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Minnesota’s Top Romantic Getaway Destination 25 Jan 2016, 3:00 am

Now that the busy rush of the holidays are over, are you finding yourself daydreaming about a wistful, romantic getaway?  Are you longing for a place where you can escape to relax, reconnect, rejuvenate your soul, and plan for the year ahead?  We have the perfect place just waiting for you at our Duluth Bed and Breakfast, where romantic getaways are our business.  Book a romantic getaway with us this winter, and you’ll not only be staying at the top-rated Inn in Minnesota, but you’ll also be choosing the #1 Bed and Breakfast in the entire U.S.

A Romantic Getaway in Duluth

Our Duluth Bed and Breakfast is a romantic retreat that can’t be beat.  There is a reason we were the chosen Bed and Breakfast for Muriel Hemingway when she stayed with us a few months ago, just as there is a reason we have been voted as the top Bed and Breakfast in the country, let alone one of the top 10 in the world.  From the moment you arrive at our doorstep, the warm, sophisticated, and romantic atmosphere of our Inn will captivate you.  From there, it’s on to the charming and sporty city of Duluth, where you’ll have the perfect compliment of restaurants, shops, and activities to enjoy on your romantic getaway.

Now that your romantic getaway is underway, we recommend bundling up and taking a stroll along Duluth’s beautiful Lakewalk.  Here, you’ll enjoy the most scenic walking path in Duluth, with stunning views of Lake Superior, as well as adjacent parks, gardens, and beaches.  If you’re really up for adventure, rent a pair of snowshoes or cross country skis and head to any number of local parks that have trails to enjoy. However, if you’d rather stay warm and dry, there are some great options for you in Duluth.  Fitgers, a mainstay brewery turned one-stop destination in Duluth, is a wonderful place to enjoy an afternoon.  Not only will you find great beer, but you’ll also have access to great restaurants and excellent shopping.  You can even find a trendy urban Day Spa, with a soothing and relaxing ambience perfect for any romantic getaway.  Follow up your wonderful day in Duluth with a show at the Duluth Playhouse, and dinner at one of Duluth’s delicious restaurants.  Innkeeper favorites include JJ Astors, featuring a beautiful view of the Twin Ports, Va Bene Berarducci’s Caffe, Blackwoods Grille & Bar, Tavern On The Hill, Tycoon’s Alehouse, and the New Scenic Cafe.  No matter how much or how little of Duluth you end up seeing while here, we know time spent at our Minnesota Bed and Breakfast will be equal parts relaxing and memorable.  Book your romantic getaway with us today!


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Winter Activities in Duluth 31 Dec 2015, 8:09 pm

Duluth really is like no other place in the country, and that is just as true during the beautiful albeit cold winter months. Are you in search of a fun weekend in the snow?  If so, Duluth is the winter destination for you.  Whether you’re looking for traditional winter activities, such as skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling of sledding, or whether you want to try you’re hand at something different, like a little dog sledding or ice fishing, Duluth is the place to be this snowy winter.  Though there is no reason to stay inside with so much going on outside, there’s nothing wrong with that, either.  Curl up in front of the fire, or get outside and explore, all when you stay at our romantic Duluth Bed and Breakfast this winter.  Book your winter getaway with us today!

Winter Activities to Enjoy

Having once been voted Outdoor Magazines “Best Town Ever,” it should come as no surprise that Duluth is a winter wonderland, filled with a broad range of exciting winter activities to enjoy during these coldest of months.  Countless trails criss-cross their way through the forests and valleys, over the rugged peaks, and along the beautiful frozen vistas that Duluth is famous for.  As soon as there’s enough snow, groomers around Duluth get busy to work grooming 67 kilometers of cross-country ski trails in Lester Park, Piedmont, Hartley Nature Center, Magney-Snively Park and Chester Park, in addition to Spirit Mountain and Snowflake Nordic Center.  If you’re looking for downhill skiing and snowboarding, head to Spirit Mountain’s downhill area, where you’ll find 22 downhill runs and Minnesota’s second-longest vertical drop.  If that’s not enough, Spirit Mountain offers six lanes of snow tubing as well.  There’s also alpine skiing and a speed-skating rink at the Chester Bowl.

Snowshoers will want to explore the 43 miles of Superior Hiking Trails that cut across Duluth.  Magney-Snively Park is also a good place to snowshoe, as is the Hartley Nature Center. In January, the John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon takes place in Duluth.  At over 400 miles, this is the longest sled dog race in the lower 48 states.  This exciting race is a qualifier for the famed Iditarod race in Alaska, and can be a fun event to watch if you’re in the Duluth Area.  If you’re a fan of rock climbing during the warmer months, then you may want to try the exciting new sport of ice climbing in Duluth.   This winter activity is not for the faint of heart, but there are a number of sites around Duluth where adventurous souls can participate in this fun event, including Casket Quarry, Gooseberry Falls State Park, the Cascade and Devil Track Rivers, and Robinson Park in Sandstone.  Finally, when it’s cold enough and the ice conditions are right, Lake Superior can be a great place to fish for lake trout in the winter.  Heed the “thin ice” warnings and always check with the Minnesota DNR before venturing out.  All of these amazing winter activities and more are at your fingertips when you book your room at our romantic Duluth Bed and Breakfast.

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Spend the Holidays in Duluth 19 Nov 2015, 3:00 am

Though it sometimes feels like just yesterday when we were talking about and planning for summer and fall adventures around Duluth, the holidays are officially here.  It’s time to start finalizing your plans, and we hope Duluth is on your list.

The holidays are a wonderful time of year to gather with friends and family, to keep up with long-standing traditions, and to make memories that will last a lifetime. Though this is one of the busiest seasons for many families, it’s also a wonderful time to getaway from the hectic rush of our over-scheduled lives, and to enjoy those things that truly matter.

Getaway to to the magical holiday season in Duluth this winter, where you can discover new traditions and make new memories.  Book your room at our beautiful Duluth Bed and Breakfast today.

Celebrate the Holidays

Whether you’ve been to Duluth during the holiday season before or you’re a newcomer to Duluth’s festivities, we know you’re going to have a great holiday season.  At the top of our list for fun holiday activities to enjoy this winter is the Bentleyville Tour of Lights.  This stunning display, which is billed as America’s largest free walk through a lighting display, features over 4 million twinkling lights throughout the 20-acre Bayfront Festival Park in Duluth.  For an added element of holiday cheer, hop onboard the North Shore Scenic Railroad at Fitzgers, and enjoy the short train ride over to Bentleyville’s Tour of Lights.

Another immensely popular event during the holidays is the self-guided tour at Glensheen Mansion.  A Christmas at Glensheen is a wonderful opportunity to explore this beautiful and historic building, which has been decked out in its traditional festive glory.  As you go, you’ll learn about the famous Congdon family, sip hot cocoa in the Carriage House, enjoy music played on the Congdon’s Grand Steinway piano, and discover the magic of the tallest of Glensheen’s Christmas trees, which proudly towers beyond the first floor.  Though there is more to enjoy during the holidays that we have room to write, other fun events you may want to check out are Julebyen Scandinavian Festival, A Christmas Carol at Teatro Zuccone, or a little holiday ice skating along the North Shore of Lake Superior.  The holiday magic is waiting for you. Book your room at our Duluth Bed and Breakfast today.

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Visit the Top Breweries in Duluth, Minnesota 16 Oct 2015, 3:00 am

If you’re at all into drinking beer, then you probably have heard of the craft brew craze taking over taps across America. Craft Breweries, which are characterized as small, independent, yet traditional breweries, have seen a 15% increase in sales over the last year. Though annually the production of craft breweries is still small, at a mere 10% of national beer sales, it’s hard to deny the popularity of these increasing local fixtures.  Luckily for us, Duluth has proclaimed itself as the Craft Brewery Capital of Minnesota.  You’ll find great breweries in Duluth, coupled with expansive, beautiful views along the North Shore of Lake Superior that can’t be found anywhere else.  Book your room at our beautiful Duluth Bed and Breakfast today, and discover the thriving craft brew culture in Minnesota.

Visit Duluth’s Breweries

There is a long and rich history of brewing in Duluth.  As a result, Duluth is home to an abundance of local microbreweries and brewpubs that have created a constant and delicious supply of interesting and unique beer. There is even an official beer trail that you can follow, which will guide you through the delicious flavors of Duluth’s top breweries.  If you have some time and would like a challenge, you can take on the Official Duluth Beer Challenge, featuring 18 of the best beers from the top 6 breweries.  Of these popular breweries, you can’t go wrong grabbing a brew at the famous Fitger’s Brewhouse, which opened its doors as the only brewpup in Northern Minnesota, let alone Duluth, in 1995.  A relative newcomer to the scene that is proving immensely popular is Bent Paddle Brewing, which is production brewery with a 30-barrel brewhouse.

Whether you’re a beer aficionado or simply interested in learning about this thriving new industry, taking a tour of local breweries is a fun way to spend an afternoon in Duluth.  In fact, with so much happening on the beer scene these days, a tour might just be the best way to make the most of your beer drinking experience in Minnesota.  There are plenty of breweries and tours to choose from, but our friends at The Duluth Experience have one of the best selections we’ve seen.  Transportation is provided, but in addition to that, you’ll enjoy plenty of beer-related education, unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to the breweries, tastings of craft beers, a souvenir sample glass, and a wonderful local meal. In total, there are 5 brewery tours to choose from, both private and public.  No matter what you choose, you won’t be disappointed in the breweries of Duluth.  Book your room with us today, and experience the unbeatable beer culture in Duluth.


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See the Fall Color in Duluth Minnesota 29 Sep 2015, 3:00 am

The sights and sounds of Autumn are underway in Minnesota, and excitement is in the air as the dramatic colors of fall begin their beautiful annual display.  Minnesota’s fall color typically peaks towards the end of September or early October, but mother nature’s great show can be enjoyed through the end of October.  Situated on the north shores of Lake Superior, there is no better place to see the vibrant colors of sugar maple, aspen, paper birch, ash, and silver maple than along the scenic roadways, hillsides, parks, and shorelines in and around Duluth.  If you have yet to see the spectacular fall color change here, don’t miss your chance this year.  Book you room at our Duluth Bed and Breakfast today.

Duluth’s Fall Color Report

It’s well established that leaves change color each fall due to chemical changes in the leaves, triggered by the changing rhythm of the day and night that occurs during the transition from summer to fall.  Here we are rounding into the end of September, and the fall color in Duluth is just starting to get spectacular. Along the North Shore of Lake Superior, we’re mainly seeing spectacular color from the maples, poplars/aspens, birch, and tamarack, and are starting to see some oak showing their colors.  For a spectacular glimpse of the maples, we recommend taking a hike along part of the Superior Hiking Trail, which will take you to a ridge of bright orange and red sugar maples.  Another incredible place to witness both the changing fall colors, in addition to the annual fall bird migration is the Skyline Parkway Scenic Byway & Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory.

If you’re looking for a beautiful drive, you can’t go wrong heading north on Highway 61, along the shores of Lake Superior. Visitors are currently enjoying long stretches of golden yellow aspens and birches, with a few brighter oranges and reds beginning to show. There are so many beautiful places to drive, hike, or bike while enjoying the fall color display in and around Duluth, that it’s impossible to list them all.  However, if you want to just sit back and let someone else do the planning for you, we recommend a fall color tour with The Duluth Experience.  These tours are fun, enjoyable for the whole family, and include short hikes so that you can fully immerse yourself in Duluth’s fall beauty.  There are only a few weeks left of this uniquely beautiful season, so book your room at our luxury Duluth Bed and Breakfast today.


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Fall Birding Destinations in Duluth 28 Aug 2015, 3:00 am

Duluth is an exciting place to visit, with an abundance of outdoor activities to be enjoyed throughout the seasons.  From lush forests, expansive bodies of freshwater, and rocky outcroppings just begging to be explored, you won’t soon run out of activities to enjoy here in Duluth.  Though most of us are still enjoying the long, warm days of summer, fall and all of it’s wonderful opportunities are just around the corner.  One of our guests favorite things to do during the early fall months, as the weather begins to cool and the colors begin to change, is to head out for a day of birding.  Whether you’re a long time birding enthusiast or would just like to give it a try, there’s no better place than Duluth.  Make our Bed and Breakfast your home base, and start exploring the best fall birding hotspots Duluth has to offer.

Birding Destinations

One of the best places to go birding this fall is the Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory.  The first “Hawk Watch” during the annual bird migration through Duluth began in 1951, eventually growing so big that the Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory was established in 1972.  Today, this beautiful area is home to over 350 acres of pristine land, and is a prime birding destination just outside the city of Duluth.  In fact, Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory is extremely well known, with birding enthusiasts traveling from all over the world to enjoy the sights and sounds of the annual bird migration in the fall.  During peak migration times, visitors to the observatory can see a wide variety of hawks coming from as far north as the Arctic, heading for their warm winter breeding grounds as far south as points in South America. Over 20 species of raptors have been seen along the ridges, with the most rare of them being the peregrine falcon and gyrfalcon.

Though migration in Duluth begins in mid-August, peak migration occurs in mid-September to late-October, with a few species trickling in until December.  Although Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory is certainly a must-see birding destination, the Duluth Audobon Society also maintains a wonderful collection of birding maps to help you enjoy this activity to its fullest.  Other popoular birding hotspots in the Duluth area are featured along the North Shore Birding Trail, and include popular places such as Park Point Recreational Area and the Sax Zim Bog.  At the latter, you’re likely to encounter some beautiful Great Grey Owls, as well as 240 other species of migrant and breeding birds.  Fall in Duluth is beautiful, and offers some of the best birding opportunities in Minnesota.  Book your room today so you don’t miss your chance to stay at our luxurious Bed and Breakfast Inn this fall.


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Kayaking Experiences Around Duluth 17 Aug 2015, 3:00 am

With an endless horizon over the largest freshwater lake in the world, rocky cliffs, and pristine forests, Duluth is a city unlike any other that you’ve been to before. Duluth is a virtual paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and has long been a popular destination for those seeking a getaway into Mother Nature. With 6,834 acres of city parkland, 178 miles of wooded trails, 16 designated trout streams, in addition to the miles of fun to be had on Lake Superior, it’s no wonder to us that Duluth was named Outside Magazine’s “Best Town Ever”.  A day spent kayaking on the waters around Duluth is a perfect way to relax and unwind while taking in the scenic beauty of Minnesota.  Book your room at our Duluth Bed and Breakfast today, and take advantage of our spectacular kayaking deals.

Duluth Kayaking Trips

Take a kayaking trip with experienced guides in Duluth, and get ready to experience the perfect balance of adventure, exercise, and relaxation.  As you paddle along, you’ll experience the scenic and calm waters of Duluth, and depending on where you go you may even float past ocean going ships, historic lighthouses, stunning sea cliffs and abundant wildlife.  Popular places to go kayaking for the day include the beautiful waters of Lake Superior and the St. Louis River Estuary.  At the A G Thomson House, we have teamed up with The Duluth Experience to offer our guests the perfect package deal, which includes an incredible kayaking adventure.

The Duluth Experience offers several unique and exciting kayaking tours around the Duluth area.  The first and most popular of these options is the Lake Superior Kayak Adventure.  This exciting tour will take you on a 4 hour excursion along one of three possible routes on Lake Superior, and includes a lunch stop along the way.  If you’d rather explore a little bit of Duluth’s history as you go, then enjoy 4 hours paddling the St. Louis River Estuary, which is the largest freshwater estuary in the nation.  For an extra special and romantic journey, choose to enjoy the 2 hour sunset paddle along beautiful stretches of downtown Duluth’s waterfront.  You have the option to book whichever tour sounds most interesting to you, and add it to your stay at our luxurious Duluth Bed and Breakfast.  Book your room with us today, and enjoy kayaking on the calm waters of Duluth during these last weeks of summer.


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Distilling in Duluth! 24 Jun 2015, 2:32 pm

It is not news that Duluth is known for its growing craft beer market, and the amazing products that have been put out by companies like our historic Fitger’s Brewing Company to more recent companies like Bent Paddle Brewing, Canal Park Brewing, and more! That big lake of ours is a great supplier of some of the most pure and delicious water making it no surprise Duluth has emerged as one of the finest craft brewing cities in the country.

But beer is not the only divine product that gets its start from Lake Superior. Within the last year or so, Duluth has had the privilege of a new craft in town, the incredible Vikre Distillery. Located in Canal Park in the historic Paolucci Building, adjacent to the Aerial Lift Bridge, Vikre is a truly unique and “Duluth” experience. The atmosphere is comfortable, and the spirits even more comforting. And with the recent addition of an on-site bar, tasting these spirits is right at hand!

Vikre Distillery has not only brought us Lake Superior in a new way, but also included our Northwood’s botanical gifts in making their product. They will be offering a whiskey, still in its aging process, and have distilled some gin like no other.

I was not a gin drinker before, but your mind will be changed with a taste of one of their Boreal’s. But more than that, we get the pleasure of enjoying Vodka and Aquavit too. And with the opening of their new on-site bar, you will experience a truly one-of-a-kind cocktail; fresh, pure and uniquely Vikre. And don’t forget to take Vikre’s tour of their distillery helping round out a delightful and “spirit -ual” visit!

If you would prefer to sit back and let someone else do the driving and you want to sample the spirits at Vikre and enjoy one of Duluth’s many micro breweries, another great entrepreneurial company, the Duluth Experience, is a perfect way to do so.

Along with the talent of Vikre, the folks at the Duluth Experience have found a way to truly focus on all that Duluth has to offer its residents and guests alike. They offer several brewery tours, but if you want to include Vikre on your list, then the Saturday evening tour is for you.

And we could not be more proud to partner with the Duluth Experience in offering their Brewery Tours as an add-on package to your stay at our Duluth Bed and Breakfast. We are happy to make your reservations and set everything up for you. All you have to do is book your stay and relax in one of our incredible guest rooms, and enjoy the talent of our Duluth!

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Duluth Beauty, History and a Beer! 15 Oct 2014, 2:15 pm

Duluth Beauty, History and a Beer!  

When we were fortunate enough to be “ordered” to Duluth back in 2005 by the Air Force, we knew this was a very special place and felt like we were “home” immediately.  Our roots and family were not far away in Wisconsin, so it was the perfect fit.  And having moved a few times over the years in the military, we learned how to quickly acclimate to a new environment and start to learn about and experience our new city and environment.

And now over 9 years later, we are still learning about this truly unique and incredible city of Duluth.  In recent years, a great new company has formed called The Duluth Experience, offering visitors to our fair city a unique perspective of our history, culture, and best of all…beer!  We are proud to have partnered with these amazing and dedicated people in offering several exceptional packages to help our guests get the most out of their time in Duluth.

The Duluth Experience began by providing fun-filled Brewery Tours, visiting the multitude of micro breweries in the Twin Ports.  This is still one of their most popular tours, and the AG Thomson House Duluth Bed and Breakfast is proud to package this tour with your stay!  As the brewery tours became more popular, the foresight of this talented group evolved into offering even more opportunities to experience Duluth.

One of these opportunities is The Duluth Experience History Bus Tours and it is absolutely incredible, providing a unique perspective and insight to our Zenith City.  This tour is also another package item we are proud to offer guests when booking with the AG Thomson House Duluth Bed and Breakfast!  You will not only enjoy your warm experience at our bed and breakfast, but you will experience a historical story that helps to place Duluth’s present and future into a much more comprehensive context.

Those of you who know Duluth, know the seasons offer us so many wonderful opportunities to learn about and experience the dynamic beauty of our port city.  With this, brings some fantastic seasonal tours also offered by the Duluth Experience.

This fall the Duluth Experience offered a stunning Fall Colors Tour, which will likely be an annual event.  Coming up this Holiday winter season, we are looking forward to our partnership with the Duluth Experience in offering a Holiday Lights Tour, taking guests around the twin ports for an up close and personal sight-seeing tour of holiday lights!  Watch our website as more details become available soon!

Spring and Summer, ah yes…what we look forward to all winter long, offers perhaps some of the best opportunities to truly “experience” Duluth and Lake Superior.  The Duluth Experience Adventure Tours will take you mountain biking, scenic biking and kayaking, showcasing the breathtaking beauty and grandeur from a perspective you may not normally have the opportunity to experience.  And again, we could not be more proud to be a partner and offer these packages along with your stay at the AG Thomson House

At our Duluth bed and breakfast, we focus on and specialize in offering our guests an “experience”, not just a “room for a night”.  We are proud to provide a warm and inviting atmosphere for our guests to relax with gorgeous rooms featuring whirlpools, fireplaces, lake views, and so much more.  And we are proud to partner with the incredible folks at the Duluth Experience in adding to our guests’ overall experience at our Inn and in our dazzling port city of Duluth!  As we strive to provide guests of the AG Thomson House with a wonderfully memorable experience, we are proud to partner with a team of talented and dedicated people at the Duluth Experience who share our passion for our work, and our love of Duluth!  Don’t just take our word for it; our passion is shared by what guests are saying about the AG Thomson House Bed and Breakfast on Trip Advisor, and about the folks at the The Duluth Experience!

See you on your next EXPERIENCE to Duluth!

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Tavern on the Hill: A new Duluth gem! 10 Sep 2014, 1:56 pm

As a Wisconsin native, the word “tavern” brings a clear image to mind.  Well, that image has been completely dispelled as we walked through the doors of the new Tavern on the Hill, located on Woodland Avenue near the UMD campus and the College of St. Scholastica.  Nestled among new apartment developments, Starbucks, Qdoba and more, this “Tavern” is sure to become a Duluth favorite hot spot in a very short amount of time.  This is no Wisconsin tavern for sure!!

Many of our guests are familiar with Duluth’s Blackwood’s restaurants and the incredible Blackwater Lounge located in downtown Duluth.  But the new Tavern on the Hill, located near UMD and the College of St. Scholastic and just a short walk from our Duluth Bed and Breakfast, is a truly unique and new type of restaurant that Duluth has not had. It is sure to fill a niche that Duluth can embrace.

We had the pleasure of visiting the Tavern many times since the recent official opening in August, and we will be back again and again.  We are eager to share this fabulous spot with our guests too.  It is located about 8 blocks from the AG Thomson House Duluth Bed and Breakfast, making it a perfect place for our guests to walk or drive, and enjoy a modern yet warm place to drink, dine and connect.  And they are not kidding about connecting; at each booth there is a charging station for those of us tied to our devices!

To describe the menu would take too long, but let me say that there was no stone un-turned during the preparation for this menu.  The Tavern on the Hill offers guests so many fantastic options that will surely please the meat eater, vegan, vegetarian, and those with gluten or other allergies.  The drink options run the gamut with signature martinis and cocktails, beer and wine, and of course delicious non-alcoholic beverages.

And I haven’t even mentioned the incredible indoor/outdoor space they have designed; offering indoor patio dining, with accordion doors opening up to the outdoor dining space.  A space that will be getting a lot of use all year round!  Yes, all year round because of the massive fireplace and heated concrete under the patio.  Duluthians and Midwesterners are tough, but this space will provide a cozy and warm spot in the middle of winter to snuggle by the fire and enjoy a tasty hot beverage and snack!  

The Market at Tavern on the Hill is the on-the-go spot to pick up food ready to go.  And much like their “sister” restaurants, curbside pick up is an option and can be ordered directly online.  And you cannot miss the Smoothie Bar; offering fruit and vegetable smoothies to go with your “grab and go” entrees!

As residents of this great city, as well as Innkeepers of the beautiful AG Thomson House Duluth Bed and Breakfast who enjoy sharing our favorite spots with our guests, we could not be more excited about this new, progressive, and one-of-a-kind Duluth gem to enjoy a quiet meal, or connect with friends and family!

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