Volcano Rainforest Retreat Bed & Breakfast

11-3832 Twelfth Street P. O. Box 957, Volcano, Hawaii 96785
Innkeeper(s): Kathleen & Peter Golden
  • Volcano Rainforest Retreat



    Wander the magical paths of this serene retreat, secluded in a lush native rainforest on the Big Island of Hawaii, 3800 feet above the sea on the slopes of Kilauea, the most active volcano on earth. Be enchanted by the spirit of the land, preserved with deep respect for the wild natural beauty of old lava flows and mysterious lava tubes.

    Be sheltered by the handcrafted redwood and cedar structures sensitively nestled into the misty, mossy landscape. Be refreshed by the cool mountain air and embraced by 

    the canopy of giant ferns and lofty Ohi'a trees.

    A few miles up the road is Kilauea Volcano, home of Pele, the Hawaiian Goddess of Fire. Hike, Bike, or drive through this magnificent landscape at H

    awaii Volcanoes National Park. Check out the current activity at the volcano lava flow. A half-hour drive toward the sea is historic Hilo town with its picturesque bay, waterfalls and botanical gardens.

    Just a short distance away is Volcano Village - a community noted for its distinctive blend of artists, scientists, and entrepreneurs. The village has two country stores, gas stations and a post office. Local restaurants and cafes offer a variety of dining experiences including the charm of old Hawai`i at Kilauea Lodge. Visit Volcano Winery, home of Tropical Hawaiian Wines. Join in a custom Hawaii photo tour with prominent Volcano photographers. www.hawaiiphotoretreat.com

    On one and a half acres, guests are warmly greeted and treated like ohana (family) by Kathleen and Peter Golden, the retreat's visionary proprietors. The trademark of the Volcano Rainforest Retreat is the seamless connection between the inside, outside, the structures and nature. People are inspired by the respectful way the Goldens have created this collection of rainforest hideaways--with elegant simplicity, in harmony and balance with the native surroundings and interconnected by paths that wind their way through the misty, mossy, volcanic landscape.

    In addition to the natural beauty of the accommodations, Kathleen offers personal growth gatherings including meditation retreats, Compassionate Communication (Nonviolent Communication) trainings and support groups as well as psychological/spiritual counseling sessions for individuals and couples.


    The spirit of the Volcano Rainforest Retreat is expressed simply, "We hope people will take with them a sense of 'Aloha aina' (love of the land). We'd be touched if people deepened their respect and sensitivity to nature -- and were inspired to do their part in preserving and sustaining the natural life on our beautiful and fragile planet Earth. We also hope that people will take quality time to nurture themselves and cultivate a compassionate understanding for one another in their intimate human relationships." Excerpts from "Soul Architects" by Loni Reader, Hawaiian Style Magazine

  • Amenities

    • Customized services for romantic getaways & special celebrations
    • Local massage therapists
    • Spa services
    • Celebration champagne & chocolates
    • Gourmet wine & cheese platter
    • Intimate candlelight dinner - Betty Chin (808) 985-7167 -- Please contact Betty to make arrangements for private in-room dining)
    • Special occasion gift basket
    • All amenities are subject to availability
    • Contact massage therapists directly for appointments
    • Please inquire about all other amenities prior to your visit
  • Cottages

    Four architecturally distinctive, elegantly designed and furnished cottages offer rich wood and window interiors with a warm contemporary appeal. Each cottage offers the Nikken Air Wellness Power 5 Systems with superior filtration and relaxing, invigorating negative ions. All accommodations include breakfast provided the night before for dining in the privacy of your cottage: tropical fruits, fresh baked goods, fruit juice, granola, quiche or eggs, milk, butter, 100% Kona coffee, and a selection of herbal and black teas.

  • Attractions

    A few miles up the road is Kilauea Volcano, home of Pele, the Hawaiian Goddess of Fire. Hike, Bike, or drive through this magnificent landscape at Hawai`i Volcanoes National Park. Check out the current activity at the volcano lava flow.

    A half-hour drive toward the sea is historic Hilo town with its picturesque bay, waterfalls and botanical gardens.

    Volcano is a relatively undeveloped rural area, adjacent to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. which has become the Big Island's most visited natural attraction. Explore the ambiance and activities of this back-to-nature destination and discover a truly unique Hawaiian experience. Click here for important tips for planning your visit to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

    4000 ft above the sea, giant tree ferns, lofty ohi'a-lehua trees and fragrant ginger create a lush refreshing appeal in contrast to the primal volcanic land. Temperatures are cooler than are typical of Hawaiian coastal areas. Rainfall is a natural part of the native rainforest with misty rains alternating with clear skies.

    Hike, bike or drive the Crater Rim Drive in Volcanoes National Park. Be invigorated by its craters, steam vents, lava tubes, and rainforest trails. For the adventurous, the Chain of Craters Road winds down to the coast where vast systems of lava tubes carry active lava flows into the sea, creating the newest land on earth. The Kilauea Volcano lava viewing area site changes, due to the nature of the constantly changing landscape of this active volcano.

    Another exceptional experience while in the National Park is a visit to the Volcano Art Center Gallery, with its collection of fine arts and crafts, available for purchase and displayed in the original historic Volcano House on the edge of Kilauea Caldera.

    The Volcano Art Center is currently developing an arts and environmental campus on 7 acres of land in Volcano Village. This new facility will expand its already well-established and ongoing programs in visual, literary, and performing arts. These include an acclaimed hula and Hawaiian music series which garnered a prestigious Kihili Award from the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau.

    The outlying community is a mix of scientists, artists and local entrepreneurs in a village-like town with a variety of restaurants and cafes. The village and its surrounding inhabitants blend almost imperceptibly into the native-forested landscape. The whole area has been designated by the United Nations as an International Biosphere Reserve and Historic Site.

    Volcano is a destination in which to relax as well as be active, a place to be awed and slow down, to get in touch with oneself beyond the often busy pace of daily life. Surreal and serene, it is a place which is empowering, enduring and ever-changing. The harmony of man and nature here attracts aware and sensitive individuals whose values show concern for the earth and its remaining places of great natural beauty. "Perhaps this village of 3,600 (inhabitants) can show us how to better tend the land and each other as we move into the new millennium." -- Honolulu Star Bulletin