Kara's Kottages

837 W. Main St. 509 N. Clarendon St. , Kalamazoo, Michigan 49006
Innkeeper(s): Kara Keller
  • We put the "Inn" in innovation..

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    About Kara's Kottages in Kalamazoo, Michigan

    3 of our 4 kottages are within a 3 unit home on W. Main St. near Downtown Kalamazoo. The 4th kottage is within a single family home just 1 mile away. All are furnished with many comforts of home, including a well stocked kitchen, cozy living room, separate bedrooms and a spacious bathroom. Plus, all the warm touches you’d expect from a beloved B&B– like fireplaces, beds you melt into, European-style breakfast treats and even mini-bars.

    Available for overnight, weekly or monthly stays, Kara’s Kottages is an excellent choice for business or pleasure.

    If you’re seeking an innovative and modern b&b experience, you’ll enjoy our notion of doing something different rather than doing the same thing better.

    However, if what you’re seeking is a traditional b&b experience which includes prepared breakfast with other guests, daily housekeeping, frequent interactions with the innkeeper and renting only one room accommodating mostly 1-2 guests, I might recommend another option. Our innovative approach to lodging offers less of what you don't want and more of what you do want!

    Kara’s Kottaages offers guests the decidence of a high end b & b along with the privacy and casual atmosphere of most vacation rental options, which includes self check-in’s, kottages that can accommodate 1-5 guests, diy meals, a great outdoor space  and an elusive innkeeper.

    Each kottage is lovingly designed for those who wish to be on their own schedule in a peaceful and private space without the constant presence of a live-in innkeeper and other guests.

    This unique layout allows us the flexibility of renting each kottage seperately to individuals and small groups or renting the entire house to families of up to 12 people. Both options provide guests with lots of privacy and amenities and are available for short or extended stays.


  • About Kara

    Kara is a Michigan native with an appreciation for historic homes, a passion for good design and a love for the planet.

    She moved to Kalamazoo from the Shores of Lake Michigan in 1990 to attend college. She remained in Kalamazoo because of it's youthful energy, amazing people and an up and coming direction which has since been realized.

    In her spare time, when she's not combing the earth for treasures to use in her Kalamazoo Bed and Breakfast, she's exploring life with her husband, Dean. They enjoy participating in many recreational sports, the company of their friends & family and traveling.. All while being responsible stewards of the planet.