Magnolia Manor

111 S Springdale Avenue, New Windsor, Maryland 21776
Innkeeper(s): Jennifer

Queen's Sweet

From $185.00 / night

Yellow Turtle Inn, Queen's Sweet

The Queen's Sweet is a play on words. Our lady guests are, of course, all Queens. The gentlemen are the Queen's Sweet.

This room is decorated all in whites, creams and golds. This is perfect to celebrate a ladies retreat or bring your children. If it is a lovely lady you wish to please, then this is the room for her. You can be her King and She your Queen.

This room is an even match with the Bishop's Suite. The Queen's Sweet is the larger of the two suites.

Room Features

  • Grapevine king size bed
  • Oval whirlpool
  • Double bed in the room with the whirlpool tub
Kid Friendly
Spa Treatments

Bishop's Suite

From $185.00 / night

Yellow Turtle Inn, Bishop's SuiteThe Bishop's Suite creates a seductive ambiance with romantic feelings of seclusion. Decorated in greens and stained wood.

There is a feeling of a private world with candle light that only the Bishop can insure with 1800's style decoration. Men usually go "All Right! This is the room for me!" I enjoy the clothing of the 1800's, so in this room I have decorated with clothing from this era.

This room seems to be the favorite of everyone, especially men. The Bishop's Suite is as popular as the Queen's Sweet. It's a toss up if you have to chose.

Suite Features

  • Largest of the two whirlpools
  • King sized bed and Twin sized bed 
  • No television outlet, but there is internet service

Sweet Serenity Room

From $155.00 / night

Yellow Turtle Inn, Sweet Serenity RoomThe Sweet Serenity Room is a peaceful invitation to your soul. It has been decorated with simplicity in mind.

This room has a quiet peacefulness and a focus on a serene space for meditation, self reflection and time to create without external distractions. If you need time to seek peace, then this is the room for you.

I have chosen to use a soft yellow with white trim upon the advice of my friend, Julie, who had a vision of this room. She said "Joan, this room will be totally different from all the other rooms! Can you handle it?" The room is a refreshing breath of air! A peaceful repose.

Room Features

  • Set off from the other rooms by a private hallway to give you more privacy
  • Shower equipped for two
  • A queen bed
  • A twin bed
Kid Friendly
Spa Treatments

Whispering Love

From $145.00 / night

Yellow Turtle Inn, Whispering Love

Love comes in soft as a whisper and gently fills your heart. This room has the feeling of the 1930's and '40's. The view from the windows overlooks the Gazebo Wedding Garden from one window and the preserved farmland from the other window.

I ask guests why they always come back to this room and they tell me, "It's the view." This room was originally named after a gifted woman who said "It's a keeper, Darlin'. The Yellow Turtle Inn."

To get the whole story you will have to come stay in her room. We have to save some surprises!

Room Features

  • A queen sized bed
  • The bathroom has a shower for those who prefer showers
Kid Friendly
Spa Treatments

Angels Promise

From $135.00 / night

Yellow Turtle Inn, Angels Promise

Angel's Promise creates a feeling of a garden where the Angels once promised me. In the room there is a curved wall, popular in the 1900's, which just had to be a mural.

The Angels gave us the idea of an Angel on a Swing. What could be more joyous? When you are swinging on a swing you forget all your troubles. To think of an Angel on a swing would be heavenly for Angels are joy. This Inn has truly been Touched by an Angel. To be honest it has been touched by many angels.

Room Features

  • A victorian claw foot tub (with shower)
  • Queen sized bed for your comfort
Kid Friendly
Pets Welcome
Spa Treatments

Samual's Library

From $120.00 / night

Yellow Turtle Inn, Samual's Library

Before it became a bedroom, I found everyone gravitated to this room so I made it a bedroom. A library full of books for you to read is a welcome invitation.

There is the comforting feeling of a secluded library with windows that look out through Ivy growing across the glass. The view looks into the Gazebo Garden where Wedding Ceremonies are performed.

Since everyone else will be on the second floor, many guests find themselves enjoying the parlors as an extension of their first floor room. This room with it's Double bed is priced for those on a budget. If stairs are a problem for you, then this is the answer.

Room Features

  • On the first floor
  • Private bath directly adjacent to the room
  • A claw foot tub
  • A hand held shower head
  • Brunch is included
Kid Friendly
Pets Welcome
Spa Treatments
  • Policies


    • Rates are based on double occupancy
    • $15 each additional guest
    • 6% MD sales tax is added to final bill

    Check-In & Check-Out

    • TVs in most rooms
    • Check-In: Anytime after 5:00 PM at your convenience
    • Check-Out: 2:00 PM


    • Please call between 10AM and 8PM
    • When you make your reservation there will be a $50 deposit charged to your card
    • Like most B and Bs, you are calling my home; there is no "front desk"
    • Coffee and muffins set out at 9:30 AM
    • Brunch at 10:00 is complimentary with all rooms

    Room Specials

    New Years Eve, Valentine Weeks, Special Occasions, college graduation week and guests at weddings held at the Yellow Turtle Inn are all considered. View our specials on our website.

    • Last minute room specials requests must be made by 1PM on the same day you wish to stay
    • Not all amenities will be available for last minute specials


    • A credit card is required to reserve your room
    • Your card will be run 7 days before your arrival


    Services and amenities must be cancelled at least 48 hours before check in time and receive a cancellation code to receive a refund.

    You must cancel 7 days before check in and receive a cancellation code to avoid being charged. If you cancel seven days or less, there will be no refund.