Ullikana Inn

16 The Field, Bar Harbor, Maine 04609
Innkeeper(s): Roy Kasindorf

Bulgarian folk music concert 11 Aug 2009, 7:03 pm

On Sunday, Aug. 2, Elitsa Stoyneva, one of our employees,  performed for our guests and friends.  She sings traditional bulgarian songs, and has won many prizes in her country, Bulgaria.

Elitsa directs the Balkan choir of the area, and she sang with two of its members: Anne Tatgenhorst and Kirsten Stockman.

Bulgaria has a very rich and diversified culture.  In this small country, about the size of Virginia, there are many folkloric regions which were represented during the concert.

Everyone enjoyed the performance and exposure to this old tradition which goes back to the foundation of Bulgaria as a country in 681

American Style Magazine 1 Aug 2009, 2:34 pm

When New Yorkers Hélel Harton and Roy Kasindorf first saw the Ullikana, a Tudor-style mansion in Bar Harbor, Maine, their reactions differed. Kasindorf took one look at the sheet-covered, cobweb-draped interior and whispered, “Let’s get out of here.” Harton replied, “Shhh. I’ll talk to you later.”

Where Kasindorf saw financial disaster, Harton saw creative potential for a successful bed-and-breakfast in this scenic seaside town on Mount Desert Island, located off the coast of Maine. “We had seen a lot of places that were turnkey properties, and I couldn’t see myself undoing what someone had done,” says Harton, a soft accent revealing her Quebec roots. They had arrived at the perfect time of day for sunlight to stream through the huge stained-glass window on the stairwell, and she was charmed. “I loved the feel of the house, the character, the spirit. Like a blank canvas, you could make it your own.” And they have.

Built by Alpheus Hardy in 1885, the three-story Ullikana was among Bar Harbor’s earliest summer “cottages,” as the palatial summer homes of the wealthy were called. Over the years, although it had been renovated a few times, it had not been structurally altered. Upon that blank canvas, Harton went to work blending contemporary art and craft with traditional antiques, vibrant colors with soft pastels. “We made sure from the very beginning that we were not doing the Ullikana as a period house,” Harton says. “Right away, we set the tone, mixed things and made it very eclectic.”

Breakfast at Ullikana 31 Jul 2009, 9:32 pm

Poached pears

Start your day with a delightful homemade gourmet breakfast on our terrace, while overlooking beautiful Frenchman Bay.

Some of our specialties include Lemon Soufflé Pancakes with Warm Berry Sauce, Crêpes aux Pommes, Italian omelets, fruit dishes and more. And our freshly baked muffins are as tasty as our entrées.

Our room rates include gourmet breakfast and afternoon refreshments, which are also available on the terrace.

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