Yellow Turtle Inn

111 S Springdale Avenue, New Windsor, Maryland 21776
Innkeeper(s): Joan Bradford
  • Introduction

    Yellow Turtle Inn front of inn

    Sitting on three acres of rolling country landscape in New Windsor, Maryland. Yellow Turtle Inn is the perfect picture of beauty and serenityThe main parlors come alive with conversational pieces, pastoral views and a romantic ambiance.

    Discover our Nature Friendly Seven Circuit Labyrinth as a meditative walk while you experience tranquility and perhaps begin your own walk to Inner Peace.

    My guests keep coming back since I opened July 3,1998. What I hear from my lovely guests is "I feel the love that has been put into every detail of this delightful Inn."

  • Insider's Info

    Travelers are always looking for memorable and relaxing experiences. Let’s discover more through the words of our innkeepers. Many thanks to Joan for sharing her own secrets with!
    Why do most travelers stay at your inn?

    I am more often than not the destination. People stay here for Romantic Visits, Reunions, Half Way meetings (I am halfway between most sites), business, long term stays from visiting nurses/teachers/relationship changes, Weddings, and showers.

    What are you best known for?

    Warm caring atmosphere, Angels, Romantic weekends, historical building 1840.

    What makes your inn unique?

    The Yellow Turtle Inn is capable of handling so many different requests for the use of its space.

    What do you love most about your inn?

    The Turtle has a charm all of it's own, just like it's owner - me.

    If someone has never been to your city, what is the #1 reason to come visit?

    The Yellow Turtle Inn

    What’s the best compliment you have ever received about the inn?

    I have a basket full of compliments that guests have left for me. I keep the guests letters in drawers in the rooms because I have so many of them. They feel like they have been watched over by the Angels.

    What’s the best kept secret about the area?

    I have to admit that the Yellow Turtle Inn is the best kept secret.

    If a traveler is staying at your inn for 4 nights, what should he/she do in the area?

    This would depend on the season. I have links on my site.

    Is there anything within walking distance of your inn?

    The quaint town of New Windsor with its bell towers architecture.

    What is your favorite restaurant/food in the area?

    I provide a whole list of restaurants in every room for the guests to select from. I love Italian food but I always ask the guest what kind of food they like before I recommend.

    Any good area guides/websites that travelers could reference?

    I have links on my website to many things to see and do.

    How many rooms does your inn have?

    We have 8 rooms.

    Do you accept pets?

    We accept pets on a case by case request.


  • About Our Inn

    Yellow Turtle Inn outdoorsFor those who are used to seeing yards perfect and manicured, you may ask why I have chosen to let Mother Nature recapture a corner of her earth here at the Yellow Turtle Inn. I have watched subdivisions spring up right behind me and seen animals hungry because we humans have stolen what was originally theirs.

    I purposefully let the berries, nuts, bushes and trees grow to create a safe haven for the birds, bees and animals and send oxygen back into the planet. Lawns are not fertilized with chemicals to pollute the streams and our drinking water.

    Because “civilization” sprung up around the Inn, I chose to create a safe haven for those wishing to meditate without watching the neighbors. I know it is a foreign concept for those being used to a Holiday Inn atmosphere.

    Yellow Turtle Inn flowers

    Nature! It is the Inn thing now! Without it, you and I will die! So I invite you to take delight in a natural surrounds. See how many berries you can find. Can you find the hawks and their nests? Have you ever seen a squirrel’s nest? And the ground hogs, mother natures irrigation are the clowns and us the fools for getting rid of them. They burrow holes so that the huge trees can be watered deep and not have the water run off after a huge storm.

    God really did have a plan for each animal. We just somehow got screwed up when we humans started to think we were God and landscaped and paved everything out of existence. I invite you to give a small part of your yard back to nature.

  • Brunch Options

    Yellow Turtle Inn dining room

    Join us for a complimentary Brunch in Dining Room at 10:00 AM. Or out Intimate Catered breakfast in your Room at 10:00 AM. Enjoy a bottle of complimentary champagne that will be delivered with your breakfast for $35.

    Breakfast for Early Risers

    We can have breakfast waiting for you in your refrigerator with fresh fruit, cereal, milk, yogurt and danish so that you may eat at your convenience

    Some of my guests prefer privacy. If you would like to enjoy a quiet table away from others, please let me know.

  • About Our Accommodations

    Yellow Turtle Inn couch

    On the first floor as you enter you will discover two parlors  Ian's Courting Parlor and Joseph's Social Room which are divided by pocket doors. The rooms are all romantically and Victorian eclectically decorated with vintage furnishings. We have two whirlpool suites and all eight rooms have private baths.

    Across the hall you will find Celest's Dining Room and Olivia's Tea Room with the tables set ready for serving scrumptious brunches. In the Dining Room I put out refreshments in the afternoon for you to nibble on. I have Tea set out everywhere.

    The guest rooms have refrigerators for you to store food or chill your own bottle of fine wine. We have tried to think of everything so all you have to do is remember your toothbrush. Woops! We have that too if you forget.

    If you are wondering where all those names came from, well I lead an interesting life and those are all my Angels' names! If you are still curious, you will have to come here and talk to me in person! Much of my property is left natural to allow nature to survive. I never promise perfection as we humans are never perfect. I just do everything with love. Complimentary Brunch is included with all rooms. 

  • Intimate Garden Weddings, Receptions, Bridal & Baby Showers

    Yellow Turtle Inn wedding guests

    Nestled on three beautiful rolling acres. The Yellow Turtle Inn is a lovely manor welcoming your guests to a Tranquil, Unique Setting for an intimate personally styled wedding for 2 to 75. We take time to listen to you.

    As we wander together in our minds, we will plan a ceremony and gathering that will be comfortable for you and your guests.

    We offer a Total Wedding Experience

    • Wedding Showers
    • Rehearsal Dinners
    • Bridal Dressing Area
    • Couples Massage
    • Guest Overnight Accommodations in creatively decorated rooms with private baths or whirlpools
    • Brunch for your overnight guests
    • Brunch available for friends of guests the following morning

    Yellow Turtle Inn weddings

    Intimate Gazebo Garden

    The Gazebo is beautifully placed in Our Garden. This setting is perfect to exchange the language of your heart.

    There are a number of locations on the grounds for even more intimate ceremonies.

    Lovely Glass Enclosed Air Conditioned Garden Room

    Our Glass Enclosed Reception Garden Room is a magical backdrop with sounds of fountains, music and warmly enhanced with twinkle lights.

    I can accommodate from 2 to 75 people.

    Yellow Turtle Inn silverware

    Over Night Accommodation

    Whirlpool Suites available to celebrate your first wedded night. As a thank you gift, if you book within two weeks of our first meeting a whirlpool suite will be given to you complimentary for your "First Night".

    You have the Inn for 6 hours. Two hours before your ceremony for you to get ready and take pictures. Then 4 hours for your ceremony and reception.

    If you choose to have a rehearsal dinner at the Inn, you will receive additional decorating time the day before your wedding.

    Yellow Turtle Inn wedding cake

    Tour Appointments Welcomed

    • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday -Noon to 8PM
    • Please call between 10 AM and 8 PM
    • Better yet email me at anytime

    Please tell me how many people you are planning to invite and the date you hope to celebrate your wedding.

    Walk with me as we plan your simple but elegant intimate wedding at the Yellow Turtle Inn. I specialize in Garden weddings for 2 to 75 people. Gracing the grounds is a lovely Gazebo Garden for your ceremony and a Glassed in Garden Room for your reception.

    A beautiful mansion with a wrap around porch greets your guests as they arrive for your wedding. I can accommodate your bridal shower, rehearsal dinner as well as your first night following the wedding. It is elegant simplicity at her best. If you book within two weeks of our first meeting, I will give you a whirlpool suite complimentary for your first night following your reception.

  • We Host Private Parties

    Yellow Turtle Inn dining area

    The Glassed in Garden Room and Patio welcome your guests to a unique space that makes your guests feel truly welcomed. Guests relax and enjoy the surroundings so much that they wish they could stay forever! This Garden Room is so versatile, just ask and we can create your inspirations. Inside the Manor you may hostess an elegant party.

    Tell me what you want to do and we can work together to make it happen. You may hire a caterer or provide your own food. Your guests are invited to come into the stately Victorian Manor or just sit on our wraparound sitting porch. Many love to stroll arm in arm about the 3 acres filled with large trees and natural gardens.

    We Graciously Host

    • Showers
    • Parties
    • Rehearsal Dinners
    • Ceremonies and Receptions
    • Honeymoons
    • Romantic Getaways
    • Old Fashioned Christmas (Rent the whole Inn for Christmas or Thanksgiving)
    • Personal Retreats
    • Group Retreats
    • Reunions
    • Graduation Parties
    • Baby & Wedding Showers

    Garden Room Facility Rental

    • For Parties other than weddings

    For Showers

    All events are allowed at least 2 hours before your party to set up and 1 hour following your fun to clean up

    • $199 for the first three hours
    • $65 for each additional hour
  • Extended Stay

    Yellow Turtle Inn patio

    We recognize that some times you might need a roof over your head for work, personal life changes or creative needs.

    We offer a quiet place where you can get a good nights rest and feel peaceful about your choice in location.

    Ideal For

    • Relocating
    • Consulting work
    • Contract work
    • Intern stay
    • Traveling nurses/therapists
    • Personal retreat
    • Artistic retreat
    • Marital separations
  • Directions

    From Baltimore

    1. 695 North
    2. Exit onto 795 (Northwest Expressway)
    3. Exit onto Rt 140 Westminster
    4. Turn left onto Rt. 31 at blinking arrow light (GPS may say New Windsor Rd)
    5. Travel 7 miles
    6. Immediately past the 7-11 convenience store turn a sharp right onto Springdale Ave (GPS may say MAIN St)
    7. We are 5 houses up on the right side
    8. 111 Springdale Avenue
    9. It takes me about 45 minutes depending on traffic

    From Frederick

    1. I-70 East to Route 75 North
    2. Turn Right onto Route 26
    3. You will be going through Libertytown
    4. Almost immediately through Libertytown turn left onto Route 31
    5. Travel on 31 for about 10 minutes
    6. Cross the railroad tracks
    7. Enter the town of New Windsor
    8. Across from K and B Restaurant -Turn Right onto Church Street
    9. At the 7-11 Store stop sign, take a left back onto Rt 31
    10. Take an immediate right onto Springdale Avenue (GPS may say Main St)
    11. We are 5 houses up on the Right -look for the big Yellow house
    12. 111 Springdale Avenue
    13. It takes me about 25 minutes

    From Washington, DC

    1. Follow Route 97 North (Georgia Avenue) for about an hour
    2. Turn left onto Route 26
    3. Turn right onto Rt 31
    4. Cross the railroad tracks
    5. Enter the town of New Windsor
    6. Across from K and B Restaurant -Turn Right onto Church Street
    7. At the 7-11 Store stop sign, take a left back onto Rt 31
    8. Take an immediate right onto Springdale Avenue (GPS may say Main St)
    9. We are 5 houses up on the right
    10. 111 Springdale Avenue

    From the 495 Washington Beltway

    1. Exit onto 270
    2. Exit onto Route 27 North at the Father Hurley Blvd Exit 16A
    3. Take a right at stop sign to get onto Rt 27 (Travel 7 miles)
    4. Travel past Damascus, Mt Airy, Taylorsville (Approx 20 Miles) (At intersection of Rt 27 and Rt 26 Will be a Shell Station and 7-11 Store)
    5. Turn left onto Rt 26
    6. Turn right onto Rt 31
    7. Travel about 10 minutes
    8. Cross the railroad tracks
    9. Enter the town of New Windsor
    10. Across from K and B Restaurant -Turn Right onto Church Street
    11. At the 7-11 Store stop sign, take a left back onto Rt 31
    12. Take an immediate right onto Springdale Avenue (GPS may say Main St)
    13. We are 5 houses up on the right
    14. 111 Springdale Avenue
    15. It takes me one hour from New Windsor to Glen Echo Exit

    From Gettysburg

    1. Route 97 South
    2. Left onto Route 140 West (Towards Taneytown)
    3. Get in left lane immediately
    4. Left onto Route 31 at blinking arrow light (GPS may say New Windsor Rd)
    5. Travel 7 miles
    6. Immediately past the 7-11 convenience store
    7. Turn a SHARP right onto Springdale Avenue (GPS may say Main St)
    8. We are 5 houses up on the right
    9. 111 Springdale Avenue
    10. It takes me about 40 minutes from New Windsor to Gettysburg

    From BWI Airport

    1. Follow signs exiting airport
    2. Follow 195 and 95 West signs
    3. Exit onto 95 North at Exit 4A
    4. On 95 you will have to get to the far left to exit onto 695 West (Baltimore Beltway)
    5. This is a left exit and a little hairy to get all the way across the lanes)
    6. The signs will say to Towson
    7. You are now on the 695 Baltimore Beltway going West
    8. Take Exit 19 - 795 North West Expressway
    9. Take Exit 9 B to Westminster Rt. 140 (travel time approx 20 mins)
    10. Left onto Rt 31 at the blinking arrow (GPS may say New Windsor Rd)
    11. Pass 7-11 convenience store
    12. Immediate right onto Springdale Avenue (GPS may say Main St)
    13. We are 5 houses up on right
    14. 111 Springdale Avenue New Windsor, MD 21776 (410-635-3000)
    15. It takes me about an hour from BWI
    16. Limo Services from BWI Airport
    17. Rohrbaugh-800 543 9090 or 410 239 8000
    18. Private Car - Limo Service