The Golden Lion Bed & Breakfast

243 N. Third Street, Danville, Kentucky 40422
Innkeeper(s): Jerry and Nancy Jones
  • Introduction

    The Golden Lion Bed & Breakfast front of inn

    Welcome to The Golden Lion, a beautiful 1840 Greek Revival home listed on the National Register of Historic Places in Danville, Kentucky. In addition to serving as a general Bed & Breakfast, The Golden Lion provides genealogical resources to those interested in researching the Jones surname and other difficult surnames.

    The home's library, museums, and research center are centered around the private collections of Dr. Jerry Jones, a genealogist who has researched the Jones surname for more than thirty years. These offer our guests a unique atmosphere in which to indulge their genealogical interests for an afternoon, day, or even a weekend!

    The Golden Lion Bed & Breakfast dining table

    Through the Dining Room's pretty stained-glass windows, the peace-provoking angel fountain can be seen in the garden!

    The Golden Lion Bed & Breakfast is located in historic Danville, Kentucky, the site of the Constitutional Convention that brought Kentucky into the Union as the fifteenth state. The Old Wilderness Road, which runs through Danville, was the major land route used by the early settlers traveling from Virginia to Kentucky. This road is a key genealogical connection for those researching families in Kentucky.

    If you are a Jones, or are seeking information about a Jones link, you will discover in our Jones Surname Museum the origin and development of the Jones surname in Wales beginning around 40 AD through the early 1600s.

    The Golden Lion Bed & Breakfast features two guest rooms each named after a Jones relative! The Nicholas Jones Room gets its name from a Revolutionary War patriot who fought in the Battle of Yorktown. Each guest room offers a fireplace and private bath.

  • The Brick Wall Protocol

    The Golden Lion Bed & Breakfast The Brick Wall ProtocolFacing a Brick Wall?! This Self-directed Workbook is just what you need!! By summarizing 45 years of helpful strategies, Dr. Jerry E. Jones has developed this protocol as a technique for researching difficult surnames.This is not an Internet tool. It is not for the faint-hearted. This protocol is for the serious genealogist who is challenged and energized by the "hunt", but who feels stuck before a genealogical brick wall!

    This protocol synthesizes key principles that have been "field tested" into a step-by-step approach that will help you organize and evaluate the genealogical information that you have uncovered.

    The Brick Wall ProtocolWhat you will learn

    1. Time analysis
    2. Space analysis
    3. Points of reference can be the dynamite you have been looking for to demolish the brick wall you are facing

    These concepts and methods can also be used in your ongoing genealogical research.


    • $35 (US), plus tax, shipping and handling
    • For additional information, or to order, call toll free: 1-866-453-5466
  • T-Shirts

    "The Brick Wall Protocol" a workbook offering practical help! Show your welsh pride! We offer t-shirts saying "Wales, My Heart's Blood" along with other genealogy, and Golden Lion Bed and Breakfast t-shirts.

    Various colors, in sizes from small to extra extra large, and ranging in price from $15-$18.95 are available. To order, call toll free at 866-453-5466.

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    The Golden Lion Bed & Breakfast shirts

  • Joseph Wheeler Jones Memorial Library

    The Golden Lion Bed & Breakfast The Jones Surname Museum

    The Joseph Wheeler Jones Memorial Library is a genealogical research library that houses approximately four hundred references dealing with Early Virginia and Kentucky history and genealogy. In addition, this library includes many early British and Welsh genealogical references. Also found in the library are books on heraldry, plus, there are explanations about the Jones Classification System, as well as a large selection of researched information concerning the Jones family lines.

    The Jones Classification System classifies the numerous different Jones family lines using each family's "Coat of Arms" from England, Wales, or Ireland. These "Coats of Arms" were found in Burke's book on heraldry entitled General Armory, published in 1884.

  • The Jones Surname Museum

    The Golden Lion Bed & Breakfast The Jones Surname Museum

    This museum traces the origin and development of the Jones surname in Wales beginning around 40 AD through the early 1600s. A self-guided panel of explanations is provided with periods of history depicted on the different panels progressively through the museum. The panels explain how events in history such as the Norman Conquest in 1066 AD and the Plague known as "the Black Death" around 1350 AD affected the development of the Jones surname.

  • The Henry Edward Jones Gift Shop

    The Golden Lion Bed & Breakfast The Brick Wall Protocol

    Offers fun genealogy items, plus serious help for genealogists who have hit a "brick wall" in their researching.

    We offer a workbook entitled "The Brick Wall Protocol" in which you will find concepts, methods, and materials (a notebook, graph paper, hi-liters, and more), plus step-by-step instructions. Call for more details. (866-453-5466) Price: $35 plus shipping and handling.

  • Reprints From The Jones Genealogist

    The Golden Lion Bed & Breakfast Joseph Wheeler Jones Memorial Library

    The Ancient Origin of the Surname Jones in Wales and England

    • Part I : 300 AD - 1485 AD
    • Part II : 1485 AD - 1663 AD
    • Part III : LEGAL RECORDS 1484 AD-1700 AD
    • $19.95 each + tax and shipping and handling

    Genealogy and Genetics Understanding DNA

    • $12.95 + tax and shipping and handling

    The Jones Genealogist Newsletter

    • A newsletter dedicated to researching the Jones surname
    • Subscription rate: $12/year, 6 copies
    • The newsletter has been published bi-monthly since 1989

    The Jones Special Collections contains records of Jones families, mainly from Virginia and Kentucky, beginning with the Jamestown Settlement in 1609.

    To order for more information call toll free: (866) 453-5466

  • Area Information

    The Golden Lion Bed & Breakfast garden

    Nearby Historic Landmarks

    • Ephraim McDowell House
    • Shaker Village
    • Fort Harrod
    • Pioneer Playhouse Outdoor Dinner Theater
    • Perryville Civil War Battlefield
    • Perryville's Merchants Row

    Nearby Driving Distance Spots

    • Thomas D. Clark Center for Kentucky History in Frankfort
    • Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington
    • Several pleasant antique shops
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  • Genealogical Resources

    • "The Brick Wall Protocol," a workbook offering practical help!
    • Joseph Wheeler Jones Memorial Library
    • Jones Surname Museum
    • Jerry E. Jones Special Collections
    • Henry Edward Jones Gift Shop
    • The Jones Genealogist Newsletter
    • Genealogy Weekend Workshops

    Open to Visitors

    • Monday - Saturday: 1:00 - 5:00 pm.
  • What Our Guests Say

    Majestic lions and a serene angel, plus a gentle "wrought-iron" swing await you in the garden! Our desire is that your stay at the Golden Lion be restful, enjoyable, and informative!

    March 28, 2009 - "Wonderful Inn - very nice innkeepers - enjoyed our stay!" Jimmy and Kathy B.

    Sept. 15th, 2002 issue of The Cincinnati Enquirer, page 6

    "The Golden Lion offers beauty, comfort, and a feel for the area's heritage - rich with connections to Kentucky's early days and the Civil War...A gourmet breakfast is served."

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