Brass Lantern Inn

11 North Water Street, Nantucket, Massachusetts 02554

Nantucket’s Newest Theatre – the White Heron 14 Jul 2014, 9:43 am

The White Heron Theatre is just two doors down from the Brass Lantern – in a white tent on the corner of North Water Street and Whaler’s Lane. This is the second – and last – summer  that the tent is in place as the White Heron’s plans to build a theatre on the site are underway.

The White Heron Theatre Company performs ‘in repertory’, rather than doing single plays in sequence. According to the Encyclopedia Brittanica, repertory theatre is a “system of play production in which a resident acting company keeps a repertory of plays that are always ready for performance, often presenting a different one each night of the week, supplemented by the preparation and rehearsal of new plays”. In their tent for the second summer, the White Heron Theatre Company is presenting a schedule of four plays in repertory through September 14.

The stage set for Miracle on South Division Street

We recently enjoyed “Miracle on South Division Street” by Tom Dudzick – a charming and thoughtful comedy set in Buffalo NY in the very Catholic Nowak household. From their promo – “As family legend begins to unravel, we see the hilarious consequences of believing everything is true that you were told when you were a kid.” The set was a 1960s style kitchen, and one that many in the audience could recall from their childhoods!

The play was spirited, the actors professional, the theatre seats quite comfortable and only occasional outside noise from a passing car on the cobbles or a plane overhead reminded us that, in this case, the theatre was a tent.

There is a full schedule of entertainment through the summer – the three other plays on the schedule are Family Furniture by A. R Gurney, The Vandal by Hannah Linklater and Small World by Frederick Stroppel. An evening with the White Heron Theatre Company while you are on Nantucket is ‘just the ticket’!