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Merry Mississippi Christmas 17 Dec 2014, 8:56 am

Merry Christmas from Mississippi, or should I say, Merry Mississippi Christmas!?

Our sweet friends over at Thimblepress coined this fun term...and we're simply loving it. 

Early this year we had the fun idea to team up with a few local professionals and create a fun styled shoot featuring seasons in Mississippi..first up: Mississippi Christmas.
Stay tuned to see the next in this fabulous series, "Celebration of the Seasons at the Fairview Inn" coming in March!
*we took these in late November and it was a casual 75 degrees that day..welcome to the Sip y'all!*

Moving on, so we partnered with a some talented minds and created this fun styled shoot featuring Mississippi products. Confete Events helped coordinate the details, and the event shoot came together beautifully if I do say so myself.

Special thanks to each and every vendor (full list at the bottom of this post). Also, y'all make sure and snag a few of these Merry Mississippi products from Thimblepress before they're all gone.

Cheers to the holiday season and I hope you enjoy a few of these fun snaps from our                    Merry Mississippi Christmas shoot!

Groom's Bowties | The Good South
Bride's Dresses + Accesories | Lace Bridal Boutique
Beverage Napkins + Drink Stirrers | Thimblepress 
Floral Arrangements | Bittersweet
Models | Mr. and Mrs. Hank Waterer 
Coorindator | Confete Events

New Catered Events Coordinator 12 Dec 2014, 11:30 am

We're pleased to announce that Leah Hawkins will be the new Catered Events Coordinator at the Fairview Inn. 

Leah is an Oxford, Mississippi native who is very excited to be living in Jackson, Mississippi and even more thrilled to be working at Fairview Inn!

Leah graduated from Ole Miss with a degree in Hospitality Management, and would love to help you plan your next event at the Fairview Inn.

Stop by and meet Leah soon or give her a call at


What Guests are Actually Saying about the Fairview Inn 11 Dec 2014, 8:36 am

We thought Thursday was a good a day as any to share a few guest comments with you! We love grabbing the Guest Comment Book & a warm seat by the fire to browse through notes we've received lately. It's always encouraging to see what people really think about the Inn. So, on that note, we're sharing a few of our favorites with you. 

New Year's Eve Dinner 2015 8 Dec 2014, 11:46 am

Five, Four, Three, Two, ONE..HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Where will you be ringing in 2015 this year? We'd love to have you visit us at the Fairview Inn. 
Chef Gary has a menu that is sure to please, and the dessert options...well, see for yourself...they're mouth-watering. 

We're taking reservations now for this fun dinner. Come make a night of it, whether you're local and just want to start the year off on a romantic note or traveling in from out of town, the Fairview Inn is the coziest place to grab a glass of champagne this New Year's Eve.

Grab your favorite date, a fun outfit, pack a quick over night bag and come see us!

Now, y'all...this menu. It speaks for itself. 

Plus, we'd love to have you stay the night after dinner. Check out this NYE package (limited number available). 

Suri Explores Belhaven Neighborhood 8 Dec 2014, 8:42 am

Suri loves a good walk, especially after she has her laser treatment for her Legg-Perthes disease! 

She especially loves stopping by two particular landmarks in Belhaven:
 Eudora Welty House & Simon's Park. 

Suri gets lots of compliments from fellow walkers as she prisses through the neighborhood with her mom, Tamar. She loves that she was adopted by parents who live in such a beautiful neighborhood, and who love her so much they take her for unlimited walks so she can explore her surroundings. 

If you missed reading about Suri's history and her adoption story, make sure and check it out! 

Stay tuned, because next up Suri is going to show you how she helps out house-keeping and makes room-check rounds with her mom.

Life at the Inn really is grand for Suri! 

Stop by soon to see what happens behind the scenes at the Inn!

Meet Suri, the Fairview Inn Pup 5 Dec 2014, 6:52 am

Suri was adopted on July 14, 2014 from a Chinese Crested and Powder Puff rescue organization called Bald is Beautiful. At the time of her adoption, Suri (which means little princess in Hebrew) was 10 months old. Suri was surrendered to the rescue agency by her owner because she had two ailing parents to care for. Suri’s foster mom lived in Greenville, South Carolina and contacted the Sharp’s when she read their adoption application. 
The Sharp’s had just lost their 14 year old Powder Puff, named Fluff, in March of 2014. The foster mom felt Suri would be a perfect fit for the Fairview Inn because Suri loved to prance around and be admired. The match was made and Peter and Tamar drove to Macon, Georgia to meet and greet Suri for the first time. 
It was love at first sight.

Suri is fed only homemade organic food. Tamar began preparing food for Fluff when she was diagnosed at age 7 with liver disease. This is what kept Fluff alive on a liver functioning at less than 25%. One of Suri’s favorite recipes is Spots Stew. Suri’s diet is also made up of 5% organ meant which can be gizzards, liver, tripe or turkey hearts. She also loves sardines which provides her with her Omega 3 fatty acids necessary for so many body functions.
In September, 2014 Suri started crying when her back left leg was lifted for grooming or if it was caught on something. The veterinarian diagnosed her with Legg-Perthes disease, which is also called avascular necrosis. Basically the blood flow stopped feeding her left back hip joint and she had bone-on-bone rubbing in that area. Legg-Perthes is common in small breeds. Dr. Mike Watson of Magnolia Animal Clinic offered the family two options, try veterinary prescribed glucosamine to rebuild the cartlidge and reform the bone along with Class IV Laser treatments which lowers inflammation and pain or surgery. 

Tamar and Peter opted for the less invasive treatment. Suri also went to Dr. Barbra Allen of Alternative Veterinary care for acupuncture treatments which accelerates circulation like the laser only at a great level. Two weeks ago, Suri had another x-ray which confirmed that the supplements, laser and acupuncture were working. Her bones were reforming and when given a range of motion exam, her pain was considerably less. 
Everyone at the Inn can tell the difference in Suri’s behavior since she began her treatments. She is full of energy and can stand on her back legs like a circus dog.

Wedding Wednesday in Jackson, Mississippi 3 Dec 2014, 2:16 pm

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

Sometimes you just need a few beautiful pictures to make the last work hour of the day a little better, right? Right.
So, with that in mind, Im sharing a few of my favorite shots of weddings at the Fairview Inn. (If you are interested in having your #wedding with us, just give us a call at 601.948.3429)

Belhaven University Singing Christmas Tree 2 Dec 2014, 7:21 am

The Fairview Inn is all decked out for the holidays. 
The tree is trimmed, the mantles are adorned, and the lights are twinkling. 

If all that doesn't get you in the holiday spirit, I know what will...

It's the perfect holiday outing for the family. 

This year the Singing Christmas Tree is set for December 5 and 6 at 7:30 p.m in the Athletic Bowl at the center of campus. 

Don't forget to stop by The Library Lounge for a drink to warm you up before you head over, and then come see us after for dinner at 1908 Provisions! The Inn is the perfect dinner setting to continue your festive mood with the family.

For more information visit Belhaven University's page here. 

RECIPE: Fairview Street 'Adult' Hot Chocolate 1 Dec 2014, 12:10 pm

Fairview Street Hot Chocolate

It's beginning to look (and feel) a lot like Christmas around here. The Inn is decorated beautifully and all we want to do is curl up in front of a roaring fireplace with a warm drink! What better drink to help us beat the chill and celebrate the season than the traditional Fairview Street Hot Chocolate. 
This drink is sure to be a crowd pleaser' at your next shin-dig and we hope you think about us when you have one.

 (If mixing drinks isn't your thing, then stop by and visit the Library Lounge and Reed will happily fix you one right up!) 
Celebration of the Seasons at the Fairview Inn: Styled Shoot 


1 Heaping Tbsp of your favorite cocoa mix

3/4 oz Frangelico (Hazelnut flavored liqueur)

1/2 oz Nocello (Walnut Liqueur)

1/2 cup hot milk or water

Top with whipped cream (Home-Made preferred)

Wah-La. Ta-Da. Enjoy.

If you give this fun recipe a try, make sure you share your pictures with us!


12 Days of Christmas Fundraiser at the Library Lounge in Jackson, MS 28 Nov 2014, 11:03 am

The Library Lounge will be hosting a "12 Days of Christmas" fundraiser benefitting 

To "unlock" each special of the day simply bring a toy, canned good, or make a monetary donation to either charity. We're excited to do a little good this season and help you countdown to the holiday!


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