17Hundred90 Inn & Restaurant

307 E. President Street, Savannah, Georgia 31401
Innkeeper(s): Patrick Godley
  • Introduction

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    17Hundred90 Inn, Restaurant and Lounge is a unique combination that merits your attention.

    Following the American Revolution and independence from England, the first free election of a mayor, city council and the formation of a Savannah city government occurred in 1790.

    Savannah was a small village with a few hundred frame buildings, sandy streets, horses and wagons, and a simple, yet prosperous life. Celebrating that heritage, the 17Hundred90 Restaurant and Inn is one of Savannah’s oldest restaurants and Inns offering fine dining and comfortable lodging.

    The restaurant and Inn are housed in what were originally three separate residences. The western part of the building was built as a duplex between 1821 and 1823 by Steel White; the smaller eastern section was built by the Powers family in 1888. The ground level with its slate floor and soft brick walls are thought to date from a previous structure possibly destroyed in the great Savannah fire of 1820. Original wood shingles are visible in the attic and wooden pegs and wedges holding beams in place can be found throughout the building.

    But the best part of 17hundred90 is the long tradition for fine dining and tasty drink. Fresh seafood, carefully prepared steaks, lamb and chicken and southern vegetables combine with fine wines and carefully mixed cocktails to make a delightful dining experience.

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  • About Our Inn

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    Nestled among its tree covered squares, Savannah, Georgia is blessed with antebellum architectural treasures, and premiere among the Hostess City's restored hotels and inns is its oldest, 17Hundred90.

    Named for the year it was constructed, 17Hundred90 has been in service for over a hundred years, providing an experience and attention to detail without equal in a historic city which prides itself in showering visitors in the unhurried luxury and service of times gone by.

    It is within easy walking distance (three short blocks) from Savannah’s renowned Factors Walk and River Street, perhaps the south’s finest restoration of an antebellum river port.

  • About Our Guest Rooms

    The Inn also has 14 Comfortable rooms, each with king or queen sized bed, private bath, a growing collection of antiques and ghosts waiting to tuck you in at night.

    The 3-story Guest House which is located across the street on York was built in 1875. A Norwegian shipbuilder who was living there in the 1890’s is believed to have hand-painted the parlor ceilings to help cover the cost of rent.

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    17Hundred90 Inn

  • About Our Restaurant

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    The restaurant is tastefully decorated in old southern tradition from the perfectly restored fireplaces to the brick floors throughout. Our dining area seats a maximum of 100 patrons, yet still maintains a cozy and inviting environment. At 17Hundred90 you are guaranteed wonderful entrées, professional service, and an elegant setting in which to enjoy your evening out. Travel Host Magazine cited our restaurant as being “the kind of place that makes its customers feel good about being there and going back”.

    17 Hundred 90 has been a tradition in Savannah for over a century and has been acclaimed as “the most elegant restaurant in Savannah” by Gourmet Magazine. We hope that your experience at 17Hundred90 will compliment your memories for years to come and remain a highlight of your stay in the wonderful historic city of Savannah.

  • About Our Lounge

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    A great neighborhood pub in the finest tradition, the Lounge at 17Hundred90 is a favorite haunt for locals and our guests. With our unique wine selection and experienced bartenders, all tastes are satisfied and all thirsts are quenched. Georgia Trend magazine singled out our restaurant and lounge as a favorite spot for “financiers, business people, and professionals.”

    The Lounge at 17Hundred90 has been an oasis from the hustle and bustle of this ancient port town for friends new and old for decades. An old southern saying goes, “In Atlanta, people ask what you do for a living; in Macon, they ask where you go to church; in Charleston, they ask you from what family do you belong; in Savannah, they ask you, What can I get you to drink?”

  • Hauntings

    17Hundred90 Inn pumpkinsIf you are a visitor to the charming state of Georgia, plan a unique ghost-hunting adventure and stay at one of Georgia’s historic haunted hotels. And if you are a resident of Georgia, get to know your state’s spookier side and embark on an exploration of the unexplainableand visit one of Georgia’s very own haunted hotels.

    One of its most haunted hotel is the historic 17HUndred90 Inn, in Savannah, that is home to several ghosts, one who has a keen dislike of the female persuasion.

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