Garden Gables Inn

135 Main Street, Lenox, Massachusetts 01240
Innkeeper(s): John Vittori, Liz Vitalie
  • Guests say our breakfasts are a highlight of their stay!

    Guests say our breakfasts are a highlight of their stay!

  • Cottage Room 17 - fireplace, cathedral ceilings

    Cottage Room 17 - fireplace, cathedral ceilings

  • Suite 10 sitting area, fireplace, private porch, foyer

    Suite 10 sitting area, fireplace, private porch, foyer

  • Room 4 with wood burning fireplace

    Room 4 with wood burning fireplace

  • Room 14, fireplace, private balcony

    Room 14, fireplace, private balcony

  • Room 15 with fireplace and private balcony

    Room 15 with fireplace and private balcony

  • Lenox Petit Spa at The Garden Gables Inn

    Lenox Petit Spa at The Garden Gables Inn

  • Suite 12 sitting area with fireplace, master with queen bed and 2nd with two twins.

    Suite 12 sitting area with fireplace, master with queen bed and 2nd with two twins.

  • Library with fireplace, piano, dining table

    Library with fireplace, piano, dining table


Spring is Glorious in the Berkshires 29 Apr 2010, 8:16 am

Spring is in full bloom in the Berkshires! What a colorful and aromatic treat for the senses! The tulips, daffs, forsynthia, azaleas and magnolias are putting on a spectacular show!

The warm weather bounty has caused early blossoms on the apple trees at Hilltop Orchards. Keep your fingers crossed for continued warm weather and no frost!

We are in the process of planning our organic herb and vegetable garden at Garden Gables. We’ll be cultivating the soil soon and planting our first crop.
We’ll be picking fresh edible flowers and herbs/vegetables for your breakfast and dinners.

All the area venues and restaurants are holding open houses and receptions. We’ll attend as many as we can so we can keep you better informed on all the Berkshire County offerings this season.

We’ll also look forward to telling you all about the lecture and artist reception series we began this winter. Tanglewood expert Andrew Pincus was our first lecturer, and J.D. Logan, our first artist. Just last week we had a fabulous weekend featuring a Cooking Demo followed by a four-course Dinner by Chef Michael Garnero, esteemed instructor from the Culinary Institute of America.

You’ll also find some pleasant surprises at the Inn on your return, so

Till then,
Warmest regards,

First Snowfall at Garden Gables Inn - Dec. 5, 2009 8 Dec 2009, 1:03 pm

Its a Winter Wonderland!

All our best wishes to one and all for a wonderful Holiday Season and a Happy and Healthy New Year!

It doesn’t get any better than this, Fall in the Berkshires!! 6 Oct 2009, 9:48 am

But before I go on about the wonders of this season and our enthusiasm for all we have planned for the winter, my husband John and I want to first extend a heart-felt thank you to all the repeat and new guests of Garden Gables Inn who made us feel so welcome. We feel we have made some wonderful friends this summer and look forward to all of you returning.

There was definitely music in the air this summer! The Inn was filled with tales of lovely evenings at Tanglewood, Shakespeare Theatre, and all our other exciting area venues. Our chef, Bob Luhmann, outdid himself with dinners, even causing one former Washingtonian Magazine food critic to note, “This is the best meal I have had in the Berkshires in over twenty-five years!!”

Truth be told, we didn’t have the best weather this summer, but our guests were not to be deterred…they hiked, picnicked, shopped and dined, and even went swimming in our outdoor pool!

The Fall season is starting off beautifully with sunny days and cool evenings. The crimson, red and yellow leaves shimmer in the sunlight. John Vittori and family are experiencing their busiest season ever. The apples are crisp and delicious, and guests are enjoying the hiking trails, apple picking, hay rides and, of course, the complimentary wine tasting. Did I forget to mention the cider donuts and delectable pies? Thank goodness for the hiking trails to work off some of those calories!

Trails are being worked on now for the winter cross-country skiing. Snow-shoeing will also be available. John and I can’t wait!

And, last but not least, we hope you will consider joining us for our New Year’s Weekend Gala Celebration! It promises to be our best one ever. Settle in with us for a weekend filled with all the warmth and ambience that our lovely Inn can provide. Surround yourself with laughter and good cheer, close friends, amazingly good food, and the warmth and gratitude of the Roethel and Vittori families!

Till then, be well, and please drop us a line!

Warmest Regards,
Peggy and John

Welcome our new innkeepers... 9 Jul 2009, 9:35 am

Readers of this blog know that Brande and Dan Neyhard were our innkeepers over the slower winter/spring months. They made some nice contributions while they were here (we'll miss Brande's biscotti and her enthusiasm for continuing with our green initiatives).

We are thrilled to announce that Peggy & John Roethel have recently joined us as resident innkeepers and are in full swing with the influx of summer guests. They have impressive credentials in the hospitality industry, having provided high levels of service and accommodation to renowned chefs, authors, award-winning musicians, stage and film stars and members of the Royal Family of Monaco. They are excellent cooks, wine enthusiasts and experts in planning extraordinary weddings and receptions. They were most recently managers at the Lighthouse Bay Resort in Barbuda and prior to that at Ivivi Lake & Mountain Lodge in Lake Lure, N.C. and Sweetwater Farm Bed & Breakfast in Glen Mills, Pa. From 1991-1998, the couple owned and managed The Spooner House Bed and Breakfast, a historic 18th century property in Fredericksburg, Va.

I have enjoyed introducing Peggy and John to our wonderful summer guests. You can contact them by phone at 888-243-0193 or by email at Look for future posts from them...

Warm regards,
John Vittori & family

Adieu, Adieu, Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow! 9 Jun 2009, 6:19 am

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Dan and I will soon be leaving our position as the Innkeepers here at The Garden Gables Inn. While we wish we could stay here forever, immersed in the magic of The Berkshires and this beautiful Inn, we have decided to move back home and spend more time with our families.

Thank you so much to everyone who took a moment out of their day to read my silly ramblings and stories. Thank you everyone who stayed here and helped make it such a great place. Thank you to everyone who had such kind words about Dan and I and the Inn, and voiced them either in person, or on Trip Advisor, or in emails. Thank you so much for making this the experience that it has been!

While I'm sad to leave my little blog, I'm very pleased with all the positive comments that I have received from you, my readers, and that there are plans for the Innkeepers Blog to continue. There will be a whole new set of ramblings and discoveries and recommendations that I think you're going to love.

Again, thank you so much readers, guests, and friends. It's been a great ride!

With Much, Much Love,
~Brande N.

Let's Get Crackin' 7 Jun 2009, 6:10 am

I've mentioned before that Dan and I were on the quest for local and organic meats and animal products like eggs, cheese and yogurt. While we've struck out so far on meats and cheeses, but hit gold with Sidehill Farm's yogurt. Now, we've struck gold again with Pete & Gerry's organic eggs.

I am thrilled to pieces to eat these eggs. In fact, I've eaten perhaps a few too many for my own good! They taste great, they're versatile, they're affordable, and they're good for people and the environment. What's not to love? What's else could possibly make them better?


With (hungry) Love,
~Brande N.

Delicious looking soft-boiled egg photo credit goes to: Askliu via Flickr.

It's Full at Last! 5 Jun 2009, 10:05 am

Finally the pool is sandblasted, mended, painted, dried, and full! We're in the process of filtering and chlorinating it now. In just a few short days it will be ready for swimmers. Whew!

I can't wait to be able to take advantage of it!

With Love,
~Brande N.

Thank You! 3 Jun 2009, 5:02 am

Lately both my laptop and my camera have been incredibly cantankerous and uncooperative, which explains the lack of posts. However, I would like to take a moment to announce the following:

We're #1 on TripAdvisor!

Woo-hoo! What a great way to start the morning!

With very excited love, especially to everyone who is kind enough to take the time to review us,
~Brande N.

PS: If you'd like to see the rating live (and not squished into a screenshot) click here.

Swelter, Shiver, Smile 28 May 2009, 7:47 am

Do you remember awhile back when I wrote a post about the snow in my hometown? Well, I was browsing Flickr today, looking at pictures of said hometown, when I stumbled on this:

And this:
And this:
(just for clarity's sake: that's a Jeep under there...)

You might ask me why am I showing you a picture of snow today? Why am I showing you a picture of snow on on this lovely day in May? Why would I bring up cold, wet, windy, yucky winter on such a beautiful spring day?

The answer is because it's hot out, and looking at snow makes me shiver. It's like mental air conditioning.

Really, give it a try! Take a look at one of the pictures, close your eyes, and picture standing where the photographer is.


There, don't you feel better?

With Love,
~Brande N.

PS: My apologies to any readers who may be visiting from Siberia, Alaska, Iceland, or anywhere that is currently experiencing a cold front. Look away, look away!

Spring in the Berkshires 25 May 2009, 5:28 am

I know I've been gabbing a lot about summer coming up, but truthfully I'm getting way ahead of myself. It's still spring! Why jump ahead when there are all kinds of lovely springy things around me to enjoy?

While pondering on this fact, I was browsing the Pleasant Valley Wildlife Sanctuary website and I noticed that they're hosting the sanctuary's 80th Anniversary celebration on June 6th. My first thought was, "Holy Tulips! That sanctuary has been around for 80 years!?" Then I continued reading and realized what a great event it is.

The celebration (which is FREE!) will feature musicians, food, native plants for sale (Scarlet Bee Balm, anyone?), live birds of prey, and guided walks. The 1,314 acre sanctuary also offers picnicing, which makes me start dreaming of fancy cheeses, fresh baked breads, wine, and picnic blankets. Mmmm!

That same weekend Hilltop Orchards is hosting their 7th Annual Apple Blossom Bash. There will be hors d'oeuvres, live music, hiking, wine tastings, and as the name implies, the apple trees will be in full bloom.

Very much like this.

Forgive me for being a silly romantic, but how sweet would it be to have a wedding proposal on a sunny spring day in the middle of an apple orchard in full bloom? It's no wonder so many people get married in June, Mother Nature sets the romance up for them!

If you'd like more information on Pleasant Valley's 80th Anniversary bash, give them a call at (413) 637-0320. And for more information on the Apple Blossom Bash, feel free to call us at the Inn [(413)637-0193] or at Hilltop Orchards at (800)833-6274.

Hope to see you this spring!

With Love,
~Brande N.

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