1750 Inn at Sandwich Center

118 Tupper Road, Sandwich, Massachusetts 02563
Innkeeper(s): Jan & Charlie Preus

2015 Cape Cod Tourism Season 20 Mar 2015, 5:47 pm

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Off To Work We Go

It's time to say goodbye to warm days, white sand, and the turquoise water of the Gulf of Mexico. As we pack up the flip-flops and turn our tanned and re-energized selves north towards the feet of white snow blanketing Cape Cod, we begin looking forward to our 2015 season.
Sunset on Cape Cod Canal

It is difficult to get our heads around the fact that we are starting our 13th season as innkeepers. However, starting April 10th, 2015, we will be open for business at the inn and looking forward to some warm weather and visits from the fabulous folks that we have become accustomed to having as guests.

The Cape is larger than many first-time visitors expect. There is so much to do and see in Sandwich, the other villages of Cape Cod, and the islands of Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard - all easy daytrips from the inn. Many of our guests also like to spend a day in Boston or Newport, Rhode Island. We do our best to provide information to folks who stay at our inn that, we hope, will help them get the most out of their time with us.

As in past seasons, we are offering specials and packages to help guests in planning their visit to Cape Cod. We have a whale watching special, a special for visiting each of the islands, and a special for folks who want to stay 7 days that gives the 7th day for just $17.50 and substantially lowers the average daily rate of your stay.

This year, we are offering a new special that lots of folks have already booked. Because of the extremely competitive market we are in, it has become necessary to list our inn with Online Travel Agency sites like Booking.com and Bedandbreakfast.com. This year, we have added a special that lets folks save $10 per night by booking their stay directly from our website or by calling us. When booking online, be sure that you are on our website at www.innatsandwich.com and not on a site that advertises the 1750 Inn at Sandwich Center.

In appreciation to our loyal, returning guests, we are continuing the special rate of 10% off during the high season months of June, July, August, September, and October.

As Sandwich enters its' 376th year, it continues to have much to offer visitors. In addition to the Cape Cod Bay beaches, fabulous restaurants, quaint shops, and galleries, our village exudes historic charm. All within walking distance are the circa 1600's Dexter Grist Mill and Hoxie house and the 1800's Town Hall. Enjoy the continually changing exhibits at the Sandwich Glass Museum and new and exciting happenings at Heritage Museums and Gardens.

In future blogs this season, we will be sharing upcoming events and exhibit details taking place throughout Sandwich and Cape Cod. We hope you will come for a visit this year.

Heritage Museums & Gardens 2015 Season 13 Jan 2015, 12:58 pm

I never tire of visiting the lovely gardens and museums at Heritage or writing about my visits there. Each year brings new and exciting exhibits in the museums and, as always, the verdant gardens offer vibrant and fragrant blooms for each season of the year. We are fortunate to be able to walk there from our historic bed and breakfast.

Heritage Museums & Gardens will be opening for the 2015 season on April 18th. This season brings several particularly exciting exhibits and events that you will not want to miss. Among them, an international conference, an exhibit featuring one of America's most well-known family of artists, an outdoor nature exhibit, and an "aerial" adventure.

The much anticipated show, The Wyeths: America Reflected, will open on June 6th and will include paintings from three generations of this famous American family of artists. You will have the opportunity to view the works of N.C. Wyeth, Andrew Wyeth, and Jamie Wyeth.

Each year Heritage features an outdoor exhibit that combines the work of artists with the natural beauty of the gardens. This year, also opening in early June, will be Secret Shelters. These structures were designed by artists and architect for the purpose of meditation, contemplation, and creation in a natural setting. They will be tucked in among the flora and fauna in hidden places throughout the gardens. Half the fun will be finding them all.

Most folks are very familiar with the Heritage rhododendrons that are truly resplendent in the early summer months. In recent years, working in concert with the Cape Cod Hydrangea Society, the hydrangea collection is expanding and has become increasingly popular with visitors to the gardens. This seems a befitting trend as the climate on Cape Cod is particularly suitable for growing hydrangeas. As the peak blooming season is in July, Heritage will host an international conference on July 14, 15, and 16 featuring this magnificent bloom. There will be lectures, tours, and displays by major hydrangea suppliers. Local nurseries will have hundreds of hydrangeas available for you to see and to purchase. Contact Heritage for details and to register for the 3-day conference.

A new outdoor exhibit with an aerial feature will open this spring on four acres in the area where Charles Dexter created hundreds of varieties of rhododendrons. It will surly offer a new perspective of the famous Dexter Rhododendrons. While wearing safety harnesses, visitors will explore five aerial trails with various degrees of difficulty, and a truly spectacular view of the gardens that has not been previously available. I hope to be one of the early explorers and will post a blog with video at a later date.

In the always popular auto museum you will find "Driven to Collect", an exhibit of some of the finest antique automobiles in the Heritage collection.

We are looking forward to many trips to Heritage Museums & Gardens this year and hope to meet you above the treetops. Come stay at our bed and breakfast and spend a day at the gardens.

Sandwich Giants Aglow for the Holidays 23 Nov 2014, 6:20 pm

 As the holidays approach, our thoughts begin to lean towards readying our bed and breakfast inn for the season. It is a time when folks reminisce about seasons past and give thought to building traditions for the future.

We all have fond memories of holiday traditions from our childhoods. I used to look forward to watching old Christmas themed movies that ran only during the Holidays. One of my favorites was a vintage Laurel and Hardy film called "Babes in Toyland". In this movie, the comic duo mistakenly made windup wooden toy soldiers in giant proportions. At first considered a disaster, the giant soldiers saved the town and the Christmas holidays for the villagers. And they all lived happily thereafter.

The Glassblower
We villagers in Sandwich are also now graced by giants that have become a tradition in the town center and along Route 6A. The Sandwich "GIANTS" are larger than life light sculptures that rise up during the holidays to add a festive glow on the long winter nights. The steel rebar frames are created by the local, renowned glassblower and artisan, Michael Magyar, at his Glass Studio on Cape Cod. He forged his first GIANT, the Glassblower, as a Holiday celebration to brighten the night with hundreds of colored lights that accentuate the sculpture and make it come alive.

The Crow at Crow Farm
Since this first GIANT in 1998, the family has grown both numerically and structurally. Individuals and businesses approached Michael to design and build GIANTs that highlighted their interests or identified their business. The unique creations range from the almost literal representations, like the CROW at Crow Farms and HONEY BEES at the Bee-Hive Tavern on Route 6A, to the whimsical OLD MAN WINTER attached to the top of The Weather Store on Main Street.

The Waiter at Momo's Food Emporium
Today, throughout the holiday season, over 40 GIANTs, all larger and brighter than the first GLASSBLOWER, will twinkle after sunset
along Route 6A and on the streets of the village. 

Come stay with us at our Sandwich bed and breakfast and you can look out the window to see the beautiful DOLPHIN CANDLESTICK in front of our neighbor, the Sandwich Glass Museum. We’ll give you a map locating all the GIANTs, many of which are just a stroll away in the village.

Sandwich Village has always been a special place at the holidays and the GIANTs are a great new tradition. If you decide to escape to Cape Cod for the holidays, we hope to see you.

Visit Living History in Sandwich Village 23 Sep 2014, 11:04 am

Sandwich Village is brimming with history. The house that is now our bed and breakfast, built in 1750, is now 264 years old. It is a little younger than the Town, but has stood watch over much of the history we have celebrated during this 375 Anniversary year.

Sandwich is the oldest town on Cape Cod and we tell our guest that it took the Pilgrims, who settled Plymouth in 1620, only 19 years to travel the 20 or so miles between the two towns. I know tourist crossing the Sagamore Bridge on a Friday night in the summer complain about how slow it can be on Route 3, but it is obviously much faster than the 1630’s modes of transportation. 

Put and Peggy Brodsky

Sandwich proudly wears its history. A stroll around the Village gives a flowing documentation of the history of the growth of the town over the centuries. Our house and many of our neighbors have a white oval Historical Marker created by the Sandwich Historical Commission. The Marker identifies the original owner or builder of the house and the year built. All historic homes in Sandwich Village were invited to participate in the Marker program and most have. In our case, the Marker shows  Jonathon Bassett as the builder and original owner, and  the year 1750. Put and Peggy Brodsky are shown in this photo holding our historic marker. Peggy is the daughter of Robert and Margaret Morse who were the second family to own 118 Tupper Road which they purchased in 1929. We have been blessed to have them as quests at our inn many times. They have been the source of much of the historic information we have about the house.

A short walk up Grove Street, you will find the Sturgis House 1639, the oldest house still standing. Our other immediate neighbors include John Pope 1699 and the Newcome Tavern 1703. A keen eye will note common family names of the builders/owners, including many markers around town bearing the names of different members of the Bassett and Pope Families.

Our Inn was listed on the National Registry of Historic Places by the US Department of the Interior in 1975, as were the historic houses and buildings around the original center of the village at the bottom of Shawme Pond. This area was defined as the Town Hall Historic District.

Recently, other subsections of Sandwich have gained similar recognition of their historical significance and have also been defined as separate historic districts. The new Jarvesville Historic District is a mainly residents built for workers at the Boston and Sandwich Glass Factory between 1825 and 1860 when Sandwich was considered the center of pressed glass production. Also, the new Spring Hill Historic District down Route 6A is a rural and residential area reflecting the area's long farming history and includes the Wing Fort House, one of the oldest wood frame houses in North America and the site of the first Quaker meeting in the New World. It is also notable for its cranberry bogs, some of which have been actively cultivated since the 19th century. New signs around town designate the boundaries of these contiguous designated national historic districts.  

Come stay with us and we’ll share with you all the wonderful history of Sandwich.  Even if you missed the celebrate of the first 375 years of this great history, Sandwich will be showing off its historic past for many years to come. We are looking forward to the celebration of the next milestone, the big 4-0-0.

Cape Cod Coffee Time at Our Inn 13 Aug 2014, 10:46 am

Every year we look for new ways to improve the experience for guest at our Cape Cod bed and breakfast. This year our guests have been raving about the new coffee we serve from the Cape Cod Coffee Roasters in Mashpee, MA.

We discovered this great coffee last year before we went south for the winter. A guest graciously invited us to the grand opening of his restaurant, the Blue Plate Special in Barnstable. At the opening, Molly MacGregor, the owner of the Roasters, was doing a coffee tasting. We had the chance to try a variety of her coffees, but just a small sample of the 40+ coffee bean choices from 12+ countries that are available from them. 
Photo by Elyssa Cohen

When we returned from Florida, Molly brought us samples of a wonderful blend of Central and South American coffees to share with our guest. They loved it, and now daily we serve the fresh brewed Sunrise Blend and the decaffeinated Sunset Blend.

The key to the success of the coffee is its freshness. Every Monday, Molly calls for my order and the beans are then blended, roasted, ground, and packaged for delivery on Tuesday. It can’t get much fresher than that. In the past we bought roasted beans and ground them our selves, but there was no way of telling how old the beans were, how long ago they were roasted, or how long they had been on the shelf. The freshness makes all the difference in the world. 

Cape Cod Coffee Roasters is a great story beyond the quality of the coffee. It was started in 1970 by Demos Young, whose family had been in the coffee roasting business on the north shore of Massachusetts since 1914. In 1987, he built the first coffee roasting facility on Cape Cod. The state-of the-art roasting facility is located at 348 Main Street just cross the town line in Mashpee. Some of our guests have stopped by there on their travels around the Cape to purchase coffee to take home with them.

They offer tours of the Roastery year-round every Thursday at 11:00 AM and in the summer also on Tuesday at 11:00 AM., another fun thing to do on a rainy day. 

Another nice thing about buying coffee for our inn from Cape Cod Coffee Roasters is that we are supporting another local business. At our Inn, we like to buy local to obtain the freshest and highest quality products available. Come and stay with us at our Sandwich Inn and try the coffee with free refills all day long.

Fresh Produce at Sandwich's Crow Farm 6 Jul 2014, 10:37 am

 Nestled in the natural beauty of Scenic Route 6A is Crow Farm. The forty-acre farm is locally owned and is currently operated by three generations of Crowell's. Since 1916, the farm has been growing and selling fruits, vegetables, flowers, bedding plants, hanging baskets, and herbs. Also available are local honey, jams and jellies, pies and fruit breads.
It is such a treat to be able to purchase herbs for my garden in the early spring and seasonal fresh veggies as they are harvested throughout the growing season to use in our breakfast recipes. Their beautiful cucumbers are one of my favorite things, and I am really happy when I catch the freshly harvested strawberries and lettuce in the spring and early summer. And, their bunches of fresh basil are divinely fragrant.

To see the variety of vegetables being grown and to learn what is being harvested at different times, you can check the harvest calendar on their website. The also have a page with wonderful recipes using their harvest.
My recent purchase from Crow Farm

Crow Farm is one of the only farms on Cape Cod to grow their own apples, peaches, and sweet corn and provide them for sale to local visitors. They grow thirteen varieties of apples and Crow Farm Corn is a local favorite.

The farm stand is open from May until just before Christmas. In the early winter months, after all the beautiful summer and fall produce is done, beautiful Christmas wreathes and trees are available for the holidays. Pies, breads, local honey, and jams and jellies are also available and make wonderful gifts for the holidays and for holiday celebrations.

This small farm may have had humble beginnings, but today it is a thriving and vital part of  historic Sandwich Village. For residents, visiting the farm stand at Crow Farm is one of the great pleasures of living in small town America.

2014 is Cape Cod Canal's Centenial Celebration 9 Jun 2014, 12:39 pm

As we gear up for a very busy 2014 summer season, we try to take a little time for ourselves each day-- our window of opportunity is between guest check out at 11:00 AM and check in at 3:00 PM. This week the weather was great and we sneaked off to sit by the Cape Cod Canal. We keep our bagged camp chairs in the SUV at all times to be ready for an instant escape. We got a little sun while enjoying pleasant gusts of salt scented air off the water while sitting next to the Sandwich end of the Canal by the Canal Visitor Center.

Sunset on Cape Cod Canal
The Canal is celebrating its 100th  anniversary this year with loads of scheduled events and a large ceremony that includes fireworks off the Railroad Bridge on July 29, 2014. For us the Canal is special for the relaxation we get from our respites away from the Inn by the calming waters.  But the Canal is special for a lot of other reasons which are being celebrated this year. 

Did you know that the Cape Cod Canal....

-- was first proposed by Miles Standish in 1623…..
-- opened on July 29, 1914….
-- was formed by connecting the Monument and Scusset Rivers….
-- made the peninsula of Cape Cod an island….
--  is 480 feet wide, 32 feet deep and 17 miles long….
-- is the widest sea-level canal without locks in the world….
-- connects the Buzzards Bay and Cape Cod Bay….
-- has 20,000 ships a year pass through it…..
-- bridges, the Sagamore and the Bourne, were built in the 1930s as public works projects…..
-- bridges today carry 35 million cars a year on and off Cape Cod….

You can learn more facts about the canal by visiting the wonderful Cape Cod Visitor Center, a fun museum with interactive displays maintained by the US Army Corp of Engineers. A full schedule of the Canal’s Centennial events can be found on the website. Come stay with us at our Cape Cod Bed and Breakfast and enjoy some of the events celebrating the 100th birthday of the Cape Cod Canal.

Written by Charlie Preus, Innkeeper's Assistant and Wine Steward

Sandwich, MA Turns 375 in 2014 1 Jun 2014, 6:09 pm

The old girl is having a big birthday and the cake would be a sight! Can you imagine a cake large enough to support 375 candles. Whoa! If that were possible, we would probably give it a try. That being unrealistic, many fun events are planned to celebrate the 375th Anniversary of date the Town of Sandwich was incorporated. This is also the 100th Anniversary of the opening of the Cape Cod Canal, but that's another blog. Bottom line is, we have a lot to celebrate in 2014.

Old Town Burial Ground
Sandwich is the oldest town on Cape Cod and, we locals think, the most quaint of the many villages and towns here. The oldest home on the Cape, the Hoxie House, is also here in our lovely village. The richness of the history is evident in the architecture of the homes and other structures and historic sites throughout the village. The entire village has been declared a historic district and is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. The heritage of our country lives on every block and along every street and pathway. A walk through the Old Town Burial Ground is an education in the lives of the families who founded and grew the town.

Volumes have been written about Sandwich's history and anyone interested can visit the Town Archives for historical information. The purpose of this blog is to let readers know what is going on in celebration of this auspicious occasion.

Planned events are occurring throughout the year with concerts and a speakers series. There will be musical events, art shows, theatre performances, festivals, and parades. Many of these activities are free and are for the entire family to enjoy. A full list of events can be found on the 375th Anniversary website.

The "Talk of the Town" speakers series began in February at the Sandwich Glass Museum's Hirschmann Theater. This series runs throughout the year and a complete list of speakers, topics, and information is on the website.

The BASH (Bring Alive Sandwich History) series will feature separate events celebrating the 1600's, 1700s, 1800's, and 1900's with re-enactments and other activities highlighting Sandwich's participation in historical events of those eras.

A juried Arts & Crafts shows featuring a lot of local talent will be held on the grounds of the Sandwich Public Library on Saturday throughout the summer.

In June, the celebration continues with "Heritage Days" on June 14th and 15th. The festivities open with the "March of the Descendants."  Descendants of the original families of Sandwich will be heralded by church bells, songs, and proclamations in honor of the contribution made by these early settlers. The two-day event will include a town picnic, a cupcake competition, music, and games.

On June 15th, Heritage Museums & Gardens will celebrate the 375th Anniversary of Sandwich with music performances at the Outdoor Concert Stage, a decade's dance party, and games past and present throughout the grounds. Sandwich residents will receive free admission with proof of residency.

The "1700 Bash" is being held on June 21st, and will feature a Minutemen Encampment, horse-drawn carriage rides around the village, and a theatrical performance on the historic Town Hall stage entitled "The Body of the People" telling the story of the Tories and the Patriots.

June wraps up with the SandwichFest on June 28th. This event annual event is one of the most popular held in Sandwich. Attendees have the opportunity to taste and vote for the "Best Sandwich in Sandwich" and enjoy a street fair, and musical performances.

With July comes warmer weather, bigger celebrations, and lots of excitement in the village and along the waterfront. On July 19th, there will be a Civil War re-enactment that portrays the involvement of Company D of the 29th Massachusetts Volunteers at Camp Chipman. The festivities include a Soldiers and Sailors March and a re-enactment of the 1861 ceremony sending the first military unit from Cape Cod of to fight the Civil War. There will be food, a quilt show, burial grounds tours, and horse-drawn wagon rides around the village.

July 26th is SeaFest! Attend an old-fashioned clambake down on the Cape Cod Canal with music and dancing afterward. This day-long event will include the Parade of Lights on the Canal, shanty music, a chance to tour ships that will be docked on the Sandwich Marina and much more.

Sandwich Village will be hotter than ever in August when the Water Street Wing Fling takes place on August 2nd and 3rd. There will be hot air balloon rides, a classic car show, kayak races, a food garden, and musical performances.

On August 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, one of the most exciting and unusual events ever to take place in Sandwich will be conducted by PaintScaping. This extraordinary group of talented folks use 3-D light projection to transform architectural structures into animated art. They will transform the First Church on Main Street in Sandwich into something spectacular right before your eyes. This is really a once-in-a-live-time opportunity.

August 23rd brings the 1900's Bash with a "Cavalcade of Classic Cars" from each decade of the century, walking tours of the village, a concert, and a block party on Jarves Street.
in Sandwich. Attendees have the opportunity to taste and vote for the "Best Sandwich in Sandwich" and enjoy a street fair, and musical performances.

The featured event for the month of September will be the "Grand Parade" to take place on the 13th that will celebrate the 375th Anniversary. October will feature "Ye Olde Spirits of Sandwich Masquerade Ball" on the 24th along with a witch parade, a scarecrow contest, and graveyard tours - all in the spirit of the Halloween season.

These are just a few of the planed events that celebrate Sandwich's bountiful heritage. There are many others focusing on the 100th Anniversary of the opening of the Cape Cod Canal. All of these events are in addition to the usual summer activities in the village. We hope you will choose this year to come for a visit. Our Cape Cod bed and breakfast inn is the perfect place to stay. It is located in the heart of historic Town Hall Square and within walking distance to many of these activities.

We have some very affordable packages that will make your visit an enjoyable one. Just give us a call or book online. We hope to see  you in 2014.

Summer 2014 Magazine Features Sandwich, MA 27 May 2014, 12:11 pm

We are so excited that style icon Matthew Mead's new magazine is out. Not only is it beautiful, as they all are, but this Spring & Summer, 2014 edition features our lovely Cape Cod village of Sandwich, MA.

We have been fortunate to have Matthew and wife Jennifer as guests at our inn and are very fond of them both. We could not be more pleased when he decided to transform our second floor deck and include photos in this magazine entitled Backyard Style. Other Sandwich businesses featured in this issue are The Brown Jug, The Spotted Cod owner Lee Repetto, and antique dealer Ellen Park.

Photo of our deck by Matthew Mead
This issue is about backyard inspiration and no one does this better than Matthew. His style and creative talent are in evidence on every page. The photos are spectacular and the ideas about backyard entertainment and enjoyment will show you ways to enhance your own summer experience.

One of my favorite parts of all of Matthew's maggies is the food and recipes. Each issue includes great ideas for enhancing your food experience. As a born and reared southerner, my personal favorite in this issue would be the biscuits with grilled peaches. I also love cherries and cannot wait to try my hand at the Cherry Torte.

This beautiful magazine can be purchased online at Amazon and here in Sandwich at the Spotted Cod and The Brown Jug. You can find out more information about Matthew on Matthew Mead Style. Follow Matthew's blog for tons of ideas and inspiration for enhancing every day of your life. You will find directions and templates to help. You are bound to become a fan.

History Buffs Will Enjoy 375th Anniversary Speakers Series 30 Apr 2014, 12:22 pm

As part of the year-long celebration of the 375th Anniversary of the founding of Sandwich, the Sandwich Glass Museum is sponsoring the "Talk of the Town" speakers series. The free events will be held once a month throughout 2014 in the Hirshmann Theater at the glass museum and topics will cover a wide range of subjects. This series will be informative and entertaining whether you live here or are visiting Cape Cod.

At the February presentation, Jim Coogan spoke about how the residents of Sandwich experienced the War of 1812 and its affect on Cape Cod, Nantucket, and Martha's Vineyard in the years following the war.

The March subject presented by Samantha Gray had to be rescheduled to April 3rd due to bad weather. Her topic was the engineering and construction of the Cape Cod Canal. She spoke about the struggle to build and maintain this engineering marvel as we celebrate its' 100th birthday.

On April 30th, the architecture of Cape Cod, its' evolution, and what it tells up about the history of our region is being presented by Sarah Korjeff. Upcoming presentations will be on March 28, June 25, July 23, September 24, October 29, November 19, and December 3, 2014.

The May presentation will be "Herb Gardens during the Puritan and Colonial Period". Carolyn McMorrow, prior owner of three successful restaurants, will discuss heirloom herbs with a focus on gardening, cooking, and baking.

In June, Bill Daley will discuss the impact of the American Civil War on this small town. Sandwich was the first town on the Cape to have a military unit in this war. More men from Sandwich served and died in this war than any other Cape Cod town.

On July 23rd,  storyteller Joan Gatturna will bring to life the true adventures of Johanna Sears in "Petticoats at Sea". It is based on little-known stories of daughters of New England families who faced the perils of being at sea.

In September, attendees will be treated to a presentation by author Michael Tougias, who has written 19 well researched books about rescues at sea. One of these was The finest Hour about the United States Coast Guard's most daring sea rescue. "Daring Rescues along the New England Coast" will captivate with stories of tragedy and bravery.

Well-known Sandwich historical figure Thornton Waldo Burgess will be the topic for October's Old Mother West Wind, in 1910. By the end of his career, he had written 170 books and thousands of stories for newspapers. "Thornton Burgess" will be terrific entertainment for the whole family.
event. Actor David Hobbs will bring this character to life on the stage of the Hirschmann Theater. This most famous author with Sandwich roots wrote his first book,

November 19, 2014 brings "An Overview of American Folk Art" which will be presented by Beth Friend. Ms Friend will discuss American folk art from 1776 through 1850 and how artists' works reflected the antebellum society in which they lived.

The "Talk Of The Town" speakers series will wrap up on December 3rd, 2014 with the presentation "Legends and Traditions of the Christmas Season" with speaker Henry F. Callan. This begins a two-week celebration of the holidays with "Holly Days in Sandwich" and Mt. Callan will discuss the pagan, secular, and Christian elements of this special season.

This wonderful series of presentations is free but seating is limited. All events are being held in the Hirschmann Theater inside the Sandwich Glass Museum. The doors open at 6:30 pm and the programs begin at 7:00 pm sharp. You can pick up tickets in advance as long as they are available. If you are interested in a particular subject, you are advised to do so. More information is available at the Sandwich Glass Museum at 508-888-0251 and at Sandwich 375.