Yates House Bed & Breakfast

305 2nd Street, Rocheport, Missouri 65279
Innkeeper(s): Conrad & Dixie Yates

Moonlight Walk in Rocheport Missouri 18 Mar 2011, 6:52 pm

Many a couple, intent on romance, has taken the after dinner moonlight walk from Les Bourgeois Bistro back to the Yates House Bed & Breakfast in Rocheport, Missouri. This walk takes you down the private, winding path from bluff top at Les Bourgeois Vineyards to the Katy Trail State Park with beautiful bluffs on one side and the mighty Missouri River on the other.

We recommend checking a moon phase calendar and picking a near full moon phase for your Yates House Bed & Breakfast trip.

We have a good stock of reliable and bright electric fluorescent lanterns for guest use. You’ll hardly need a lantern though. The Katy Trail surface is nearly white and you’ll see the great and beautiful outdoors with surprising clarity.

There are a number of excellent benches along the trail that face out to the Missouri River. These are wonderful places to sit and enjoy the breathtaking scenery and each others company.

If you change your mind about the walk, simply have your Les Bourgeois waiter call us. We’ll come right up and give you a ride home.

                                                                                     Conrad and Dixie Yates, Your Innkeepers

Rocheport Katy Trail Bridge Lift-Off 9 Mar 2011, 11:32 am

A seventy ton steel span of the Katy Trail State Park Bridge at Rocheport, Missouri was lifted off on Saturday, March 5, 2011.  This event was in preparation for a complete rebuilding of the railroad bridge over Moniteau Creek at the Katy Trail Tunnel.  The tunnel was built by men and mules in the 1890's and was the only railroad tunnel built on the Katy in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri.  Builders say the new bridge will be opened in late May.
Bikers and hikers are welcome to contact the Yates House Bed and Breakfast for advice and directions on how to navigate around this break in Katy Trail continuum during construction.

Conrad and Dixie Yates Your Innkeepers

Budweiser Clydesdale Farm Opens Near Rocheport, MO 4 Aug 2010, 1:47 pm

Anheuser-Busch Warm Springs Ranch, home of over 100 Clydesdale foals, mares, and stallions, has opened for tours.  This 300 acre state-of-the-art breeding facility is located just across the Missouri River from Rocheport and can be toured daily.  Tours take about ninety minutes and are wonderfully comprehensive.  You will get up close with the horses, the beautiful tack and hitches, and the staff whose good fortune has led them to this beautiful place.  Advance reservations are required and Yates House can assist you in these arrangements.

This is a grand opportunity to experience one of America's most beloved and enduring corporate symbols.  Plan to visit Warm Spring Farms during your Yates House stay.

Giving Away The Yates House Bed & Breakfast Rocheport Garden 21 Apr 2010, 4:19 pm

Gardening, at the Yates House Bed & Breakfast, is a serious pursuit. Activity and planning never cease. Of course, Spring is our most work intensive time.
Guests are eternally curious about every aspect of our gardening. We claim no expertise, only experience. And, experience is usually what you have just after needing it.

We’ve learned to share our garden plants with friends and guests. This is an old time notion that was necessary and practical in days before commercial nurseries and garden catalogs. Well established landscapes and gardens yield a steady stream of seeds, cuttings, roots, and bulbs. What isn’t given away is often discarded.

Guests and friends of the Yates House are encouraged to openly covet our plants. If possible, practical, and timely, we will gladly share our plant bounty with you. If something isn’t ready to be harvested, thinned, or dug up, we will advise you on when it might be ready so you can return to claim your prize.

Many of our plants were acquired this way. Family heirlooms from my Great-Grandmother’s childhood home, plants from memorable trips, plants given by other family, friends, and guests grow all around us. Pass it on.

Conrad and Dixie Yates
Your Innkeepers

Let the Gardening Season Begin in Rocheport Missouri 15 Mar 2010, 11:14 am

We search our gardens each morning for new crocus blooms and other sure signs of spring.  Flower beds and gardens are awakening at our Rocheport Missouri Bed and Breakfast-Yates House.   Along with this awakening comes Dixie Yates, coffee cup in hand, exhorting her husband Conrad with encouragement like "you know what would look good growing here this year?"

Yates House spring garden tradition includes multiple visits to nearby Vintage Hill Farm Nursury.   Owner Jeff Oberhaus has created one of the finest greenhouses you'll find anywhere.  His very complete plant selection is diverse, healthy, beautiful, and reasonably priced.  Customers are drawn to this beautiful Missouri River hills setting from all over Missouri and neighboring states.

Yates House guests often visit Vintage Hill Farm during their visit to the Rocheport area.  They are never disappointed.  Yates House guests may store their Vintage Hill plants on our patio or may choose to visit Vintage Hill Farm on their way home.

Conrad and Dixie Yates
Your Innkeepers

Saving One Small Town, Rocheport, Missouri 16 Feb 2010, 1:23 pm

We remember our impressions of Rocheport when we first came to town.  It was 1985 and there really wasn't much going on here.  Old buldings weren't in good condition.  Most commercial space was empty except for piled up junk inside.  Many historic homes appeared unloved and some had been torn down and replaced by trailer homes.  Only a few children played in public areas.

Rocheport was, however, a very small town and we love small towns almost no matter what.  These are the places where generations of Americans have grown up.  We kept returning to Rocheport for visits.  The small town heart of Rocheport still beat and there remained a loyal nucleus of residents hoping to save this place from the fate of many, perhaps most, small towns across our country.

After several years of day visits, we bought a building lot to construct a historic replica home in our historic neighborhood location.  Our investment added to energy and investments of others and soon Rocheport was on the upswing.  Historic properties saw new life.  Small businesses opened and some prospered as more and more Rocheport residents stopped leaving town for employment and made their living working here in the developing tourist trade.  Rocheport's popularity as a tourism destination and great place to live has continued to grow and drive our independent economy.  Property values remain modest but have continued to improve even during the economic stress of the recession.

As very small towns disappear all across America, Rocheport stands as a rare example.  One small town slowly dying and ready to disappear has found new life and prosperity.  Rocheport was named in 2006 "One of America's Ten Coolest Small Towns" by Frommer's Budget Travel.  We invite you to visit and enjoy our wonderful small town.  While you're here, eat at our fine restaurants, enjoy the Missouri River bluff top view from Les Bourgeois Winery and Bistro, hike or bike Katy Trail State Park, and explore our small shops.  Of course, you'll want to spend a night or two at Yates House Bed & Breakfast.  We think you'll love Rocheport.

Conrad and Dixie Yates
Your Innkeepers

True/False Film Festival Coming to Columbia, Missouri in February 26 Jan 2010, 3:08 pm

Attention film buffs.  The seventh annual True/False Film Festival is coming February 25-28, 2010 to Columbia, MO just fifteen minutes east of Yates House Bed & Breakfast in Rocheport.  This documentary film festival lasts four days and turns five venues in downtown Columbia into a film utopia.  Included are documentary films freshly discovered at Sundance, Toronto and other film festivals.  Other films receive first showing at True/False.  The venues are wonderfully intimate and most showings are attended by film makers and participants.

Complete True/False Film Festival information is available.

Conrad and Dixie Yates
Your Innkeepers

American Bald Eagles Have Landed in Rocheport MO 20 Jan 2010, 11:34 am

Each year, we look forward to the return of American Bald Eagles to Rocheport.  They arrive with Winter and leave with Spring living along the banks of the Missouri River and fishing at the mouth of Moniteau Creek, a few hundred yards from the Yates House Bed and Breakfast

More of these beautiful winged creatures come every year.  Last winter, there were nearly fifty flying about and sitting in trees waiting for some unfortunate fish to rise near the river surface. 

Birders and photographers find it easy to get close enough for viewing and all sorts of excellent photo opportunities.  Naturally, binoculars and appropriate long lenses are suggested.

Make plans to stay at the Yates House Bed and Breakfast located in Rocheport, Missouri over these early months of 2010 for a fantastic bird watching experience!

Conrad and Dixie Yates
Your Innkeepers

Rocheport Missouri Cooking Classes 30 Dec 2009, 7:10 am

We are busy planning our 2010 Classes and Gourmet Weekends which will be held at our Rocheport Missouri Bed and Breakfast - the Yates House.

You will want to check our Cooking Classes page on our web site for all the details - dates, schedules, menus, and related matters are being developed and will be posted when ready. Email newsletters will be issued when class information becomes available, so you will want to sign up to receive a Yates House Newsletter by going to the bottom of any page on the Yates House web site and clicking on the Sign Me Up! button provided.

Interested in a Customized Classes just for your group of six to eight participants? Not a problem! Call Dixie at 573-698-2129 or email her at info@yateshouse.com and she will work with you to arrange a class that will perfectly suit your group's needs.

Conrad and Dixie Yates
Your Innkeepers