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Whitewater Rafting in Chattanooga 23 May 2016, 2:00 am

Warmer weather is here, and it’s time to start planning all of the fantastic outdoor adventures you’re going to take this year.  Chattanooga is one destination that should definitely be on your list.  It has long been hailed as a premiere outdoors destination, recently even beating competitors out around the country to earn the title the “Best Town Ever” by outside magazine.  Whether it’s rock climbing, road and mountain biking, horseback riding, hiking, white-water rafting, hang gliding, caving, or just about any other adventurous activity you can think of, you’ll find it right here in the exciting city of Chattanooga. With water flowing through the very heart of the city, Chattanooga is a virtual water playground for anyone looking to do some whitewater rafting or paddling.  Get your adventure on this summer, and book your room at our Tennessee Bed and Breakfast today.

Challenging Whitewater Rafting

Whether it’s on the Hiwassee, Ocoee, Chickamauga, Sequatchie, or the Tennessee River itself, there are tremendous opportunities for whitewater rafting in and around Chattanooga.  There are waters suitable for beginners up through advanced paddlers seeking the ultimate thrill.  Two of the most beautiful and popular rivers in the area for whitewater rafting are the Ocoee and the Hiwassee, and there are several rafting companies just waiting to take you on a thrilling adventure.  Guide companies on the Ocoee River will take you through a series of class III-IV rapids perfect for adults and kids ages 14 and older.  The rolling waters of the Hiwassee River are a little more tame, featuring Class II chutes and wave trains, and suitable for anyone age 6 and older.  If you’re looking for an extended adventure in the wilderness further east, you may want to check out the Nantahala and Chattooga Rivers; they are perfect for adrenaline junkies!

If you’ve already tried your hand at whitewater rafting and are looking for something either more individualized or more intense, then you may want to give whitewater paddling a try.  A great place to start is the Rapid Learning Whitewater Program offered year round by Outdoor Chattanooga.  It’s a great place to learn the correct paddling techniques, all from the safety of the calm lake or pool waters. There are a huge variety of paddling opportunities for both beginners and paddling experts.  Iconic whitewater streams like the Ocoee, Hiwassee, Cartecay, Nantahala and Chattooga lie to the east of Chattanooga, but closer to town are the ridges of the Cumberland Plateau, where you’ll find some of the best steep creek boating in the Eastern U.S..  Wherever else it is you go this summer, you’ll want to schedule time to come get wet with us in Chattanooga! Book your room at our luxurious Bed and Breakfast on Lookout Mountain today.

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Chattanooga’s Riverbend Festival 10 May 2016, 2:00 am

In downtown Chattanooga, there are plenty of great music venues and concerts to choose from, whether it’s live music at a local restaurant or the market, a large concert at one of our great venues, or at one of Chattanooga’s annual festivals. In fact, music is a part of the very fiber of Chattanooga’s culture. The beats of Rock, Country, Blues, Bluegrass, Jazz, Pop, and more fill the empty space in Chattanooga’s summer nights, and give us a reason to celebrate. Though we’ve already mentioned the Riverbend Festival in Chattanooga as one of the top festivals to see this year, it’s worth diving in depth into this wonderful festival. If you haven’t already done so, book your room at our Tennessee Bed and Breakfast near Chattanooga today, and reserve your spot in town for the always-exciting Riverbend Festival.

2016 Riverbend in Chattanooga

2016 will be the Riverbend Festival’s 35th year delighting locals and visitors along the picturesque riverfront of Chattanooga.  This exciting event, once only a small gathering of performers over one weekend, has grown into a huge destination event that spans multiple days and draws up to 500,000 guests to Chattanooga during the summer.  In total, there are 5 different stages at which to watch the 100+ performing artists.  Tickets are $25 per day, or $55 for the entire festival (except Bessie Strut Day).  No matter your type of music, you’re sure to enjoy the Riverbend Festival.  The world class performances include classic rock, jam bands, country, urban and bluegrass bands.

Headliners to this year’s Riverbend Festival include a variety of great acts on the Coke Stage. Kicking things off on June 10th is Thomas Rhett, followed that weekend by Rock ‘N Roll legends Heart and country music star Chris Young.  Monday, June 13th is the Bessie Smith Strut. This popular day of jam-packed music features a variety of blues and local bands, barbecue, and people-watching. The big finale of this year’s Riverbend Festival will be on Saturday June 18th, and will feature 38 special.  Along the way, guests to Riverbend will enjoy REO Speedwagon on Friday, and Salt N Pepa and Umphrey’s McGee on Thursday, as well as other great acts throughout the week. If you want more than these great acts, checkout the full lineup including other side stages as well, and get ready to have some fun.  As if access to all of this tremendous music isn’t enough, the Riverbend Festival will wrap up the fun on Saturday the 18th with exciting fireworks display over the Tennessee River.  We would love to share the excitement of Chattanooga’s Riverbend Festival with you this year.  Book your room at our Tennessee Bed and Breakfast today, and start planning your personalized Riverbend lineup now!


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Explore the Public Markets of Chattanooga 28 Apr 2016, 2:00 am

You can learn a lot about a place by visiting the same places that the locals shop and eat.  Though public markets often act as a community hub featuring specialty shops, eateries, local artisans, and regional food vendors, they’ve also grown increasingly popular as tourist attractions as well.  From fresh produce and artisan goods to interactive events and live entertainment, there is always something fun happening at Chattanooga’s public markets.  On any given Sunday, you’ll find thousands of locals and visitors at the spectacular Chattanooga Market, which has been named one of the top 10 public markets in the country.  During the remainder of the week, there are a variety of other markets worth visiting as well.  Book your room at our Chattanooga Bed and Breakfast today, and discover the real Chattanooga at our exciting array of public markets available throughout the week.

Chattanooga’s Public Markets

The Chattanooga Market, which is undeniably the most popular market in the city, is open every Sunday from April through November at the Tennessee First Pavilion.  This public market is the region’s largest producer-only market, meaning that all 350+ of the vendors have to be directly involved in the production of food and goods.  In total, it represents over 5,000 acres of local farmland, and boasts over 300,000 visitors every year.  Not only will you find the freshest and most delicious farm produce and artisan goods available in Chattanooga, but visitors to the market will also enjoy live entertainment and interesting weekly themes, which in the past have included things like Oktoberfest, a Father’s Day Brew & Bluegrass.  Upcoming events this year include a Mother’s Day celebration, a Strawberry Festival, and Mountain View Bluegrass, all happening in May.

Though the Sunday Chattanooga Market is by far the most popular for visitors from out of town and locals alike, there are also three other public markets throughout the week that are worth visiting.  Of these, the most popular is the Chattanooga River Market on Saturdays. This artists market, located at the Tennessee Aquarium Plaza, is the perfect place to find local arts, crafts and live music.  Other public markets in Chattanooga include the night market at Cambridge Square on Friday Nights during the summer, and the Collegedale Market on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  Visit one of these weekly public markets during your time in Chattanooga, and leave with a true feel for the local flavor of this hip and scenic city.  Don’t miss spring in the markets; book your room at our romantic Inn today!

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River Cruise on the Tennessee River 18 Apr 2016, 2:00 am

The Tennessee River is a great source of pride for the city of Chattanooga. Known for it’s beautiful sweeping bends, the Tennessee River passes through downtown Chattanooga before turning at the base of Lookout Mountain, where it heads into the breathtakingly beautiful Tennessee River Gorge.  The Tennessee River Gorge, referred to often as “Tennessee’s Grand Canyon,” provides critical habitat for over 200 bird species.  There are around 27,000 acres of virtually undisturbed forest throughout the gorge itself, making this area one of the most biodiverse regions in the world; a true nature lover’s paradise.  One of the best ways to enjoy this incredible area is a river cruise. Book a room at our romantic Bed and Breakfast today, and enjoy an unforgettable evening dinner cruise or narrated sightseeing tour along the Tennessee River.

River Cruise

The natural beauty of the Chattanooga area and the Tennessee River itself makes the area ripe for river cruises of all varieties.  Whether by riverboat or steamboat, a river cruise in Chattanooga will be an experience you won’t soon forget, filled with beautiful scenery and wildlife, live entertainment and even a great meal along the way. Though there are a few different companies that offer river cruises from downtown Chattanooga’s Ross Landing, the most popular of these is the Southern Belle Riverboat.  This beautiful riverboat, designed to look like the riverboats of Mark Twain’s era, is a wonderful way to spend an evening in Chattanooga.  Their popular dinner cruises last about 90 minutes, and will showcase some of the most beautiful aspects of Chattanooga.

Another popular river cruise is the River Gorge Explorer, operated by the Tennessee Aquarium.  In no time at all, you’ll be gazing at the steep tree-lined slopes and rock outcroppings that makeup the walls of the Tennessee River Gorge.  All cruises are led by Aquarium naturalists, who provide guests with an insider’s glimpse into the area’s natural history and wildlife inhabitants.  Another popular river cruise in Chattanooga is aboard the Blue Moon, which offers Eco-Cruises through the Tennessee River Gorge and Hiwassee Wildlife Refuge.  Whichever style of cruise fits you best, there is no better way to see Chattanooga this spring than aboard one of these stunning river cruises.  Book your room at our Tennessee Bed and Breakfast today.

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Explore the Top Attractions in Chattanooga 25 Mar 2016, 2:00 am

Chattanooga has been revitalized in recent years, earning it the distinction of being one of the top travel destinations in the South.  The so-called Scenic City attracts visitors from across the southeast who come in droves to experience the hip and trendy downtown scene, the beautiful vistas from Lookout Mountain, and the endless variety of outdoor adventures.  Chattanooga was voted The Best Town in 2015 by Outside Magazine.  With the huge scope of outdoor activities and incredible variety of attractions to enjoy, it’s no wonder Chattanooga won the award. Book your room at our luxury Bed and Breakfast on Lookout Mountain today, and come experience the best of Chattanooga with us this spring!

Chattanooga’s Best Attractions

Though the great outdoors are the main draw for many visitors, there are plenty of other wonderful attractions in and around Chattanooga. Chattanooga’s top attractions range from the beauty of the Tennessee River and the rugged landscapes of Lookout Mountain to the historical battles of the Civil War, an extensive collection of American Art, and plenty of fun along the way.  Though you probably won’t have enough time to explore every facet of Chattanooga’s personality, these top attractions are a great place to start this spring.

Downtown Chattanooga

Within the downtown core of Chattanooga are a fun and interesting variety of the scenic city’s best attractions. Discover the reason behind the Scenic City nickname as you walk along the scenic Chattanooga Riverwalk, then hop onboard one of the many scenic river cruises along the Tennessee River.  Afterwards, explore the best aquarium in America, the Tennessee Aquarium.  A river cruise and admission into the aquarium can be combined together for one unforgettable afternoon.  History lovers won’t want to miss the iconic Chattanooga Choo Choo train station that was built in 1909, the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum, and Ross’s Landing, which is the location of The Passage, a memorial to the Cherokee Indian removal and the beginning of the Trail of Tears.  Art lovers will want to stroll through the stunning Bluff View Arts District along the shores of the Tennessee River, and should not miss the exhibitions at both the Houston Museum of Decorative Arts and the Hunter Museum of American Art.

Lookout Mountain

Visitors staying at our Bed and Breakfast will be perfectly situated to enjoy the spectacular attractions on Lookout Mountain itself, which are amongst the most famous sights in all of Chattanooga.  Here, visitors can tour Rock City Gardens, plunge into the depths of Ruby Falls, and ride the steep ascent of the Incline Railway, all just steps away from our luxurious accommodations.  While you’re on Lookout Mountain, don’t miss a stop at Cravens House, the historic Point Park where the Battle Above the Clouds took place, and which is part of the Chattanooga & Chickamauga National Military Park.

Outdoor Attractions

Outdoor Attractions in Chattanooga are a must.  Though we could write several blogs on the subject, here we’ll only give a brief overview of some of the most popular outdoor attractions in Chattanooga and surrounding areas.  Some of the top outdoor attractions in the Chattanooga area include Cloudland Canyon State Park, Cumberland Caverns, The Lost Sea, Raccoon Mountain Caverns, and the Ocoee river, where you’ll find some of the best whitewater rafting in Tennessee.

These attractions are just a few of the wonderful reasons to visit us this spring in Chattanooga.  Book your room at our luxury Inn today.

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Best Hiking Trails in Chattanooga 15 Mar 2016, 2:00 am

A quick look out the window will tell you that spring has arrived in Chattanooga.  Though the weather can be volatile and variable this time of year, there is no doubt that warmer weather and sunnier skies are here to stay, which has outdoor enthusiasts gearing up for another exciting year of hiking and adventure in and around Chattanooga.  From it’s breathtaking scenery and it’s revitalized riverfront scattered with attractions, parks, and restaurants, to it’s rich history and a never-ending supply of outdoor adventures, Chattanooga truly is a city of endless fun.  Frequently touted as a top outdoors destination, there is no better way to spend a spring day in the Chattanooga area than an adrenaline-pumping hiking trip into the stunning hills and parks around us.  Book your room at our luxurious Tennessee Bed and Breakfast today.

Chattanooga’s Hiking Trails

The topography of Chattanooga is diverse and unique and suitable for anything from a simple day hike to an advanced backpacking trip.  From the rugged tabletop mountains of the Cumberland Plateau and the gently rolling hills of the Tennessee River Valley to the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, there are endless acres of wilderness and hiking trails just waiting to be explored.  The most popular regional hiking trails are found on Lookout Mountain, Prentice Cooper State Forest and Cloudland Canyon State Park.

Lookout Mountain

Located just steps outside the door of our Bed and Breakfast are the 30+ miles of hiking trails on Lookout Mountain.  One of the most popular parks on this beautiful mountain is the 1.12 mile trail from Point Park to Sunset Rock along the bluff trail.  This hike starts with an incredible view out over Moccasin Bend, and along the way you’ll discover a portion of the famed Lookout Mountain’s history.  Those hikers looking for a challenge can cover Lookout Mountain from bottom to top along the Blue Beaver Trail, which earns its name from the  Union Soldiers who built the original trail.

Chickamauga & Chattanooga National Military Park

The Chickamauga & Chattanooga National Military Park is commonly known as the place where the Confederacy died.  The Union Army is thought to have delivered the fatal blow to the Confederate Army in the storied battles that took place on these grounds.  At the park,. you’ll find a 7-mile self-guided tour through the history of these grounds, as well as numerous other hiking trails, including the General Bragg Trail, the Memorial Trail, and the Historical Trail.  History lovers can also follow the Brown’s Ferry Federal Road Trace, which is a 1.2 mile trail leading to the Tennessee River and delineates the routes of the Cherokee in 1838 and of Union supplies in 1863.

 Prentice Cooper State Forest

This beautiful forest is only 10 minutes outside of Chattanooga, and rewards hikers with breathtaking vistas over the Tennessee River Valley.  In total, there are 35 miles of hiking trails, which includes the south end of the Cumberland Trail State Park.  the Cumberland Trail State Park itself is considered to be some of the best hiking in Tennessee, as it features some of the most scenic rock formations, cascading streams, waterfalls, and rocky gorges in the state.

Cloudland Canyon State Park

Cloudland Canyon State Park, located on the western edge of Lookout Mountain, is a wonderful place to enjoy the wildflowers this spring.  In fact, there are guided wildflower hikes occurring throughout March and April, and feature a beautiful walk through Sitton’s Gulch.  For more adventurous hikers, there is a rim trail around the gorge formed by Sitton Gulch Creek, and a series of staircases that lead to the bottom of the gorge as well.  Within the park, you’ll find two waterfalls cascading over the sandstone and shale walls.

Connecting Trails

Though there are many wonderful trails to explore in Chattanooga, long distance hikers also have unprecedented access to the extensive Eastern U.S. trail system right from downtown Chattanooga.  The Great Eastern Trail runs right through the heart of Chattanooga, and ultimately connects hikers up to the Appalachian Trail to the north in Virginia, and the Pinhoti Trail to the south, in Georgia.  In addition to these great trails, the Cumberland State Trail also has its beginnings on Chattanooga’s own Signal Mountain, giving hikers access to the rocky reaches of the Cumberland Plateau.

No matter where you choose to spend your days,you can’t go wrong exploring the endless hiking trails in Chattanooga.  Book your room at our romantic Tennessee Inn today.



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Endurance Athletes Love Chattanooga 29 Feb 2016, 2:00 am

Sports in Chattanooga are popular throughout the year. Whether it’s rock climbing at Highpoint Fitness downtown or participating in the RiverRocks competition or the Chattanooga Ironman, endurance athletes the world over know how fun and adventurous a place Chattanooga can be.  As we head into the spring months, it’s time to start thinking about and planning for the various events and competitions that take place here annually.  The next upcoming event is the Chattanooga Marathon in early March.  If you haven’t booked your room with us yet, book it today, and then start planning your itinerary filled with fun during the days you’ll be Chattanooga.

Endurance Athletes Compete

Though there are sports both relaxing and exhilarating to enjoy in Chattanooga throughout the year, the big endurance races that occur throughout the year have become a mainstay in Chattanooga’s adventure-driven community.  These endurance events, whether it be a marathon, a triathalon or other, are a tremendous accomplishment for the athletes who attempt them.  But it’s quickly becoming about more than just the physical challenge.  For endurance athletes who make competing a regular part of their lifestyle, these big events are a chance to travel around to different parts of the country.  It’s a chance to experience the best each city has to offer, all while doing something they enjoy and are challenged by. It’s easy to see the draw to Chattanooga’s biggest sporting events when you look at it this way.

The excitement for endurance athletes in Chattanooga begins in early march, with the popular Chattanoga Marathon.  This marathon will offer runners an impressive tour of Chattanooga’s beautiful downtown, the scenic Tennesse River, and up to the base of Lookout Mountain. Following the Chattanooga Marathon this year in mid-March is the Raccoon Mountain Marathon, which offers runner’s the chance to explore off-road Chattanooga. Though this race features a combination of trail and road-running, don’t expect it to be flat or fast.  Despite this, the chance to see Chattanooga’s beautiful, if ever-so-slightly more rugged side, should not be missed.  One of the most popular events for endurance athletes in Chattanooga each year, is the Ironman Chattanooga, which happens in September.  This impressive race is popular for both athletes and spectators alike, and features a 2.4-mile swim in the Tennessee River, a 112-mile bike ride featuring stunning views of the mountains and countryside, and a full 26 mile marathon through Downtown Chattanooga. Following this great event in October is Chattanooga’s RiverRocks Festival.  This month long festival is filled with ways enjoy the outdoors scene in Chattanooga, and includes adventures such as rock climbing, trail running, kayaking, rowing, cycling, mountain biking, and paddling.  During the same time frame you’ll find Chattanooga’s last major endurance event, the Seven Bridges Marathon.  As it’s name suggests, the course winds its way through Chattanooga and crosses the scenic Tennessee River six times.  Whether you’re participating or just here to enjoy the spectacle of these great events, Chattanooga is a great city for endurance athletes.  Book a room at our luxury Chattanooga Bed and Breakfast, and get ready for an exciting visit to the Scenic City.

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Live Music Venues in Chattanooga 18 Feb 2016, 2:55 pm

Music is a part of the very fiber of Chattanooga’s culture. Whether you’re looking for Rock, Country, Blues, Bluegrass, Jazz, Pop, or something in between, you’ll find it in Chattanooga. During the spring and summer months, Chattanooga music venues come to life as we play host to a variety of exciting music festivals, such as the Nightfall Concert Series, the 3 Sisters Bluegrass Festival, the Jazzanooga Festival, and the Riverbend Music Festival.  However, along the way to those great events are plenty of enjoyable music venues and events in Chattanooga that you won’t want to miss. Book your room at our luxury Bed and Breakfast near Chattanooga, and enjoy the many great music venues in Chattanooga during your stay.

Chattanooga’s Live Music Venues

In downtown Chattanooga, there are plenty of great music venues and concerts to choose from, whether it’s live music at a local restaurant or the market, a large concert at one of our great venues, or at one of Chattanooga’s annual festivals.  Track 29 and the Revelry Room are two of the most popular music venues for a wide variety of concerts. These state of the art performance venues are where you’ll find national touring acts, including Blitzen Trapper, Corey Smith, Alabama Shakes, and Son Lux.  If you’re in the mood for the soothing sounds of the symphony, head to Chattanooga’s beautiful Tivoli Theater, where the Chattanooga Symphony and Opera perform.  This beautiful music venue also where you’ll find a variety of full-scale Broadway or theatrical productions, musical concerts and comedy shows throughout the year.

In early march, the lead-up to the annual music events begins with the Road to Nightfall.  Nightfall is a fantastic free summer concert series which brings nationally and internationally acclaimed musical artists to the stage every Friday night in downtown Chattanooga.  During the event, one local act is given the opportunity to open for the headlining performers.  From March 11th – 19th, 6 local bands will compete nightly for this opportunity, and then the winners from each night will move on to the final competition held at the Revelry Room on March 26. Following this event is the annual Jazzanooga Festival from April 22nd-24th, the Riverbend Festival in June, Pops on the River on July 3, Riverfront Nights in the late summer, and the 3 Sisters Festival in early fall.  After taking in the performances at Chattanooga’s top music venues, a relaxing retreat awaits you at our luxurious Inn on the top of Lookout Mountain.  Plan ahead for these great music events, and book your room at our Chattanooga Bed and Breakfast Inn today.

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Explore Chattanooga’s Art Galleries 30 Jan 2016, 2:00 am

Chattanooga, affectionately known as the Scenic City, is one of the top travel destinations in the South. Adventurers the world over come here for the abundant and exhilarating outdoor activities.  From hiking, kayaking, and mountain biking to rock climbing, whitewater rafting, and caving, Chattanooga really does have an unbeatable range of outdoor attractions.  Not surprisingly, this has earned our great city top honors from Outside Magazine as “The Best Town Ever“. However, there is much more to Chattanooga than it’s beautiful outdoor setting and well developed outdoors scene.  Not only will you find the Nation’s largest collection of American art, but you’ll discover brilliant emerging and established talents in Chattanooga’s local art galleries. Book your room at our Tennessee Bed and Breakfast today, and experience Chattanooga’s spectacular art scene.  

Art Galleries Worth Visiting

Chattanooga has a distinguished arts scene, comparable to that of many other reputably artistic cities across the country.  In fact, Chattanooga has been voted the #2 ranked Top Arts Destination for Mid-Sized Cities by American Style magazine.  The foundation of Chattanooga’s art scene is the Hunter Museum of American Art, which is unparalleled in it’s collection of American Art.  This beautiful building, a work of art in itself, is perched on top of a ninety-foot limestone bluff overlooking the Tennessee River. Inside it’s walls, you’ll find 100 years of architecture and a collection of American art that spans from the colonial period to the present day.  A current exhibit you won’t want to miss is Seeking the Spiritual:  The Visionary Art of Elliot Daingerfield, on display until February 21, 2016.

After you’ve had your fill of American Art, it’s time to explore Chattanooga’s top art galleries.  Creativity shines in Chattanooga’s Southside, and there are plenty of interesting art galleries here worth exploring. Area 61 Gallery features an eclectic mix of art, ranging from busts made of melted records to fine bronze sculptures, and stunning hand-hewn wooden furniture. For something a little less traditional, head to the HART Gallery, which features works by homeless and other non-traditional artists.  When you’re ready to wind down for the evening, try out the adventurous menu at the Southside’s newest spot, the Flying Squirrel.  Menu choices include duck confit tacos and other interesting choices paired with fantastic seasonal drink creations.

Hopefully you have another day to explore Chattanooga’s art galleries, because you won’t want to miss those found in Chattanooga’s other art districts, such as the Bluff View Art District or Chattanooga’s Northshore. Galleries you won’t want to miss here include Plum Nelly, Winder Binder Gallery and Bookstore, Blue Skies, Gallery 1401, and the In Town Gallery, which is one of the nation’s oldest cooperative art galleries.  Those that want a hands on experience should head directly to the Ignis Glass Studio, where you can blow your own glass ornament.  The perfect finish to your artful Chattanooga adventure is dinner with one of downtown’s culinary artists, such as 212 Market, Easy Bistro, or IL PRIMO.  Whether you’re a seasoned art enthusiast or just enjoy perusing through interesting art, Chattanooga has something for you.  Book your room at our luxury Bed and Breakfast on Lookout Mountain today.

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Enjoya a Romantic Getaway in Chattanooga 18 Jan 2016, 2:00 am

Now that the busy rush of the holidays are over, are you finding yourself daydreaming, and longing for a place where you can escape to relax, reconnect, and rejuvenate your soul?  How does a luxurious Bed and Breakfast, nestled on beautiful Lookout Mountain, just outside of the hip and trendy town of Chattanooga sound to you? To us, it sounds just about perfect. Chattanooga, frequently touted as the South’s top travel destination, has everything you could want in a vacation destination: Fantastic restaurants, a vibrant arts and culture scene, fun and unique shopping, and a tremendous variety of outdoor recreation and unbeatable scenery to be enjoyed. At just about two hours away from Atlanta, it’s no wonder Chattanooga has become such a popular destination for romantic getaways.  Book your room at our luxurious Bed and Breakfast near Chattanooga today.  

How to Enjoy a Romantic Getaway

A romantic getaway in Chattanooga wouldn’t be complete without seeing the top-rated and beautiful attractions on Lookout Mountain.  When you stay with us at the Chanticleer Inn, there truly is no excuse for not visiting these stunning natural wonders, given that they are located just across the street from us.  Walk to the depths of beautiful Ruby falls, or enjoy the moment together as you take in the now famous “See Seven States” view atop Lover’s Leap at Rock City.  After you’ve explored to your hearts content, you’ll be ready to set foot in downtown Chattanooga.  Start your morning by taking a river cruise up the beautiful Tennessee River, indulging your senses at the Tennessee Aquarium, or strolling through the picturesque Bluff View Arts District and the Hunter Museum of American Art.  Grab lunch at any of Chattanooga’s delicious restaurants, such as Terra Mae Appalachian Bistro, The Meeting Place, or the Public House.  Afterward, spend the remainder of your afternoon gently meandering through Chattanooga’s shopping districts, or take in Chattanooga’s peaceful nature at Enterprise South Nature Park.

A romantic getaway in Chattanooga wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the spa.  The Chattanoogan Hotel is the only resort-style spa in Chattanooga, complete with access to an indoor pool, whirlpool, sauna and steam room both before and after your treatment.  The Ruby Falls Hydrating Body Treatment, which features a detoxifying body exfoliation, hydrating body masque of chamomile and local passionflower and a custom massage, is a local favorite and a “must-do” activity for any romantic getaway.  Once you’re fully relaxed, dedicate the rest of your day in Chattanooga to some delicious food and romantic conversation, just the two of you.  Appetizers can be enjoyed on the popular front porches of either Easy Bistro or Bluewater Grille, followed by a delicious steak dinner at Hennen’s, or the continental menu at Back Inn Café.  Just when you can’t possibly eat any more, head for dessert and coffee at local favorite Rembrandt’s Coffee House.  Here, you’ll find that the quaint, French stucco cottage, artisan chocolates, and other sweet treats are the perfect ending to your night in Chattanooga.  Afterwards, the romantic luxury of our Bed and Breakfast Inn awaits.  Book your romantic getaway at our luxurious Inn today.

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