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  • Savannah Georgia Christmas holidays at Green Palm Inn, a top-rated breakfast inn.

    Savannah Georgia Christmas holidays at Green Palm Inn, a top-rated breakfast inn.

  • Dessert bar, plus tea, fresh fruit & pre-dinner wine hour are included in inn's Savannah B&B rate.

    Dessert bar, plus tea, fresh fruit & pre-dinner wine hour are included in inn's Savannah B&B rate.

  • A day bed in this spacious B&B room accommodates three girlfriends comfortably.

    A day bed in this spacious B&B room accommodates three girlfriends comfortably.

  • Green Palm Inn's downtown breakfast inn was built as two seamen cottages.

    Green Palm Inn's downtown breakfast inn was built as two seamen cottages.

  • Restful nights in downtown Savannah cottage inn, circa 1897.

    Restful nights in downtown Savannah cottage inn, circa 1897.

  • Praised for comfort Green Palm Inn's special bedding can be ordered for your home.

    Praised for comfort Green Palm Inn's special bedding can be ordered for your home.

  • Popular as a best place to stay in Savannah GA, the best way for booking is as early as possible.

    Popular as a best place to stay in Savannah GA, the best way for booking is as early as possible.

  • For your Savannah trip stay at Green Palm Inn,

    For your Savannah trip stay at Green Palm Inn, "The Softer Side of Savannah". Innkeeper Diane McCray


For the Love of No-Snow Winter Vacation Outdoors: To Savannah GA With Love! 21 Nov 2014, 3:39 pm

SAVANNAH Georgia — Winter begins December 21, 2014 in Savannah, GA.  For those with forever-young attitudes and love the outdoors with no snow, you might ask “Where are the ‘there’ places in or near Savannah GA to enjoy the outdoors?”

Green Palm Inn‘s own Diane Crews points to her favorite outdoors attractions.  To take the Savannah outdoors, in short, Diane suggests to “Run, eat, and tour!”

1. Run! Runners adore Savannah. Diane sends running enthusiasts to the Savannah River, Forsyth Park, or Fort Pulaski for good running in Savannah.  “It’s a gentle run early in the morning from Green Palm Inn to Forsyth Park or along  the Savannah riverfront. It’s an added bonus to witness the international port activity of tugboats active along the waterway or international ships, entering or departing the Port of Savannah. Runners seem to love the extra challenge of running up and down the river bluff’s ballast stones (cobblestones); however the river walk itself it flat, smooth brick.”

Running ladies and couples, get away to Savannah GA for the Publix Savannah Women’s Half Marathon running event, March 28, 2015!

2. Eat! Take along a picnic lunch.  After a big breakfast at Green Palm Inn, you’ll want a light lunch. Plus, your off-the-beaten path adventures can be non-stop, undisturbed when you have some of  the best eats in Savannah tucked into your own ready-to-feast-anytime cooler.  Diane recommends you stop in for coffee, espresso or a hot chocolate steamer, then pick up a freshly made take-out for your Savannah picnic lunch to-go from Wright Square Cafe, Leopold’s Ice Cream, or The Collins Quarter‘s farm-to-table options.

3. Tour! Fort Pulaski National Monument, or “Experience three centuries in two hours in one place — Colonial Wormsloe!” In December 2014, take in the Wormsloe Lecture Seriesand Colonial Christmas at Wormsloe, Georgia oldest plantation, now a Georgia State Park.

In addition to walking / hiking trails, bird watching, and Cockspur Island Lighthouse, the Candle Lantern Tour at Fort Pulaski each December is a highlight.

This year the evening Confederate Nog Party tour at Fort Pulaski is December 19-20, 2014. Advance ticket purchase is highly recommended.

Wish you had more ideas? Diane is a whiz for tailoring her recommendations to each guest’s likes. Meanwhile, we’ll add a few more tips here.  Skidaway Island State Park features a Luminary Night with Santa (Saturday, December 13, 2014).  The Tybee Island Polar Plunge is January 1, 2014, and benefits the restoration of the historic Tybee Theatre, once part of the Fort Screven Army base on Tybee Island, GA.

We think you’ll be saying, “To Savannah with love … of outdoors!” when you choose your Savannah lodging at Green Palm Inn and Diane’s local assistance about the best things to do and best places to see and go!

Of course, we’d love for you to stay at our top-rated Green Palm Inn, cozy and fun-loving on Greene Square in the historic district — the “Softer Side of Savannah”.™  Toll free (USA and Canada) 888-606-9510; local 912.447.8901. Email

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Savannah Bird Sanctuary and Christmas Count: Birding in Savannah GA 1 Nov 2014, 5:02 am

SAVANNAH, Georgia (January 1, 2014; updated November 1, 2014) — Green Palm Inn bed and breakfast thought field birding enthusiasts and bird watchers, particularly, would like to know that the City of Savannah is a bird sanctuary. (See Animal Ordinance below).

World War I and WWII story buffs might appreciate a reminder of the role of the messenger pigeons. Plus, there’s a New Year’s Day food twist as well amid the “pigeon” stories.

In downtown Savannah, bed and breakfast lodging guests are likely to awake to the sounds of sweet birds singing year around.  The bird that often comes first to mind in Savannah is the pigeon — confident and cooing.

The 115th Annual Audubon Christmas Bird Count will take place December 14, 2014 to January 5, 2015.  The longest running Citizen Science survey in the world, Christmas Bird Count provides critical data on population trends.

We invite you to bed down [or nest in] with us at Green Palm Inn. Our Old South lodging rooms are far bigger than pigeon holes. :: smile ::  We hope you’ll enjoy this wink and a nod using history, heritage, and nature to talk about pigeons — our fine feathered friends of nature in Savannah.  We like them! Below are introductions to a couple of Savannah birding tours. So, for the love of sharing fun tales, let’s talk pigeon for a few minutes.

** No, we don’t mean the “pigeon-talk or pigeon-English” — the combination of English, Portuguese, and Chinese, used in business transactions in “The Flowery Empire.” Example?  “The traders care nothing for the Chinese language, and are content to carry on their business transactions in a hideous jargon called “pigeon English.”—The Times. Source:

Stroll or run in Forsyth Park and you’re likely to see locals and tourists with small bags of bread crumbs or bird seed, sharing with the pigeons, eager for a photo opportunity with the urban forest birds.

What about feeding the birds, especially in winter? answers,”…if there is a bad snow or ice storm and natural food is buried for a period of time.  In that event, the seed you put out could be life-saving for some birds.  Some people choose to only feed in winter, but others feed year-round to attract them closer to enjoy them up close.”

Is the Pigeon a Dove?

The feral pigeons and the white dove are both “descended from the blue rock pigeon (Columba Livia), which is found in the wild everywhere in the world except at the polar icecaps”. Source: The Pigeon in History by Dr. Jean Hansel

During the Christmas season we hear and speak more admiringly about the dove, the symbol of peace. Usually, its depicted as a white dove, especially in biblical stories of Noah, recounting the important dove, sent to discover if the floods had receded. It ultimately returns with an olive tree twig to the ark.

Did you know? Today racing pigeons is a serious hobby. So is pigeon photography, as seen in beautiful photos by David Stephenson.  Have you seen the aerial photography recently that is being done by remote control camera? As early as 1901, pigeons were strapped with camera for pigeon photography.

Franco British carrier pigeons shuttled critical communications during World War I – Photo: National Library of Scotland

The Pigeon in History 

Dr. Jean Hansell writes, “No other bird has had such close links with man, nor been useful to him in so many ways. Over the centuries the pigeon has served him as symbol, sacrifice, source of food and, not least, as a messenger, both sacred and secular….” Source: The Pigeon in History

Certainly homing pigeons, used in World War I, World War II and the Gulf War, always knew how to fly home. Pigeon houses in France were torn down during World War I, because they were a sign of affluence.

Cber Ami is the most famous of World War I pigeons, inspiring June 13 annually as “International Pigeon Day”.  Cher Ami died of his multiple war wounds on June 13, 1919 — less than a year after he had completed his service to the United States Army Signal Corps.  Upon his death a taxidermist preserved the small pigeon for future generations, a bird with a story that became an inspiration to millions over the years. Today, visitors to the National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. can still see Cher Ami, preserved for history alongside the French Croix de Guerre with palm that was awarded to him by the French government.

A pelican bird in Savannah ironwork at the home first occupied by Judge Robert M. Charlton (built 1853) on Monterey Square in downtown Savannah, Georgia USA.

Savannah birding tours are offered by Wilderness Southeast. Birding field trips  are available via the Ogeechee Audubon Society in Savannah.

By copy here, we invite “Birding the American Civil War: Savannah to Charleston” 2016 tour, sponsored by WINGS Birding Tours Worldwide, to stay with us and other romantic bed and breakfasts in Savannah during birding tours in Savannah, Georgia USA.

On November 2, 2013, someone submitted to Vox Populi in the Savannah Morning News this entry, in part: “Where have all Savannah’s pigeons gone? River Street, Forsyth Park and the squares downtown used to be full of pigeons….”

We at Green Palm Inn are looking for them too, as the weather warms. Let us know when you’re flying in or headed our way! Email or telephone (912) 447-8901. Follow us on Twitter @GreenPalmInn.

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City of Savannah, Animal Ordinance, Sec 9-5003. Protection Of Birds.
The entire area embraced within the corporate limits of the city is hereby designated as a bird sanctuary; and it shall be unlawful to trap, hunt, shoot or attempt to shoot or molest in any manner any bird or wild fowl or to rob bird nests or wild fowl nests in such sanctuary; provided, however, that if pigeons, starlings or similar birds are found to be congregating in such numbers in a particular locality that they constitute a nuisance or a menace to health or property in the opinion of the proper health authorities of the city, such health authorities shall meet with representatives of the Audubon Society, Bird Club, Garden Club or Humane Society, or as many of such clubs as are found to exist in the city, after having given at least three days actual notice of the time and place of such meeting to the representatives of the clubs. If, as a result of such meetings, no satisfactory alternative is found to abate such nuisance, then such birds may be destroyed in such numbers and in such manner as is deemed advisable by the health authorities, under the supervision of the police chief. (Code 1977, §9-5003)

P.S. Did you have your pigeon peas for New Years Day or Christmas?

“Pigeon Peas” for New Year’s Day or Christmas

In Barbados for Christmas they dine on Pigeon Peas (also Congo Peas) in a dish called ‘Doved’ Peas, similar to Hoppin’ John.

Like the pigeon peas, cow peas (aka black-eyed peas) are thought to have been introduced to America by African slaves who worked the rice plantations. Served on New Year’s Day in the American south, Hoppin’ John is a rich bean dish made of black-eyed peas simmered with spicy sausages, ham hocks, or fat pork, rice, tomato sauce, and served with white rice.

Copyright 2014 Green Palm Inn.

Jolly Savannah Deal & Warm Winter Vacation: Sub Tropical Savannah GA — 32° 5′N 81° 5′W 31 Oct 2014, 4:13 am

SAVANNAH Georgia — When Old Man Winter travels to Savannah — America’s most beautiful city — we think he gets his welcome reprieve: no snow!

Savannah B&B inn hostess Diane McCray is ready for Christmas in Savannah GA USA.

Wondering Why? Look at the distance from Savannah, Georgia to …

North Pole: 4,004 miles
Equator: 2,211 miles
South Pole: 8,427 miles

Yes, our southern USA city is subtropical — 32° 5′N 81° 5′W!

Shopping tip: We love the custom pillows from #Savannah artist, Lane Shorkey Huerta — at LoveLane on etsy!

Even in winter, there are BIG unchangeables in our “jolly, little, Savannah”.  This is only a sampling of what tops the list of popular reasons to visit this southern city any time of year.

“Jolly, friendly, little Savannah” … in Winter

It was William Makepeace Thackeray who wrote of “… jolly, friendly, little Savannah”, recorded in “The works of William Makepeace Thackeray, Volume 10“.

Wanderlust travelers may appreciate little Green Palm Inn’s last minute winter deal.

 A Savannah Holiday on a Budget! 4-Nights, January 4 – January 29, 2015 Deal … Book Green Palm Inn’s Sabal Palm or Royal Palm suites for 3 nights, and get the 4th night free, Sunday through Thursday. Normal rate- $199 plus tax per night; $149.25 plus tax per night with deal! Valid January 4 – January 29, 2015 stay only, and may not be combined with any other discount or package. Call 912-447-8901 or Toll Free (USA and Canada) 888/606-9510.

Savannah has the world’s longest avenue of Live Oak Trees at the famous Wormsloe Plantation’s historical site, now a Georgia State Park.

Places and stories we like that depict Savannah’s beauty-packed, subtropical winter follow.- The artisan ironwork, as seen in William Mahan’s photo, “Grillwork

- It is said that Gracie’s tombstone in Bonaventure Cemetery is warm in winter. “She’s Savannah” we read in the beautifully written “Bonaventure: Heaven’s Playground“. “Gracie suddenly seemed to me the reigning child; princess of ‘Heaven’s Playground’.” — Source:

- Don Shultz’s Yankee vantage point is a good read in his “Deep in the Heart of Dixie“, describing his visit to Savannah, still considered the Old South.-The “Savannah at Sunrise“, photographed by Bob B. [more here]

- “A fine dull morning” in Savannah is captured by Glenn: “A pretty woman sat on the bench of the square. Bright light came through the trees, leaving the meadow fresh and shining.  She may not have noticed me, on the cold winter morning at Savannah’s beautiful square. I kept thinking the warmth of the sun by looking at the red finger lit by the light.”

- Dick Keely’s picture of “Black Skimmer (Rynchops niger)” taken on Tybee Island beach near Savannah reminds us of the seabirds and migrating birds that fly the Atlantic Ocean migration path for breeding and winter migration.

- Jeff Cochran’s “Savannah Nights” photos capture the ambiance of Savannah’s Old South, in winter.  Here he shares a history of Savannah that includes vintage photographs and postcards — things you’re too late to see in person.

- Jim Simpson’s “Savannah Winter, 2006” photos accurately capture the city greenery and blooming flowers.

 Savannah’s climate is classified as humid subtropical (Köppen Cfa). In the Deep South this climate is characterized by long and almost tropical summers, with temperatures reaching freezing on only 24 days in the winter (and with rare snowfall). Due to its proximity to the Atlantic coast, Savannah rarely experiences temperatures as extreme as those in Georgia’s interior…. As the city is south of the snow line, it rarely receives snow in winter. Occasional Arctic cold fronts in winter can push nighttime temperatures as low as 25 °F (−4 °C), but rarely further than that. – Source: Wikipedia Savannah, Georgia

Green Palm Inn has last minute vacation deals that require very little vacation planning.  Even locations farthest away from Savannah, like Perth Australia‘s 11,456 miles, can arrive easily to this Georgia Coast vacation destination via direct airline routes – Australia – Dallas/Fort Worth – Savannah!

Get away this winter to Savannah, Georgia … and Green Palm Inn! 

P.S. Curious about other cities around Savannah’s north latitude?

  • Shanghai, China
  • Amman, Jordan
  • Dallas, Texas, U.S.A.
  • Jerusalem, Israel
  • Lahore, Pakistan

An “Aha!” Moment in Savannah Sightseeing: “Fabulous, Small Things You Might Miss!” says Savannah Tourism Star at Green Palm Inn 24 Sep 2014, 7:26 pm

SAVANNAH, Georgia USA — Little surprises in Savannah, call them serendipity, are in plain view but too often missed by Savannah tourists, travelers, and locals.

Bishop’s Crook Lamp Posts are unique in #Savannah #Georgia’s National Landmark Historic District and in New York City NY | Photo © River North Photography

The Bishop’s Crook Lamp Post gives travelers one of those wonderful “Aha!” moments in Savannah, Georgia USA!

This Green Palm Inn post touts one more unique Savannah tip, hopefully a happy discovery for your own “Aha!” moment during your sightseeing walks in Savannah’s National Landmark Historic District downtown.

Uniquely prominent on the streets of New York City, New York, and Savannah, Georgia, are the decorative cast iron lamp posts known as “Bishop’s Crook Lamp Posts“. You’ll find them seemingly embossed into the scenery, stalwartly placed at least along Savannah’s Bull Street corridor.

“A number of ornamental arc lamp posts were designed [and installed]. The earliest of these, introduced around 1900, is the BISHOP’S CROOK, so ubiquitous it is almost a symbol of New York, though it was installed elsewhere in the U.S. (for example, in Savannah, Ga.).” Source: Historic Street Lamposts:  Boroughs of the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens. “The ‘Bishop’s Crook’ lamppost introduced electric lighting to New York City,” writes Shorpy Historic Picture Archive.

Bishop’s Crook Lamp Posts

Several of the prestigious lamp posts are around Wright Square (informally called ‘Courthouse Square’).

In the first photo (left above) the Bishop’s Crook Lamp Post is spotted along the sidewalk at the corner of President Street and Bull Street near the old yellow brick Chatham County Courthouse, now used for county administrative offices.

In downtown Savannah on Wright Square, the U.S. Federal Courthouse with Bishop’s Crook Lamp Posts along the sidewalk

Another prominent place to find the Bishop’s Crook Lamp Post is  alongside the Scottish Rite Building on Madison Square.  Without knowing the significance, you have probably seen the photo often as an iconic symbol of historic Savannah.

Tip: Stop for lunch at the Gryphon Tea Room, Bull Street and Charlton Street, in the Scottish Rite building that overlooks Madison Square.

Yet another series of the Bishop’s Crook Lamp Posts are seen along the sidewalk of the Tomochichi Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse, also overlooking Wright Square in Savannah, Georgia. (second photo left, above)

The Georgia Historical Society documents that the “Bull Street Improvement Project“, which was proposed by philanthropist Mills B. Lane IV (1942-2001) in 1989, replaced missing Bishop’s Crook Lamp Posts along Bull Street downtown.

Savannah this way! (TM) — What new introductions may we make for your next visit in Savannah, Georgia? Our Green Palm Inn’s innkeeper Diane Crews is a Savannah tourism star, a true Savannah insider who is happy to share unique Savannah tips!

More “Serendipity in Savannah” in Green Palm Inn’s post of April 2012.

Diane Crews, Innkeeper and cultural explorer
Green Palm Inn, a top-pick bed and breakfast cottage
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Fall Weekend in Savannah: Green Palm Inn’s Small Savannah Bed and Breakfast Likened To A Sweet Pumpkin 12 Sep 2014, 7:52 pm

“Eat, Drink & Be Scary” … Fun-loving fall Halloween pumpkins are at top-rated Savannah bed and breakfast — Green Palm Inn in historic district downtown.

SAVANNAH Georgia – What a fun thought — Green Palm Inn’s small Savannah bed and breakfast compared to a “Sugar Pie” pumpkin! You can decide during your fall trip to Savannah!

“I would rather sit on a pumpkin, and have it all to myself, than be crowded on a velvet cushion.” – Henry David Thoreau

In this harvest season, we went looking for carved Jack-o-lantern pumpkin ideas and stumbled upon the ‘sweet pumpkin’ – the ‘Sugar Pie’ pumpkin.  Just the thought of a sweeter choice and a place with more enjoyment on the inside gave us the thought – our small, four-bedroom Green Palm Inn is so much like the sweet pumpkin!

  • Sweet Pumpkins* are grown for their edible sweet inside. They are sometimes called Sugar Pie, pie pumpkins or baking pumpkins.  The plump and magical shape of cheese pumpkins (sweet and firm flesh, ideal for roasting), along with Rouge Vif d’Etampes pumpkins, called “Cinderella pumpkins” make these easy to imagine as suddenly springing into a fairytale carriage.
  • Jack-o-lantern pumpkins are field pumpkins, grown for their bigger, hollow inside.

A Savannah Halloween downtown at top-rated and cozy Green Palm Inn bed and breakfast in the historic district.

Below are a few easy pumpkin recipes that caught our eye –

“Everyone can identify with a fragrant garden, with beauty of sunset, with the quiet of nature, with a warm and cozy cottage.” — Thomas Kincade

Haven’t you heard the expression ‘glass and steel hotels’?  Business travelers — even those attending Savannah conventions — tell us they prefer Green Palm Inn’s cozy bed and breakfast charm and gourmand breakfast for a welcome break from the big hotels in Savannah.

Fun-loving Savannah Halloween decor at cozy bed and breakfast downtown — Green Palm on Greene Square in the historic district.

Get here when you can. You’ll love fall in Savannah!  Green Palm Inn will be sweetly baking away in our cozy bed and breakfast inn, welcome your arrival, and have plenty of local, insider recommendations for your fall trip.  Toll free (USA and Canada) 888-606-9510; local 912.447.8901.

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*References:, Winter Squash Pumpkin and Martha Stewart.

B&B Inn Highlights Greek in Savannah: Greek Revival Architecture, Greek Food Festival & Heritage 11 Sep 2014, 7:58 pm

Greek Revival Architecture in Savannah, GA

SAVANNAH Georgia – Once a year in Savannah’s beautiful autumn, the Greek community rolls out the carpet of welcome to Greek music, dancing, food, and heritage.

The Savannah Greek Food Festival is happening again this fall – October 9 – 11, 2014.

“On April 7, 1910, the Greeks of Savannah celebrated the 80th anniversary of the nation of Greece’s independence from Turkish rule. The anniversary was marked throughout the day with religious and civic events, including a parade, addresses, banquet and dance.” –  Source: A Century of History, Savannah City Hall Centennial, 1906-2006

Greeks riding in Savannah St Patrick’s Day Parade (1907)

This little Savannah B&B wishes to encourage even a bigger Greek celebration by taking in Savannah’s Greek Revival architecture, showcasing architecture with elements of ancient Greece, and Greek restaurants.

But where?

- The Nathanael Greene Monument (Johnson Square) is designed by William Strickland (1788-1854), one of the principal architects responsible for popularizing the Greek Revival Style in America.

- In 1864, the Massie School (now Massie Heritage Center) on Calhoun Square, a Greek Revival building, served as a hospital. After the Civil War, it served as a school for the Freedmen.

- The Central of Georgia Railroad’s Gray Building is now a Savannah College of Art and Design property. A good example of Greek Revival architecture, it is a component of the large complex of mid-19th century railroad structures, and one of the oldest such facilities in the country. This building was the first permanent office building of The Central and Georgia Railroad and housed transportation and administrative offices.

- First Baptist Church (223 Bull Street on Chippewa Square) is a good example of Greek Revival Style of the pure temple form, and an Integral part of Savannah National Register. Here Union and Confederate troops attended worship services under one roof during the American Civil War.

- Ships of Sea Museum (formerly Scarbrough Mansion) is an unusual Regency-Greek Revival house designed by Savannah architect William Jay. The house was built for the prominent merchant, planter, and inventor, William Scarbrough. It was Mr. Scarbrough who led the enterprise to build and launch the Steamship Savannah, the first steam vessel to cross the Atlantic Ocean.

- The Savannah Visitors Center / Welcome Station (header photo) was erected in 1860, but not in use until 1865. The “Passenger Depot” is a two story structure of red brick. Pilasters ornament the entrances facade to the building, and its windows are arched. These features give it an eclectic appearance of Greek revival and Italianate styles. Due to the Civil War, the glass and other materials needed to complete it were not available so the structure was boarded up to prevent it from deterioration. The structure was used as a passenger train station for over a hundred years. It is now the Welcome Station, better known at the Savannah Visitors Center in downtown Savannah, Georgia (Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard near Liberty Street).

- One cannot come to Savannah without savoring Leopold’s Ice Cream. Founded in 1919 by three immigrant brothers from Greece –  George, Peter, and Basil Leopold — today Peter’s son, Stratton Leopold and his wife Mary serve up “Good Things to Eat. Good Things to Drink™ — including the Leopold family’s secret formulas, which feature only the best quality ingredients.

Who remembers ‘Anton’s’, Savannah’s first real deli, which was located on the north side of Broughton Street near Bull Street. It was complete with dill pickles on every table. Its owner, Andy Andrews, was a Greek-American who invariably visited customers (before they took their final bite), saying: “I hope you enjoyed it.” Everyone knew this meant, “Ok, now that you’ve eaten, get out and make room for the next customer.”

Even after this Greek Festival weekend, we hope you’ll take in the best of Greek culture and architecture year around in Savannah. Greek cuisine is available at the Olympic Café (on River Street), Troy Mediterranean café (on Wilmington Island), Zoë’s Kitchen on Victory Drive near Whole Foods Market, and Yia Yia’s Kitchen market and cafe on Habersham Street near Washington Avenue.

Savannah this way!™ — What new introductions may we make for your next visit in Savannah?

Diane McCray, Innkeeper and cultural explorer
Green Palm Inn, a bed and breakfast home
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Couples Getaway! RnR Marathon, Food & Wine, Veterans Parade 1 Sep 2014, 7:03 am

SAVANNAH Georgia (July 8, 2013; updated November 1, 2014) — Make it a foursome – couples getaway for running, a mancation for food and wine, or a girls getaway in historic Savannah, Georgia.

Our Savannah lodging tip: Book your holiday in Savannah early at Green Palm Inn! Stay longer. Consider extending your Veterans’ Day (November 11, 2014) weekend in Savannah!

Get away for a magical Fall in Savannah at Green Palm Inn’s top-pick bed and breakfast in the historic district.

It’s a delightful Thanksgiving in Savannah, Georgia, everyday at Green Palm Inn bed and breakfast with afternoon wine and hors d’oeuvres, plus desserts in Savannah downtown.

November is a lively, active time to be in Savannah, GA — a delightful combination of the Old South charm and vitality of the New South’s brunch-society.  Savannah events and active things to do, the events we believe are well worth your #Savannah trip, follow.

  • November 8-9: Savannah Rock N Roll Marathon, Relay and 5k. There’s a 2-person, 1/2 marathon!
  • November 8: Wormsloe Lantern Tours (6 p.m. to 8 p.m.), Georgia State Parks
  • November 10 – 16: Savannah Food and Wine Festival
  • November 11: Fee-free admission to Fort Pulaski National Monument.
  • November 11: Veterans Day Parade.  It all steps off at 10:30 a.m from Abercorn and Gwinnett streets (near Forsyth Park) with a ceremony at Bull and Broughton at 11 a.m.
  • November 13-15: GeekEnd, Savannah
  • November 17 … “Take a Hike Day”, a great day for an exhilarating walk, or telling somebody to get lost!
  • November 20, 2014 – December 30, 2014: Come for a taste of Christmas 1886 with the Gordons, at Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace. Birthplace is closed on Wednesdays, Thanksgiving Day, December 24 – 26, 28, 31 including Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Eve.
  • November 20: Savannah Philharmonic: Anthony Kearns in Concert: Ireland’s Finest Tenor
  • November 21: “Blues in the Night: The Johnny Mercer Songbook”, Equinox Jazz at Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, Lafayette Square.
  • November 22: SCAD Fall Commencement, Savannah
  • November 23: Savannah Philharmonic: Chamber Concert No. 3 – Totally Mozart
  • November 27: ** Thanksgiving Day **
  • November 27: Thanksgiving Jazz Brunch, AquaStar Restaurant, Westin @ Hutchison Island
  • November 27-December 26:  A Christmas Tradition at the historic Savannah Theatre presents holiday glitz and glitter with the 2-hour classy, live musical performance on Chippewa Square.
  • November 28 – December 23: Victorian Christmas Walk with Old City Walks of Savannah

We’ve got beautiful green here, too! Greene Square, Green Palm Inn’s home square in historic Savannah, Georgia

Of course, we’d love for you to stay at our top-rated Green Palm Inn, cozy and fun-loving on Greene Square in the historic district — the “Softer Side of Savannah”.™  Toll free (USA and Canada) 888-606-9510; local 912.447.8901. Email

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Savannah GA, Best Summer Vacation Places 2014: Stylish and Comfortable at Top-rated Bed and Breakfast Inn, Green Palm Inn 12 Jun 2014, 6:42 am

SAVANNAH Georgia (June 11, 2014) — When the largest travel site on the internet, gives summer travel trends and tips for summer travel 2014, they report, “The long winter may also have more travelers spreading their wings—71 percent said they will travel somewhere new this summer.”

Summer vacation 2014 travel trends from highlight reasons to choose Savannah GA for best summer vacation places in 2014

Following the top 5 choices for what to do in summer 2014, Savannah, Georgia vacation fits the bill perfectly, says the top-rated Green Palm Inn. Quoting the survey: “…54 percent of respondents plan to shop while on vacation.

Other top activities for summer trips:

Swimming / watersports – 49%
Visiting a historical event or sight – 49%
Going to a park or national park – 46%
Sightseeing tours – 46%”

What Are Best Summer Vacation Places in Savannah, Georgia?

Seaside sweethearts and a beach party are still in vogue on Tybee Island beach, a short 20 minute drive east to Atlantic Ocean swimming, watersports, and fresh dayboat seafood.

The most popular shopping is in scores of downtown art galleries, and in unique boutique shops like ShopSCAD, One Fish Two Fish, and The Paris Market.

Called the most beautiful city in North America, historical events, architecture, and landscape scenes are among the top things to do in Savannah‘s world famous National Landmark Historic District where Green Palm Inn is located.

Breakfast in Savannah GA top-pick bed and breakfast inn — Green Palm Inn on Greene Square downtown

Savannah is an east coast American city famous for its garden and home tours, urban forest, and downtown squares (garden green space parks). Green Palm Inn is located on Greene Square, one of 21 historic squares, called Savannah’s Crown Jewels, that decorate the landscapes. Stalwart Palmetto Palm trees and ancient Live Oak trees form nature’s umbrella canopies through the urban green spaces that make strolls feel so intimate and sheltered.

Within 20 minutes is Fort Pulaski National Park — famous as a movie location, American Civil War battle site, and nature walks with outstanding birding opportunities. Nearby is the Rails to Trails, popular for biking, running and walking marathons or private outings.

Rounding out the top choice list are day and night sightseeing tours in Savannah’s historic district. Popular also are off-the-beaten path sightseeing tours like the cemetery tours to the world famous Bonaventure Cemetery — movie tours and gourmet food and wine tours, and a Georgia State Park tour to Wormsloe Plantation. Wormsloe Plantation is Georgia’s oldest and most famous southern plantation, renown for its avenue of Live Oak trees and seen in movies like “The General’s Daughter”, starring John Travolta, Madeleine Stowe, and James Cromwell.

USA Today 10 Best cites Bonaventure Cemetery on it Top Ten list: “This storied 150-year-old cemetery, perched on the bluff overlooking the Wilmington River, is at once beautiful and haunting. The final resting place for may famous Savannahians, among them lyricist Johnny Mercer and poet Conrad Aiken, the 160-acre cemetery features striking monuments, elaborate burial vaults and grand live oak trees.”  The cemetery is promimently featured in the New York Times best selling novel by John Berendt, “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”.  Clint Eastwood produced and directed the movie based on the novel.

Innkeeper/co-owner Diane Crews touts Green Palm Inn (circa 1897) as “The Softer Side of Savannah”. Originally sea captain cottages, the four-room Gingerbread Classic B&B shares cottage-inn comforts in the quiet of Greene Square’s residential neighborhood in Savannah, Georgia’s National Landmark Historic District. Fodor’s guide calls Green Palm Inn a “pleasing little discovery” and “a little gem of an inn”. named the cottage B&B a top pick for a holiday trip – “Top 10 B&Bs for the Holidays, 2011″. For more information:; Email, telephone toll free in USA 888/606-9510, local and international 912/447-8901, 548 East President Street, Savannah, GA USA 31401. Twitter @GreenPalmInn, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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Savannah GA Couple’s Getaway: Fanfare of Beauty & Fun! 1 Jun 2014, 8:43 am

SAVANNAH, Georgia (June 1, 2014) — Sure to be a splendid couples’ getaway retreat, Savannah’s beauty and fun deliver a year-around fanfare of nature performing, architecture at full attention, and friendly citizens’ welcomes, according to Green Palm Inn bed and breakfast on Greene Square. Sometimes the fanfare is of ceremonial music and spectacular fireworks, too.

Drum and Fife Corps photo © Roger Beall, St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Hearing the Tuba Fanfare or Bombarde Fanfare from the organ music played at St. John’s Episcopal Church on Madison Square, or a wedding march for wedding couples marrying in a Savannah square or Forsyth Park is likely the only musical fanfare daily in Savannah. The exceptions will be on parade days with rows of bands and drum majors are in step, marching through the National Landmark Historic District.

For a couple’s getaway in Savannah, one might catch the visual fanfare of fireworks during First Friday celebrations each month on the Savannah waterfront, July 4th fireworks along the Savannah River, July 3rd fireworks on Tybee Island beach, or at Savannah Sand Gnats games.

All summer: Sand Gnats minor league baseball (New York Mets farm team). Check schedule for Savannah home games.

July 4, 2014: 4th of July Fireworks on the Savannah River waterfront


“Fanfares were never sounded once, but three times, resounding with long trilling chords, fanciful arpeggios, and a drawn-out drumroll.” — “Fanfare”, Eycyclopedia of the Exquisite, Jessica Kerwin Jenkins

Yes, the visual fanfares in Savannah are in multiples, too!

Johnson Square with Johnny Mercer memorial bench in foreground and historic Christ Church in background.

When romantic couples walk through Savannah squares, along uptown sidewalks, or stroll the Savannah River it is possible to imagine and sense fanciful arpeggios and quiet drawn-out drum rolls.

On special occasions one can catch the fanfare of Marine Corps Battle Color Detachment playing, like it did in springtime 2014 in Beaufort, South Carolina.  It’s a rare privilege to hear and see the U.S. Army’s Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps (Fort Myers, VA)play, like in the Savannah St. Patrick’s Day Parade. In recent years the U.S. Coast Guard Pipes and Drums (Norfolk, VA), and Irish Air Corps Pipes and Drums (Dublin, Ireland) offer rousing fanfare! In 2013 Fire Department units from across the United States played in a collective Pipe & Drum Corps marching unit in Savannah’s City Market during St. Patrick’s Day festivities.

Why choose patriotic, playful, or peaceful fanfare, when couples in Savannah can enjoy them all?!

Get away when you can. We think you will adore Savannah style fanfare and friendly Green Palm Inn as your first stop on your couple’s getaway in Savannah, Georgia USA.

Innkeeper/co-owner Diane Crews touts Green Palm Inn (circa 1897) as “The Softer Side of Savannah”. Originally sea captain cottages, the four-room Gingerbread Classic B&B shares cottage-inn comforts in the quiet of Greene Square’s residential neighborhood in the National Landmark Historic District. Fodor’s guide calls Green Palm Inn a “pleasing little discovery” and “a little gem of an inn”. named the cottage B&B a top pick for a holiday trip – “Top 10 B&Bs for the Holidays, 2011″. For more information:; Email, telephone toll free in USA 888/606-9510, local and international 912/447-8901, 548 East President Street, Savannah, GA USA 31401. Twitter @GreenPalmInn, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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2014 Savannah GA Summer Deal for Solo Travelers from Green Palm Inn 14 Apr 2014, 12:15 pm

SAVANNAH Georgia (April 14, 2014) — Get away to Savannah, Georgia, for some “me time”.  For a 2014 summer trip in Savannah, fun-loving Diane McCray at Green Palm Inn knows how to be just adventurous enough.

Green Palm Inn B&B’s innkeeper Diane McCray prepping 4th of July picnic in historic Greene Square Savannah historic District.

This favorite-aunt-like innkeeper has put together a special deal for solo travelers making the Savannah trip this summer. Yes, there is an option to bring a friend!

Cozy Green Palm Inn bed and breakfast’s summer deal is a “restful runaway all by yourself” package in Savannah.

The popular Savannah inn’s summer deal includes 2 nights lodging in the Sago Palm or Palmetto Palm for $350 including tax, new Wiley’s Championship BBQ cook book, parking, breakfast, Wi-Fi, afternoon desserts, and pre-dinner wine and finger appetizers, plus more #LittleExtras — personal concierge service and insider tips. Add a second person for $20 per night. Valid for lodging June 18, 2014 through August 27, 2014.  Telephone 912-447-8901 or Toll Free USA 888-606-9510; email

A few Savannah things to do and happenings –

A Savannah visit is, by nature, not a time to hasten! Dining in local fresh-local-seasonal cafes like Soho South, art galleries and museums (even a light lunch in the museum at Jepson Center Museum or SCAD Museum of Art in a re-purposed rail road building), ice cream at Leopold’s Ice Cream surrounded by the Hollywood producer’s memorabilia and posters, the fun nightlife in places like Lulu’s Chocolate Bar, days at Tybee Island beach, strolling the Savannah river walk, shopping the artisan boutique shops in the Design District and Broughton Street, taking in the hero statues in the squares and military sites like Fort Pulaski and World War II Memorial.

All summer: Sand Gnats minor league baseball (New York Mets farm team). Check schedule for Savannah home games.

June 28, 2014: SCAD Cinema Circle presents ‘Thelma & Louise’ (1991), Trustees Theatre

July 4, 2014: 4th of July Fireworks on the Savannah River waterfront

August 25, 2014: Free admission to Fort Pulaski, National Park Service’s 98th Birthday

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