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Innkeeper(s): Linda & Dennis Bortis

Fishing in Maine : Guided Trips at Moosehead Lake 28 Apr 2016, 2:21 pm

Fishing in Maine in the Moosehead Region offers something for everyone.  A glance at any map reveals a number of bodies of water ranging in size from Moosehead Lake to ponds of only a few acres.  There is plenty of action for spin casters as well as for fly casters; for novices and for experts.  Some waters are easily accessed by car while others require some hiking. Among the popular species are bass, trout, salmon, and togue (the local name for lake trout).  Although Maine has an energetic stocking program, many of the waters contain wild fish – a pleasure to catch and to see.  If this is your first time fishing in the Moosehead area, we recommend the use of a guide who will be able to help you achieve your goals and will offer a wealth of information on the great outdoors in general.  Basic fishing outfits can be purchased in town but are included with fishing expeditions from the Lodge.  Be sure that you have a license and an up-to-date fishing regulation book.  There are several local sites where you may purchase a license, or you may apply for one online from the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife.

So, Let’s Go Fishing!

The Lodge at Moosehead Lake has been recognized by Outside Magazine as one of the “Top 100 Great Wilderness Lodges in North America”.  Fodor’s Travel Guide says “If Teddy Roosevelt and Ralph Lauren had collaborated on an inn overlooking the biggest lake in Maine’s Northwoods, the result might have been the Lodge at Moosehead Lake.”

  • 1/2 day trip: $349 for 1 to 2 people
  • Full day trip:  $449 for 1 to 2 people with lunch included.
  • Fly Fishing Lesson:  $449 for 1 to 2 people – Day starts shortly after breakfast at the lodge with classroom time (including video presentation and hands on teaching), casting practice on the lawn, then to the river to learn how to wade, read the water and much more. Lunch included.

Reserve your room and fill out our Fishing Trip Questionnaire to book your trip today!

The Lodge has a list of some great places for open water fishing – just check our Guest Services book when you arrive. All of these waters have boat access with parking available.  Consult the law book as these lakes since they may have special regulations.  The open water fishing season is from April 1 – September 30, except for Moosehead Lake, which doesn’t open until May 1.  Generally the ice does not go out on any of these lakes until late April or early May.

Trolling on Moosehead Lake

When you book a fishing trip at the Lodge, one of the options can be trolling. This is a classic fishing-style known only to this New England area. Catching native brook and lake trout, and landlocked salmon in this style is very exciting. It is typically done in May and June on the top of the water or along the shoreline. Trolling is superior early morning and late evening. Maine has the best population of native brook trout. It also is one of the few places to have landlocked Atlantic salmon, mostly because of the cold water found in the large Moosehead Lake. Your Registered Maine Guide, Bob Howe, has over 50 years experience trolling tandem hook streamers. This could be just the option for the non-fly fishing enthusiast.

While trolling, Bob, will point out special attractions and interesting folklore. Learn about our logging history, wildlife, and geology. View local properties, woods, private beaches and campsites, and see terrestrial wildlife.

NOTE: Fishing in June and early July in Lily Bay on Moosehead Lake has reportedly been very good for small mouth bass. August is not recommended for fishing but it picks up again in September and October.

In the Moosehead Lake region of Maine you can fish for a variety of cold water and warm water species including brook trout, rainbow trout, brown trout, lake trout (locally known as togue), salmon, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, and even trophy northern pike – on just about every type of water imaginable.  Within 1 hour of the Lodge, there are over 40 ponds.

The following chart provides a guide for the best fishing from May through October.

Fishing Guide

Staying at The Lodge at Moosehead Lake provides the fishing enthusiast with everything you are looking for. World class accommodations teamed with a premier Registered Master Maine Guide, Bob Howe. For over forty years Bob has introduced countless numbers of people to the sport of fly-fishing, including things such as fly identification, casting, knots, reading the waters, fly placement and much more. He is uniquely gifted in his ability to read a guest and provide the best possible experience for their expertise and expectations.

So, let’s go fishing! Reserve your room and fill out our Fishing Trip Questionnaire to book your trip today!

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Moosehead Lake Sunset Photo Contest 13 Apr 2016, 3:02 pm

Offering unspoiled vistas and stunning lake views, The Lodge at Moosehead Lake is known for spectacular sunsets! To celebrate the arrival of spring, and the start of our 2016 season, we are hosting a Moosehead Lake Sunset Photo Contest! Share the best sunset photos you’ve taken at Moosehead Lake on our Facebook Page or on Instagram #mooseheadlodge and be entered into our contest to win a $100 gift certificate!

Take advantage of our Third Night Free Special and book your spring getaway today to come take your winning shot! Our team will select the winning photograph on June 30, 2016, and will announce the winner in our July email newsletter. We will also feature the winning photo as the cover photo for our email newsletter, Facebook and Twitter accounts in July.

Terms & Conditions: All entries in the Moosehead Lake Sunset Photo Contest become the property of the Lodge at Moosehead Lake to be used in print, social media and commercial marketing efforts.

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Spring Brings Moose Cow and Calf Sightings 7 Apr 2016, 3:10 pm

The cycle of life renews itself in the spring when the warmth of the longer days brings new vegetation. Expectant moose give birth after about an eight month gestation to one or two calves. In late May and June, cow moose seem to move to lower-lying areas near water sources to calve. Twins are not uncommon, especially if cows are healthy and well fed but less frequent if moose population density is higher. For young moose – as with most wild animals – the first months of life are the most dangerous. Coyotes and bears are natural predators and a threat to calves. The cow will vigorously defend her offspring using hard, sharp hooves and a powerful kick as weapons. Even though calves can run within a few days of birth and swim well within a couple weeks, avoiding detection often is a better defense. Calves are a much lighter tan than their dark-haired parents and more difficult to see in brush and tall grasses. New calves can lie absolutely still where their mother has left them soon after they’ve been born. She will spend an inordinate amount of time licking the newborn so any downwind predators can’t pick up the scent. This is why you can easily bisect the path between a mom and her baby.

Moose calves weigh 25 to 35 pounds at birth and grow quickly to 300 to 400 pounds by fall. They are weaned at about six months, but remain with their mother for one year. Spring is often a rude awakening for the yearling calves. Following a year of nurturing, guidance and protection, cows will use body language and aggressive behavior to inform the yearling it is no longer welcome company. A perplexed yearling is left to fend for itself for the first time in its life. Fortunately, having survived its most precarious year, a much longer existence is a high probability.

Maine is home to the highest moose population in the lower 48 states (estimated at 76,000) and moose are an icon of the Maine Woods. When you visit the North woods, the propensity to see moose is high. Our Moosehead Lake lodging is the perfect starting point for your moose watching adventure. Talk to your concierge upon check in for the inside scoop on where to start – enjoy your sightings!

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Beautifully Remodeled Bear Room :: Luxury Maine B&B 15 Sep 2015, 9:44 am

When you own a lodge, a lot goes into a room remodel but most importantly it must appeal to a diverse customer base, particularly guests looking for a luxurious experience.

First, the Bear room had to retain the bear theme.  The beds in the Lodge are all hand carved and are the focal point of each room.  We were able to enlarge the frame from a queen to a king using the same posters.  More and more guests prefer king size beds.

The other major focal point of the Bear Room is the view.  This room had a standard double hung window and a small deck; neither took full advance of this feature, so we enlarged the window.  This wasn’t just a picture window but we sourced windows with a crank out design on the bottom to provide ventilation, wonderful fresh air and cool night breezes.  We then enlarged the deck facing the lake so guests could relax and lounge in privacy.  Privacy walls were also built on the deck.

Next, we considered room arrangement.  When the new window was installed, it was necessary to move the fireplace.  A beautiful floor to ceiling stone fireplace was installed on the opposite corner allowing us to create a cozy seating area and more space for the enlarged bed.  We installed a large reclaimed wood beam over the fireplace giving it a warm, lodge patina. A south window was removed for more wall space; a large HD TV was hung on the wall and an area rug brought the seating area together.

We had a hand-carved mirror to match the beds that was placed in the bathroom. Keeping the bear theme, we found a beautiful piece of granite that was perfect for the large vanity top, beverage center and footrest in the shower. The granite has lots of black and earth tones – you might think it resembles the walls of a bear cave – a fancy bear cave anyway.  The bath had a Jacuzzi-style tub/shower.  This was removed to make way for a new modern large tile shower and enlarged vanity.  We learned guests like more space for their things so larger vanities are a plus.  The large shower has both a rain showerhead and handheld shower hose.  If that wasn’t enough luxury we added a towel warmer.  

In the corner of the room we installed the beverage center. Guests can brew their own coffee and access water and ice.  The beverage center also includes a small refrigerator, coffee mugs, wine and water glasses; creamers, sugar, wine opener – all you need.

Temperature control was another upgrade; the new fireplace includes a remote, as does the new personal air conditioning unit. No need to move from your chair or bed to   control your environment.

The finished room offers luxury, comfort and relaxation – all you could ever want for a luxury vacation in the North woods of Maine. Book early to be sure you get the Bear Room.

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Exceptional Fishing Guide :: Maine Fishing Adventures 5 Aug 2015, 10:11 am

Fishing like any sport takes special expertise, but guiding ads another level of skill possessed by only a few. In the State of Maine, we take this skill seriously with special licensing and training. Selecting the right guide will make your trip not just an outing but a memorable adventure. When the Lodge coordinates a trip or designs an adventure package, we do so to create once in a lifetime experiences that you will remember for a long time to come. All Lodge guides have been vetted and our best guides are exclusive to the Lodge only. Adventure lodges, like the Lodge at Moosehead Lake, hang their reputation on this experience. This is why we are so proud to include Bob Howe, premier Registered Master Maine Guide, in our arsenal of skilled guides. Bob has guided for the Lodge for many years.

Bob Howe has been hunting, fishing and trapping since the age of eight and has been guiding guests from all over the world for almost forty years. As a full-time guide, Bob has the ability to recognize and adjust to the ever changing situations of fish, wildlife and their environment. He is uniquely gifted in his ability to “read” a guest and provide the best possible experience for their expertise and expectations. His patience is amazing as he teaches young or old, introducing them to all types of fishing and making another lover of the sport. Bob has also acquired a passion for cooking and often shares his skills with guests or tantalizes them with biscuits on a stick, grilled strawberries or bean hole beans (cooked in the ground in a Dutch oven) as an accompaniment to your catch.

In addition to being a full-time guide, Bob owns and operates Maine Guide Snowshoe and Pine Grove Lodge, a four season sporting camp in Bingham, Maine. Bob is involved in many philanthropic endeavors including the “Pine Grove Program”, which Bob founded. Through this program, he provides free outdoor adventures to our nation’s veterans and first-responders.

According to Randy Flannery, owner and operator of Wilderness Escape Outfitter, Bob Howe is the best all around guide in the State of Maine. Bob has been featured in Field and Stream magazine, Outdoor magazine, Wall Street Journal and the London Post. He often is requested to council with political representatives on the Maine wilderness as a member of the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine.

Bob is not just a great guide but truly an exceptional guide willing to share his love and passion for Maine and the great outdoors with our many guests and nature lovers.

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What Makes Lodge at Moosehead Lake Special? 4 Jul 2014, 10:22 am

This question runs through our head many times as we help guests with their reservations and itineraries. Guests come to the Lodge from all over the world and most are very well traveled.  

It could be our unobstructed view of the lake and surrounding mountains.  When you sit on your private deck, gazing quietly at the view, you see only nature around you.  There are no roads, electric lines, trucks or cars – just the trees, lake, maybe “Phil” our local groundhog, a leaping deer, wild turkey or soaring hawk.  The breeze is relaxing, as is the spell of fresh pine.

The rooms are as unique as you will find. Combining the elegance of 550 thread count sheets with custom made bed coverings, oriental rugs and twig furniture produces the rustic elegance we are trying to create.  Our bathroom vanities are handmade by the owner, Dennis Bortis.  Each is one of a kind, constructed of local wood with inlaid birch bark.  They are functional as well as beautiful –  a piece of art. You have probably dined on Italian, French, and Mexican but only at the Lodge have we created our very own “Up North Cuisine”.  You won’t find a rack of lamb here but you will find stuffed trout, Bison Short Rib Pie, Lobster Mac & Cheese and a perfectly grilled beef filet.  After years of testing and refining, we find our menu is perfect.  We try to offer at least five entrees, five starters and two to three desserts – the options are so varied that a guest can join us every night. We only serve our lodging guests – this allows us the opportunity to give you the table for the evening, we never worry about turns.  We are here to make your stay and yours alone the best it can be.  

We are an adventure lodge.  It is here that Moose Safaris started in the Moosehead Lake area, long before outfitters arrived.  From our beginning as a Lodge, we have constructed unique adventures including the ORIGINAL Fly-in Canoe Trip – a full day of fun in the Moosehead Lake region, starting with a float plane ride, including fishing, canoeing and/or hiking and ending with a wildlife tour often including a moose sighting. If you are so lucky to catch a fish within limits, our chef will prepare it for you. There is so much to enjoy and experience.  You’ll find great accommodations and even gourmet food in the region, but only at the lodge do you get it all. . . Adventure, Pampering and Delicious Food.  That’s why the Lodge is listed in 1000 Places to Visit; make it your stop too.

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Authentic Maine Dining : The Lodge Restaurant is Open! 19 Jun 2014, 10:57 am

The Lodge is now open for dinner on Friday, Saturday and Sunday through Columbus Day weekend. Dining at our Greenville, Maine restaurant is reserved for lodging guests at our Maine bed and breakfast exclusively.

The table is yours for the evening, whether you choose to dine inside or on the expansive deck overlooking the lake on a beautiful warm summer night.

Enjoy a true North Woods Maine dining experience with hearty and delicious food, a relaxed atmosphere, and stunning Moosehead Lake views.

Check out our sample menu! Book your reservation and we’ll take care of all the rest.

To Start

Sun-Dried Tomato Bisque. with house parmesan croutons. 6

Mussels. with buttery garlic, chorizo & fennel broth. 12

Sweet Maine Crab Cakes. buttermilk – basil dressing and marinated tomatoes and fresh corn.12

Caesar Salad.10    Add grilled chicken or shrimp. 14

Spring Mix Salad.buttermilk splash dressing, bacon crisps. tomato and house parmesan croutons.6

Main Fare

Maine Lobster Mac & Cheese. pasta shells. lots of lobster. 28   side dish. 14

    Fresh Wild King Salmon Cakes. lemon-caper yogurt sauce, cucumber, basil & tomato salad. 28

              Crayfish & Spinach Stuffed Rainbow Trout. vegetable & potato

pancakes. 28

Perfectly Grilled Beef Filet. peppercorn sauce. caramelized cauliflower .

crushed red pepper flakes .golden raisins. roasted potatoes.  34

Lodge Tomahawk Veal Chop. savory veal stock with vegetables, pressed potato au gratin. 36

To End

Mixed Berry Cobbler served warm with vanilla ice cream.8

Classic Strawberry Shortcake.8

Safari Camp Dinners are served on Sunday evenings starting June 22 through Labor Day weekend.

Call us at 207-695-4400 to

make your reservation.


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Maine Spring Getaways 18 Apr 2014, 11:48 am

Signs of spring include longer and warmer days, budding trees, new flowers peaking through the soil and no snow.  In the North woods of Maine, spring comes in May and June… but there is so much more.  This is a thinly populated region of Maine and is still considered quiet season, so if you are looking for solace or want to get away, spring in northern Maine is just what the doctor ordered.

Annuals can be planted around the Lodge after the last sign of frost which is typically Memorial Day weekend. This is when the flower boxes and hanging baskets are set out to catch the bright sun of the warmer day, that also warms your face as you relax in your Adirondack patio chair.



In the woods, we start to see budding blueberries, wild strawberries, fiddleheads and lady slippers. New moose calves (often twins), fawns and once in a while a black bear cub can be spotted either on the road or in a clearing. Just a caution – never get between a baby and its mother.  No matter the specie, mothers can be very protective.


Our most popular adventures in the spring include fly fishing, hiking and our Moose Safari and Wildlife tours.  Starting around mid-May you can also catch a Seaplane ride. Whitewater rafting will start Memorial Day weekend – no extra charge for the wet suite and yes the water is cold. Even though we had lots of snow and the rivers are full, expect the ride to be normal this spring.  The flow here is regulated.  The Lodge includes complete hiking information in every room and the best guided trips in the Moosehead Lake region.


For some outings, spring may actually be the best time of year– wildlife viewing and fly fishing are a good examples. Return from your day’s adventures and gather around the natural stone fire pit to warm, watch the sunset and star gaze, or order our Gourmet  S‘mores kit. Spring is here. You should be too!


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Maine Winter Getaways – An Experience of a Lifetime 27 Feb 2014, 12:45 pm

Dog Sledding Adventures – Full and Half Day Trips Available

It’s March and around the vast Moosehead Lake is a thick blanket of beautiful white snow. Temperatures are still low, the lake is frozen hard and the sky is blue. It is perfect for romantic Maine winter getaways! If you enjoy the snow and looking for new adventures – make Moosehead Lake your destination!  All winter activities are still going strong with hundreds of miles of snowmobile trails at easy access from the Lodge at Moosehead  Lake.  We are the perfect location for couples looking to explore the remote terrain of mountains, lakes and ponds. If snowmobiling doesn’t tickle your fancy, there is the quiet of cross-country skiing or snowshoeing.  Rentals are available at a nominal fee and we have maps to get you started. Guides are also available to show you the way and teach you the nuances of this sport.  Only two hours away is Sugarloaf Mountain for some of the best downhill skiing in New England for a fun day trip.

Our most unique trip is our dog sledding adventure. Guests experience mushing their own team, with guidance from two Registered Maine Guides. We have full day, ½ day and overnight trips available. We prepare you with information on what to wear.   

Come back to the lodge for hot chocolate, chocolate chip cookies, hot tea or something a little warmer. Fireplaces in every room will warm your heart and toes or stay in the Katahdin suite where there is a second fireplace in the bathroom.  And there are also whirlpools tubs, guaranteed to take the chill out of your bones. The fireplace in the main lodge is a special place to hang out and meet other guests or order our Maine made marshmallows and whole wheat graham crackers for roasting.

Once you have warmed from your days activities, you just may not want to venture out again.  The Lodge serves a comforting winter supper in Chloe’s Pub on Friday and Saturday evenings.  Here you can catch up on the world news, watch sports on the plasma TV or challenge your partner to a game of pool on the lodge’s beautiful pool table. No Maine winter getaway is complete without a trip to the Lodge at Moosehead Lake.

Find your perfect room and book your Maine Winter getaways today.


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The Lodge – a place for Romantic Getaways in Maine 7 Feb 2014, 11:30 am

Looking for romance can find you at the Lodge at Moosehead Lake. Romance can be uncovered in many ways but at the Lodge we think it includes luxury and relaxation.  Many amenities have been added to create that special experience and the Katahdin suite has been noted as one of the most romantic.  The King sleigh bed and two fireplaces (in the seating area and in the bathroom)  make it the perfect retreat for romantic getaways in Maine.  Add to that a double Jacuzzi style tub and flickering candle light and the frame of mind is set.   If you aren’t the romantic type but appreciate the mood, we have a list of ideas – from Champagne & strawberries, a relaxing massage for two or unwinding on one of six private room decks gazing at the incredible stars on a clear night, snuggled together under a blanket.

The beauty of Moosehead Lake can be a special aphrodisiac.  Have a picnic lunch prepared with a bottle of wine for an escape to one of the areas beautiful waterfalls.  Watching the sunset over Moose Mountain with a bottle of wine and a charcuterie platter is another special option. Candlelight dinner in the lake view dining room overlooking Moosehead Lake and surrounding mountains is totally relaxing, not to mention the delicious food.

Specials like our Valentine’s Day Package, New Year’s Eve Package and our Honey & Soul Package for honeymooners, anniversaries or weekend romantic getaways in Maine, make planning easy.

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