall compound has no color and dries to a powder, so all I have now are some damp spots on the carpet.

Thanks for reading,

Lon Henderson, a bemused innkeeper
Sunset Hill House
Sugar Hill, NH