Self Realization Meditation Healing Centre

7187 Drumheller Rd, Bath, Michigan 48808
Innkeeper(s): Joanne
  • Pure Meditation Course - Raja/Kriya Yoga

    Available dates: to
    Price from: $765

      Pure Meditation – which includes Raja-Kriya Yoga – is the ultimate course for the whole being – mind, body & spirit. Realize the God-Within and bring love, peace, joy and fulfillment to all aspects of your life. This in-depth course is taught worldwide by highly qualified teachers, and can help you to learn how to master your mind and energies in today’s challenging world. Courses held regularly throughout the year ~ other dates in Michigan in 2016 may be possible, please contact us. For anyone earnestly seeking the spiritual path. Please see our website or phone today for more information.

      We teach in small groups, to ensure your place, please register early.
      Please ask about a bursary if you cannot afford the full fee. Pre-registration required.

  • Silent Retreat

    Available dates: to
    Price from: $140

      Deepen your experience of inner peace in a quiet, peaceful atmosphere. Inner and outer silence, along with plenty of time to meditate, read, contemplate, walk and us to develop a depth of peace that is rare in today's hectic lifestyles. Includes guidance for those who have not been on a Silent Retreat before. Arrive after 2:30 pm on Friday, the Retreat finishes at 6 pm Sunday

  • Christmas Celebration Retreat

    Available dates: to
    Price from: $175

      A truly spiritual way to celebrate the inner beauty  of these holy times. After the first meal, this retreat is heald in silence: with ample time to meditate, contemplate, pray and relax  to get in touch with the inner self.