Mercury Inn

273 State Street, Portland, Maine 04101
Innkeeper(s): Jacob Krueger and Tim Karu
  • Introduction

    Mercury Inn, common lounge Mercury Inn is located in an old Victorian home in Portland's historic Parkside neighborhood in Maine. In its more than one hundred year life, the house has been many things reinventing itself with every new owner. For the past twenty years it has been a house for travelers and we hope to keep it that way for many years to come.

    At Mercury Inn we have committed ourselves to the goal of creating a business that is both environmentally and economically sustainable. Please check out our Sustainability page to learn more about how Mercury Inn is working to reduce its carbon footprint.

    We are dedicated to showing our guests the best of Portland, our beloved city by the sea with world-renowned restaurants, a vibrant arts and culture scene, and many wonderful sites to see and experience. If you are interested in exploring the sights and destinations of Portland, our innkeepers are more than happy to offer a list of recommended destinations, restaurants, and shops to experience during your stay. The innkeepers at Mercury Inn are more than a simple concierge and will be happy to assist you in meeting any need that you have during your stay, from making reservations and calling cabs, right down to providing conversation to pass the time.

  • At Mercury Inn, We Love Food

    One of the great joys of being innkeepers is being able to introduce people to the food we love so much. Here in Maine, we are lucky to have a plethora of local farms and purveyors from which to draw from for our food. Our state's year-round agricultural efforts provide plenty of food in great variety, and it is our pleasure to introduce you to it.


    The practices of our purveyors are also of great concern to us. We place a high premium on having direct relationships with the farms we supply from and on being able to audit their methods personally. By working with local farms we are able to ensure the quality of food coming directly to you while also supporting Maine's small business community and the larger state economy.


    Our menus are seasonally-based, meaning we do our best to choose from what is available during the growing season. We rely heavily on fresh produce in the late Spring, Summer, and early Fall, but in the Winter time we turn to age-old preservation techniques such as canning and the use of a root cellar so that we may continue to serve Maine's delicious produce year-round.

    Visit our website to view a sample menu.

  • Sustainability

    At Mercury Inn we take pride in being models for businesses that offer comfortable, modern lodging services while exercising good environmental practices. We take a common sense, evidence-based approach to sustainable living—trusting scientific research and not bottle labels to inform us of the best sustainable products and practices. Our methods include the use of non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaning supplies, light bulbs, and administrative supplies. We reduce waste elimination through our careful recycling and composting practices.

    Mercury Inn Works Actively to Reduce Its Carbon Footprint

    • Replaced all light fixtures with low-energy LED bulbs
    • Re-painted the interior using Mythic Non-Toxic Zero VOC paint exclusively
    • Sourced vintage and locally made furniture pieces for all bedrooms and common areas
    • Clean with homemade, non-toxic cleaning formulas made from recognizable ingredients
    • Recycle and compost everything possible in order to reduce our carbon impact
    • Use goods made from post-consumer recycled materials, including drinking cups, garbage bags, and toilet tissue
    • Provide soaps made from natural, plant-based ingredients in reusable dispensers
    • Encourage guests to participate in saving water by reusing towels and linens

    Mercury Inn, exterior Mercury Inn, kitchen

    Sustainable Kitchen Practices

    We understand the importance and interdependence of environmental and economic sustainabilities and so primarily engage with locally based farms and businesses to provide the food that goes into every meal. We base our menus on what is available seasonally to support our farms and give our guests a flavor of Maine's regional cuisine. We believe that every investment in another local business is an investment in the health and vitality of our community.

  • Things to Do

    Mercury Inn, marquee The city of Portland is a vibrant, happening community where you can find many fun things to do and see. In the last few years Portland has established itself as a destination for extraordinary dining experiences, the home of many fine and creative places to eat. Some of our favorite restaurants in Portland are within walking distance of the inn. For shopping and sight-seeing, there are many wonderful places to discover. Portland is a hub of history, art, and culture in New England.


    • Local Sprouts Cafe
    • Hot Suppa
    • Caiola's
    • Petit Jacqueline
    • Vinland
    • Green Elephant
    • Pai Men Miyake
    • Boda
    • Mi Sen Noodle Bar
    • Empire
    • Pom's Thai Taste
    • 555
    • Church
    • Dry Dock
    • Back Bay Grill
    • Little Taphouse Bar & Grill
    • DuckFat
    • Eventide Oyster Co.
    • Otto's
    • Portland Pie Company


    • MJ's Wine Bar
    • Novare Res
    • Local 188
    • LFK

    Coffee & Snacks

    • Local Sprouts Cafe
    • East End Cupcake
    • Gelato Fiasco
    • Holy Doughnut
    • GoBerry
    • Tandem Coffee
    • Speckled Ax Coffee
    • Yordprom Coffee
    • Homegrown Herb & Tea
    • Coffee by Design

    Brewery Tours

    • Allagash Brewing Co.
    • Shipyard Brewing Co.
    • Maine Mead Works
    • Urban Farm Fermentery
    • New England Distilling
    • Rising Tide Brewing Co.
    • Bunker Brewing Co.
    • The Maine Brew Bus


    • Merchant Company
    • Soakology
    • Portland Dry Goods
    • Pinecone & Chicadee
    • David Wood Clothiers
    • Green Hand Bookstore
    • Coast City Comics
    • Nicola's Home
    • Portland Architectural Salvage
    • Enterprise Records
    • Allan & Watts Antiques


    • Portland Observatory
    • Portland Headlight
    • Longfellow House
    • The State Theater
    • Merrill Auditorium
    • Portland Arts District
    • Peak's Island
    • Mackworth Island
    • Casco Bay Ferry Tour
    • Fort Williams
    • Freeport Shopping Outlets
    • Haddlock Field