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  • Romantic St Augustine bed and breakfast on the Bayfront (Victoria's Room)

    Romantic St Augustine bed and breakfast on the Bayfront (Victoria's Room)

  • Romantic bed and breakfast St Augustine

    Romantic bed and breakfast St Augustine


Romantic St Augustine - Off The Beaten Path 18 Aug 2014, 5:54 pm


History, Mystery, and Romance in St Augustine FL
Perhaps it is because of (versus despite) St. Augustine’s oft-tragic history that fills her air with passion. Passion for everything. If you have travelled Europe, you will know what I mean when I say that history and mystery too here are in the air. An after-dinner stroll will demonstrate this perfectly. The sultry night air, cobblestone under foot, music and laughter about, your way illuminated by the softly-lit homes and mansions tucked away on nearly every street. With every step you take together, you know that thousands and thousands of couples have stepped together before you, for the last nearly-450 years. Spanish soldiers, British soldiers, Seminole warriors have stepped before you. Slaves have stepped before you; civil rights demonstrators have marched before you. Happy couples, troubled couples. Lonely souls. St. Augustine is just one big energy ball. At the right time of year, the scent of jasmine will fill your senses and make you silly, silly with love--love for your sweetheart, love for St. Augustine, love for life. What could be more romantic! We he hope you'll find all the perfectly romantic things to do in St Augustine FL, and here are a couple of ideas to get you started.

Vintage Dress-up Fun
There is no shortage of St Augustine attractions offering you a step back in time, but The Way We Were at 86 Charlotte Street really does! Vintage fashion describes aged clothes from the 1920s to the 1980s that are back in style. Kim Myers, owner of St. Augustine’s premiere vintage clothing shop, has excellent vintage taste and makes sure there is something for everyone in her physical shop and her online store. Even the guys love this store. What a great date – playing dress up for a bit and buying (or renting) a great accessory or outfits for you both to wear out for your romantic evening in St Augustine! You can rent an outfit from the rental selection for one to five nights. Even if you would normally be a little embarrassed to wear vintage clothing, no one knows you in St. Augustine – it’s the perfect time to bust out your bad selves 2getha!

A Kiss, A Cuddle, and A Carriage Ride
St. Augustine is famous for its horse-drawn carriage rides. You can go at this one of two ways – as a historic and educational way during which your guide will most assuredly inundate you with wonderful stories of St. Augustine’s past, or you could just tell your driver that you wish to make the trek in solitude while you cuddle with your sweetheart, your heart beating in time with each clip-clop of the horse’s feet, your head swimming with love! If you stay at this romantic bed and breakfast, we can add your ticket to your bill and arrange for pick-up at the Inn and drop-off wherever you like (as long as it is on the established route). The ride takes anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. Coincidentally, Country Carriages also offers horse-back riding on Vilano Beach for which reservations are required.

Creative Couples Date Night
This great creative coupling date night activity is a limited-space / by-reservations-only and books fast, so make that reservation before you do anything else! With step-by-step instruction from local artist Jackie Rock, owner of Rock Art Studio Inc., you both will paint a different half of the same art work using acrylics; the two halves will create the whole when placed side by side, just like in your relationship. The class is $45 per couple and includes all supplies. It is a BYOB (bring your own beverage) and munchies (you don't have to share with anyone else) affair. This romantic bed and breakfast offers a gourmet picnic basket that you can take with. To reserve your creative couples date night spot now, contact If you're coming through the week, reach out to Jackie anyway -- if she is able, she will accommodate a special time just for you! Be sure to mention this website!

Wondering where to stay? Of course we hope you'll choose us (Bayfront Westcott House B&B) to host your romantic St Augustine getaway! Right now we are offering the best hot deal of the summer -- Stay 1 night (August 18 or 19 or 20 or 21) in a room that is regularly priced at $229 and pay just $149. How about that! That will leave lots of money for romantic activities!  Remember, this offer is valid only on single-night stays and on rooms that normally cost $229 -- Alexandra, Anastasia, Caroline, Elizabeth, Isabella, Menendez, Rebecca.

If we can help you plan a romantic stay at this St Augustine bed and breakfast, just call 904.825.4602 or email

St. Augustine's Diamond Lil 30 Jun 2014, 6:35 pm

Go Girls: The St. Augustine Series (1)
Luella “Diamond Lil” Day McConnell
by Jamie Narehood as published in St Augustine Entertainer July 2014

“If you wanna live your life, live it all the way and don't you waste it”! (from the 2002 song Let’s Get Loud). It seems to me that these days we get so caught up in whatever it is in which we are caught up that we forget to look at people as individuals and are barely aware of their presence, let alone express appreciation for their personal walk through this challenging life. It is important that we women support each other. It is important to recognize about each other that we all have had a shining moment, a crazy moment, a crap moment—a moment defined by a quick minute, a decade, a marriage, an awesome adventure, a fall from grace, whatever the case. Of interest is the fact that while St. Augustine’s Wikipediapagetouts a lengthy list of “notable residents” of the male persuasion; the list of gals is shamefully short. Go-Girls: The St Augustine Series is dedicated to the moments experienced by the crazy-cool and the just-crazy women of St. Augustine’s past and present. 
The first time I read about Luella Day McConnell (Lyonella Murat Day, Diamond Lil), I absolutely loved her story, every last little scandalous detail. Talk about a woman who chose to live it all the way and not waste it! Her story is long and complicated and controversial and crazy and impossible to relay in its entirety in the space allotted, so please note that my narrative by no means sets forth historical fact. It is a compilation of research and rumor and in essence just a celebration of her larger-than-life lust for life. Factual and ficticious, real and ridiculous. Let us all be the topic of such great debate.

In 1898 (when she was in her late 20s), Chicago-based but Baltimore-born Dr. Luella Day (a physician who specialized in setting broken bones and was rumored to have “owned” her own hospital) found herself longing for an adventure, and so she did what any well-educated city girl would do—she joined the Klondike gold frenzy. Her intent was to “attend the sick and make a fortune”. She knew “Alaska meant a land of eternalsnow and ice, the crossing of the continent, a voyage north nearly to the pole,and all the appalling terrors of the unknown and probably the unknowable … thelust of gold … an unquenchable passion.” And she did it anyway!

No part of this trip was pleasant, each stage worse than the next. Survival measures imposed by the Mounties on every traveler wishing to enter Klondike territory (Yukon, Canada, just east of Alaska) were brutal. Each person was required to carry one ton of provisions to include things like waterproof blankets, wool socks, flannel over shirts, a medicine chest, and enough food rations to last a year. The Chilkoot Trail was particularly treacherous--about 30 miles of challenging terrain that rose hundreds of feet, featuring a 45-degree slope of pure ice. It was rock covered, snow covered, wet and slippery. Snow storms were frequent and avalanches a constant threat. Sun burn, wind burn, sometimes zero visibility. It typically took more than one climb to get the required provisions to the top. Then a dangerous sled ride down the other side to another boat and on to Dawson City.  Quite a mission for anyone to undertake in the late 1800s, let alone a city girl. Can you even imagine on what you would have to draw from within yourself to succeed at this physically and mentally? For a quick visual of just how fierce was the Trail and what an impressive feat this was, check out the video “1898 Alaska Klondike GoldRush Story, Dawson City Yukon River”.

By all accounts, Luella settled into Dawson City life rather quickly. She invested in gold properties that panned out (she was the only woman at the time who owned a mine), and she met the man she would marry–California businessman Edward McConnell, who had built Dawson City’s Melbourne Hotel. Luella worked for Mr. McConnell and as secretary for several of the miners and soon was able to purchase the hotel herself from Mr. McConnell. Luella just got loud!

Now that you’ve had a taste of the crazy-cool side of Luella, here comes the crazy-crazy.

There is much debate about what happened next in terms of timeline amidst all the mudslinging and chaos in the Klondike, but the gist of it is that after Luella purchased the hotel, the manager of the Canadian Bank of Commerce was determined to buy that hotel for himself, Luella equally determined not to sell. Luella just got louder, and she was quite loud as time went by with regard to corruption allegations of Dawson’s city officials--a hot topic of dispute for decades.

I think it logical to assume that in the Gold Rush setting of the Klondike, corruption was as common as is excessive humidity in Florida. Her self-published account of her adventure (The Tragedyof the Klondike) contains all the parts and pieces essential to an engaging adventure story– a great plot, a strong heroine; a trek through the unforgiving wilds of a far-off land; villains; accusations and scandal; assassination attempts on heroine’s life to include arsenic poisoning an a foiled shooting; a late-night clandestine flee to safety; and much much more! This book itself is scanned to, cover and all, where you can read it at no charge, at your leisure.

During her Klondike residency, she and her husband traveled to St Augustine, at which time they purchased the later-famous property on Magnolia Avenue known as The Fountain of Youth.  I browsed a letter in Luella’s file at St.Augustine’s Historical Society Research Libraryin which the author made mention of the McConnells being entertained at the Ponce and that everyone wanted to see Mrs. Day smile. “She was a pretty woman with dark hair and eyes, slender, with a diamond set in her front tooth. She wore an ermine cloak from her head to her heels and diamonds on all of her fingers … and she talked in a graceful manner”.  A notice in the January 27, 1900, Tatler read Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Connell have journeyed from Dawson, Yukon Territory, to enjoy a trip down the American Riviera. Mrs. Connell is a lady of rare beauty and gracefulness and is doubltess intrinsically worth all the gold in the Yukon. They are making the Ponce de Leon their home.”

It is that home to which she fled the Klondike.  As she tells it, she returned home again to Magnolia Street after an arduous escape, battling ill health and the authorities every step of the way. She was minus her jewels, her fortune, and her husband. Rumor was that she hosted gambling parties in her home. She claimed to have found historic relics indicative of Ponce de Leon’s presence and decided to call the well on her property the Ponce de Leon well and charge $0.10 for a drink from the fountain of youth. She then began charging admission to the grounds.

Great entrepreneurial spirit, but she enjoyed stirring things up. When a neighbor’s horse walked onto her front lawn, she shot it (she was arrested). She ran a classified ad in the newspaper offering a generous reward for information on her missing gardener. She prepared an appeal to justice to President Taft accusing House members of conspiracy and murder. She made claims that Henry Flagler’s second wife Ida and Luella’s friend, who had been institutionalized by her husband for mental illness, was indeed not insane (coincidentally, Mr. Flagler had persuaded theFlorida legislature to pass a law that made “incurable insanity” grounds fordivorce). She printed postcards of a map in her possession and stated that Ponce de Leon built the fort; she later printed a magazine and claimed that the Chinese built the fort and Ponce merely finished it. She would stand in the street and distribute handbills to passer-byers with regard to grievances she had. She sold her property and then later disputed the legality of that sale, an action that generated headlines like “Lyonella M. Day Wins Suit on a Technical Point” and “Court Reports Case Reversed: Both Plaintiff and Other Party Found Guilty of Error”. 

Her final headline, however, read “Local Woman Reported Dead in Auto Crash”.  Luella’s earthly adventures ended on June 23, 1927. She was killed instantly when the car she was driving hit a tree, head on, near Island Grove, Florida, about an hour southwest of St. Augustine. The passenger in her car died three days later and had not been able to provide any details of the accident. Although the estranged Mr. McConnell returned to St. Augustine to claim possessions following Luella’s death, he did not claim her body, nor did anyone else. There are no records of a memorial service, a funeral, or a grave site.

It seems clear that she was the woman everyone loved to hate. I would like to think that her troubles at least in part were due to the fact that she was a smart and successful woman who wasn’t afraid to get loud. She would have loved the snarky Ecards of which we are so fond today (she probably would have marketed her own). One in particular I think would make her giggle—“Sure, you’ll go tell everyone that I was crazy, but you’ll forget to tell them the part about you being an ass.” []. Of note, when addressing the St Augustine Tourist Club, she has been quoted as saying in that speech, “I have not got insanity, I have not got hysteria, and I have not got any lady-like complications”. 

She was honored by The Great Floridians 2000 program, which recognizes individuals who made significant contributions to the history and culture of Florida. Her plaque is displayed at the Fountain of Youth, 11 Magnolia Street.  Michelle Reyna, a St. Augustine native and former employee of The Fountain of Youth, brings to life Luella in plays and private performances. Local author, Karen Harvey, wrote a great chapter about Luella in “Daring Daughters: St. Augustine’s Feisty Females, 1565-2000”. As noted previously, the St. Augustine Historical Society Research Library on Aviles Street has a file full of tidbits about Luella’s life. The Fountain of Youth gift shop still sells the water, and the Fraser family, who purchased the property in 1927, has done a stellar job of preserving and promoting this historical location, that which under their reign has become one of Florida’s largest tourist and educational attractions and significant archaeological dig sites.  

If you have ideas about a St. Augustine gal past or present to celebrate in the next article in this series, email your thoughts to

Terrific Tuesday Hotel Discount in St Augustine FL 23 Jun 2014, 11:44 am

Great summer lodging offer for July 2014!
While Supplies (Rooms) Last!
Bayfront Westcott House Bed and Breakfast
St Augustine FL
$169 for any room on Tuesdays in July
Valid on all rooms except Catherine, Victoria, and Virginia
Offer valid thru Tuesday July 29, 2014
Offer must be requested at time of booking
This offer cannot be applied to preexisting reservations
This offer cannot be applied to any other discounted room rate offer

Book now by calling 904.825.4602or CLICK HERE!

PLEASE NOTE: If booking online, remember to add to the comments section-
"Tuesdays in July"

If you are wondering what in the world there is to do
on Tuesdays in St Augustine, here are a few ideas.

Things To Do on Tuesdays in July!

St Augustine Distillery
Take a free tour of our distillery and watch as we mix, mash, cook and distill small batch vodka, rum, gin and whiskey in a historically renovated ice manufacturing plant from 1919. You will learn about the history of ice and distilling in Florida, see our products being made, and then taste our small batch spirits for yourself in our tasting room. There’s no charge and tours are going on all the time. Y’all come on by!

Bicycles / Those-Mini-Car Things / Segways / Pedicabs
St. Augustine Bike Rentals is St. Augustine’s one stop Bike, Scooter, Segway and Pedicab Rental and Tour Guide Shop. Located in the heart of the Nation’s Oldest City, touring St. Augustine with a guided segway bike, or pedicab tour from St. Augustine Bike Rentals is the most efficient way to see the city and experience everything that she has to offer. Private rentals versus tour rentals available.  

Special discounts for Westcott House guests!
Horse and Carriage Rides $115 (includes gratuity for your driver)
Country Carriages is St. Augustine’s Premier Carriage company, located in the Nation’s Oldest City, offering a wide variety of horse drawn carriage services as well as horse back riding (priced separately). We would be happy to make your reservation for you, with pick-up at the Inn and drop-off wherever you would like, and you can purchase your ticket when you make your Westcott reservation or at our front desk.

Rhetts Piano Bar at 6:30 pm
Of all the romantic dining venues in St Augustine, Rhett’s Piano Bar & Brasserie stands far above the rest of the St. Augustine Restaurants. Whether a Romantic Valentines Dinner, a romantic dinner for two, or just a special dinner idea is what you seek, check out Rhett’s Piano Bar & Brasserie. View the full menu or make a reservation. Tuesday entertainment lineup at 6:30 pm each week features July 1 Jim Geiger; July 8 Doug Carn; July 15 & 29 Jim Geiger.

Sunset Sail on the Schooner Freedom
View St. Augustine’s historic charms from a unique perspective. Enjoy a gorgeous two hour sail, look out for dolphins or cuddle with your special someone while sipping a cool drink. Watch the sun set and enjoy the beauty of the St. Augustine skyline outlined with sunlight. Music, wind in the sails, and the sunset-drenched landscape provide a perfect end to your day on the town or the perfect beginning to your night. Length of sail: 2 hours. Rate – $45 per person. CLICK HERE TO SAVE $30 WITH WESTCOTT’S SAIL AWAY TO ROMANCE PACKAGE.

Exclusive Dinner-4-2 just $50 at Bistro de Leon
Includes appetizer of the day; entrée of the day; and dessert of the day x2 plus 2 glasses of house wine for each guest!

Save $100 on your Romantic Rendezvous
Just $149 when you stay 2 nights Sunday thru Thursday at regular rate ($249 if using a room rate discount or just staying 1 night)
2 half-hour in-room massages*
Bottle of sparkling nonalcoholic wine
Platter of delectable fruits and cheeses
Bath salts, soap, and creams
$50 gift certificate to Collage Restaurant
Breakfast in bed first morning
Price Does not include room rate
To enjoy this savings, you must book a 2-night stay at regular rate
Any room, any 2 days (Sunday thru Thursday)
This reduced rate cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounted offer; you can however, of course still order this package at regular rate ($249) if you use a room rate discount. This offer is not available on holidays or during special event periods.

Win $100 and Save Another $100! 19 Jun 2014, 12:52 pm

Win $100
Trivia Contest St Augustine
at this Romantic Bed & Breakfast in St Augustine FL
Bayfront Westcott House
146 Avenida Menendez, St. Augustine FL  / 904.825.4602

Answer Westcott trivia questions correctly and be entered to win a $100 gift certificate to Bayfront Westcott House B&B. Entries must be submitted by midnight on July 3, 2014. Three winners will be selected randomly (from those who answer all questions correctly) on July 4 and will be emailed the $100 gift certificate.The gift certificate will be valid for redemption from July 5 thru October 31.Even if you are not one of the 3 lucky winners, if you answer all questions, you will still receive a 10% discount coupon for a stay at Westcott House, valid thru October 31.CLICK HERE to enter!

Save $100!
Just $149 (regularly $249!)

Package includes 2 half-hour in-room massages; a bottle of sparkling nonalcoholic wine; a delectable platter of fruits and cheese; bath salts, soaps, and creams; a $50 gift certificate to Collage Restaurant; and breakfast in bed first morning. This special price does not include your room rate. It can be purchased with any 2-night stay at regular rate (any room, any 2 days Sunday thru Thursday!) If you decide to use one of our room rate discount specials, you can still purchase this package but for the regular price of $249, with no minimum stay requirement!Visit for booking details!

This luxury bed and breakfast in St Augustine is ranked in the Top 3 B&BS in St Augustine. Ever wonder how one maintains such a rating? By making good on its promise "At Bayfront Westcott House, we will coordinate your every wish and spoil you every second"! The reviews speak for themselves; see for yourself, we didn't make up one word!

Celebrate Independence Day the St Augustine Way 10 Jun 2014, 10:12 am

 Photo Courtesy of Scott Manny / St Augustine Entertainer

Celebrate Independence Day the St Augustine Way!
by Jamie Narehood

 “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Each year we commemorate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776 – 238 years ago! So much conflict over those 238 years in the name of that independence. Religious wars, political wars, social wars, legal battles, battles amongst and within ourselves. Spiritual freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of nations, civil rights, employment rights, unemployment rights, animal rights. Oppression, repression, cruelty, domination, harassment, coercion, bullying.

It’s a big deal and a big responsibility-- this being human thing. Everyone  knows we St Augustinians love to celebrate centuries-old events, and it is important on this day that we take time to applaud the writers of that key declaration; acknowledge all those who have fought to uphold that ideal; pray for all those whose basic freedoms have been denied; embrace our family, our friends, our neighbors, our strangers; and celebrate Independence Day the St Augustine Way, with demonstrations, reenactments, great food, great sales and specials, and the streets alive with the sound of music.

My day likely will start with an early-morning bike ride (on a rented bicycle from St Augustine Bike Rentals on King Street because I took a spill on my own bike) through Lincolnville, paying close attention to all the civil rights markers along the way. I love how you’re just riding along thinking “nothing going on here” and all of the sudden, bam, there is a marker with a take-you-to-your-knees narrative of someone’s effort to uphold The Declaration.  

I’ll swing by the Community Pool at the Willie Galimore Center (399 Riberia Street), hoping to find it open on the holiday, for a quick but refreshing dip (admission is free)!

For a light but indulgent lunch, I love Bistrode Leon (12 Cathedral Place on the Plaza). I’ll be oh-so happy if it is Lobster Bisque day! Otherwise, I’ll “settle” for Chef P’s fresh honey pecan goat cheese served warm on a bed of artisan lettuce with tomato garnish. Even happier would I be if it is Arugula shot day!

After an espresso and maybe a bite of Bistro pastry, I’ll likely scoot around the corner and down the block to The Way WeWere Vintage Clothing Shop at 86 Charlotte and play dress-up while I decide on which awesome sale item to splurge (20% off all summer vintage clothing that day only). When on that street, I never can resist Wolf’s Museum of Mystery at 46 Charlotte, with its rare and “dark” items and of course the two live man-eating rabbits in the Enchanted Courtyard. After dress-up, exhausting indecision on what to buy, and an overdose of cool-as-heck weirdness, it’ll be time for a scoop of Blue Bell ice cream at 40 Charlotte / Fudge Buckets!  

Aviles Street (the oldest street in the nation) is a great place to kill some time—a cobble-stoned street featuring street-side cafes and restaurants, art galleries, museums, retail shops, bed and breakfasts.  

The firework display hits the sky at 9:30 pm; the show lasts for about 20 minutes. It’s fun, but it’s crazy, so you should decide prior to that night from where you are going to enjoy the show and get there early!  You might park just outside of the Downtown area and grab that bicycle, Segway, or pedicab driver I mentioned earlier (at 125A King Street). The All Star Orchestra usually starts their free 2-hour performance in the Plaza at 6 pm. The second-story balcony at A1A Ale Works (corner of King and Avenida) is an excellent spot to spend the evening and wait for the show as is the bayfront Tini Martini Bar veranda and Meehan’s Irish Pub! There is the lawn on the north side of the fort; I’ve heard the view from the Vilano Beach side of things is great; St Augustine Eco Tours takes their boats out for a water view, etc.

Coincidentally, for those of you who find aggravating the notion of having to miss July’s First Friday Art Walk because you don’t wish to battle the holiday traffic, you’ll be pleased to know that it has been moved to Friday, July 11, 5 to 9 pm. Take advantage of the Wicked Good Weekend Special and book your room at for that weekend (stay Friday and Saturday at regular rate and add Thursday or Sunday for just $99 more). There is also a full moon sale on the Schooner Freedom)

So enjoy your independence and all the freedoms and blessings bestowed upon you, but be prepared, be safe, and be wonderful to everyone you meet on July 4 and every day!

Romantic Getaway St Augustine FL 4 Jun 2014, 10:28 pm

Love, a beautiful expression of life;
romance, a beautiful expression of love!
[Simran Khurana]

Bayfront Westcott House Bed and Breakfast
146 Avenida Menendez, St. Augustine FL 32084
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Top 10 Reasons to Book a Romantic Getaway at Bayfront Westcott House!

This St Augustine bed and breakfast was built for romance. Well, not literally. It was built in 1880 as a private residence for Dr. John Westcott who was well known for his prominent military career, interests in transportation and politics, and research efforts in the cause and cure of yellow fever. He was a land surveyor for the St. Johns Railroad (whose tracks spread from the San Sebastian River to Tocoi) and was a heavy hitter in the development of the Intracoastal Waterway that links the St. Johns River to Miami. The house changed hands a few times over the years and did indeed see its fair share of soirées amongst St. Augustine's elite. In the 1970s, it was converted into a guest house and has been entertaining tourists and travelers ever since! Today, Bayfront Westcott House is a 16-room, full-service bed and breakfast. Every room has a private entrance. Most rooms have a Jacuzzi tub, electric fireplace, and outdoor sitting area. And we have 10 ways for you to promote or celebrate romance!
10. Exclusive romantic dinner offers from our restaurant partners.
9. Two in-room massages for just $70 when you book a 2-night midweek stay!  
8. Gourmet breakfast in bed, in the dining room, or on the bayfront veranda.
6. 500+ people have helped rate us in the Top 3 bed and breakfasts in St Augustine!
5. At Bayfront Westcott House B&B, we will coordinate your every wish and spoil you every second!
4.  Vintage charm, elegance, and dreamy bayfront location make Bayfront Westcott House Bed and Breakfast the ultimate setting for your romantic get-away in St Augustine FL.
3.  Facilitate True Romance with chilled champagne, a dozen roses with a card addressed to your special someone, and a private horse-drawn carriage ride for a very reasonable price!
2. Save $100 on our signature Romantic Rendezvous (on stays thru September 30, 2014), which includes 2 half-hour in-room massages; a bottle of sparkling wine; a platter of delectable fruits and cheese; bath goodies; a $50 gift certificate to Collage Restaurant; and breakfast in bed first morning. Please note this price does not include your room rate.  
1. "Over the last few years, we have returned to Westcott House about 15 - 16 times and have never been disappointed."
AMENITIES: Attentive, in-the-know staff; bayfront dining; breakfast in bed; electric fireplaces; in-room massages; flat screen TVs; itinerary planning & reservations assistance; Jacuzzi whirlpool tubs; parking; private out-door seating; signature gourmet breakfast; stay-over service; unique romance packages; adventure packages.

CLICK HERE to check availability and book your romantic getaway now!

Hotel Discounts in St Augustine FL 14 Apr 2014, 3:22 pm

Bayfront Westcott House B&B
146 Avenida Menendez, St Augustine FL 32084
Whether you are planning a private-and-pampered getaway or a sultry-but-social staycation, this award-winning St Augustine bed and breakfast will coordinate your every wish and spoil you every second. Vintage charm, elegance, and dreamy bayfront location make Bayfront Westcott House Bed and Breakfast the ultimate setting for your romantic get-away. Even though April constitutes peak season in the St Augustine bed and breakfast industry, we are pleased to offer discounts for East month! If you're looking for a reason to visit St Augustine in April, CLICK HERE for plenty of them (reasons), then read below to see which discounted offer you like the most!

April 14 thru April 17, 2014 - Emma's Room is only $169 per night.  
[1st floor, main house, queen bed, handicapped accessible shower]
Emma represents that which is all-containing and universal. Walk through Emma’s French doors and into this warm and welcoming accommodation, featuring enchanting antiques, elegant wood floors, and a fabulous Queen bed. The spacious bath is designed to be handicapped accessible and boasts a very large walk-in shower. Your private, far-corner area of the side porch offers a partial view of the bay and of historic Marine Street, just one of the multiple reasons this first-floor corner room in the Main House is an absolute favorite!

thru April 30, 2014 (Sun-Thurs) -  Discounted Cozy & Romantic Hideaway in the Ancient City 
[3rd floor attic / loft, Main House, king bed, electric fireplace, Jacuzzi]
1 night $169 (regularly $189);2 nights $321; 3 nights $519
Climb to the only room on the third floor where you’ll find an original pine floor (refinished to a fine shine), a King bed, an electric fireplace, a Jacuzzi, and a secret (albeit small) bay view or head down to the porches and courtyard! 


thru April 30, 2014 - Sail Away To Romance for just $60 (regularly $120)
This package is available as an add-on when you book any room at regular rate Sunday thru Thursday. On arrival in your room you will find a bottle of chilled champagne, a chocolate sampler from our local chocolatier Claude's, and tickets for a sunset sail for 2 on board the Schooner Freedom (just across the street).

Please note that room rate discounts cannot be applied to preexisting reservations nor can they be used in conjunction with any other discounted offer. Room rates do included a gourmet breakfast each morning as well as an early-evening social hour featuring wine, beer, and hors d'ouevres. To view our full menu, CLICK HERE.

Staycation - Northeast Florida - March 29-30, 2014 14 Feb 2014, 10:57 am

St. Augustine Staycation
March 29-30,2014

The end of March traditionally sports a pleasant temperature between 70 and 75 degrees -- perfect weather for a nice mix of both daytime and evening entertainment!

The Saint Augustine Garrison is a group of re-enactors who portray the life and times of the Spanish soldiers and their families in 1740s Colonial Spanish Saint Augustine. Extensive research has been devoted to historical accuracy in the recreation of 1740s period clothing and weapons used by the soldiers and their distaff during this time period.  On March 29, the Garrison will present an encampment depicting 18th century Spanish military arts and garrison throughout the day at the Colonial Quarter and Castillo de San Marcos. At 8 pm, the Garrison's Torchlight Parade will begin at Castillo de San Marcos and end at the Governor's Palace on the Plaza. Portrayals interpreting Spanish military life, drills and weapons demonstrations, and women’s crafts and activities of the period will be showcased. Visitors are invited to follow the soldiers, militia, and townsfolk in the parade and celebration. 10 am to 9 pm. Castillo de San Marcos. For more detail, visit

As long as you’re out and about that evening, the merchants of San Marcos Avenue (between Ripley’s Museum and the Mission Nombre de Dios) put on a great party too from 5 to 9 pm (the last Saturday of each month).  Book signings, live music, and refreshments at what we call the “Uptown” galleries, antique stores, and shops other shops.

On Sunday afternoon, Ancient City Poets host a social workshop at The Gallery Café (1974 Highway US1 in the Staples Plaza). The café is a cozy, eclectic eatery that features the work of local artists. The sandwich art is as awesome as the art on the walls, with creations like The Tempest (Soy Tempe Reuben, swiss cheese, sauerkraut, thousand isle dressing on marble rye; The Wild Boar, a pulled pork sandwich smothered in Kentucky Sweet and Bold BBQ sauce; The Ben Ten, meatloaf on Texas toast with sautéed onions, mushrooms, cheddar cheese, and mayonnaise. The salads are nothing to shake a stick at either – Strawberry Field Greens Forever; The Mellow Portabello; Hey, Who You Calln’ A Shrimp Salad, and Kelly Greens. To view their full menu, CLICK HERE. Registration for the Plant-A-Poem workshop is at 1:45, the $10 pp registration fee includes coffee and sweet treats; and the program begins at 2 pm. Bring your poem and a few extra copies to share with the group; learn to cultivate a poem seed and help it grow with feedback from other workshop participants. 

If poetry isn’t your thing, Flagler College’s Emma Concert Series will host a performance by the Karkowska Sisters Duo, Virtuosity Through the Ages at Lewis Auditorium (14 Granada Street). The Karkowska Sisters Duo (Anna on violin, Kasha on piano) is an internationally acclaimed, award-winning ensemble that has performed in many prestigious concert venues to include Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center. Tickets are $30 pp, and the concert will begin at 2 pm.To purchase tickets, visit

Located on Avenida Menendez in St Augustine FL, this St Augustine bed and breakfast, Bayfront Westcott House, was built in 1880 as a private residence for Dr. John Westcott who was well known for his prominent military career, interests in transportation and politics, and research efforts in the cause and cure of yellow fever. He was a land surveyor for the St. Johns Railroad (whose tracks spread from the San Sebastian River to Tocoi) and was a heavy hitter in the development of the Intracoastal Waterway that links the St. Johns River to Miami.

The house changed hands a few times over the years and saw its fair share of soirees amongst St. Augustine’s elite. In the 1970s, it was converted into a guest house and has been entertaining tourists and travelers ever since!

Today, Bayfront Westcott House is a 16-room, full-service romantic bed and breakfast; in fact, it was listed in’s Best of the South and one guest has said that Westcott “Sets the standard for B&Bs”.  Every room has a private entrance. Most rooms have a Jacuzzi tub, electric fireplace, and outdoor sitting area. In every room guests enjoy hypoallergenic microfiber sheets; plush but ecofriendly towels; and HydroSpabath products.

Explore our B&B at www.westcotthouse.comand book your room now. At Bayfront Westcott House, we will coordinate your every wish and spoil you every second!

Romantic St. Augustine 10 Feb 2014, 6:35 pm

Proposals, engagement celebrations, vows renewals, elopements, just-because romantic getaways. Whether you have been to the Ancient City oodles of times or are coming for the first time, February is a great time to visit St Augustine FL. The weather, this week in particular (mid 60s), will leave the heat-generating up to you, and here are a few hot ideas for a romantic retreat in the Nation’s Oldest City.

You’ll find romantic impressionism in February at Cutter & Cutter Gallery. Husband and wife team Mikhail and Inessa Garmash are considered to be two of the finest romantic impressionists of our day. The couple met while Mikhail was serving in the army, and he was so taken with Inessa’s beauty, that he painted her image around her hometown at night. The two were married shortly thereafter. The couple did not begin painting as a team until several years into their marriage. Mikhail was working on a painting of their two-year-old daughter, Polina, and she decided to add her own creative element to the piece when her father was away. Not wanting her husband to be upset, Inessa tried to fix the painting using her own artistic training. The painting was praised as Mikhail’s best work, and the two have been working together ever since. Music of the Streets; On the Terrace; and Long Lasting Sounds of Memory from the 2014 Collection are on display, and on February 14 and 15, a large number of new originals will be unveiled along with a very special private collector's party and reception. The significance of two artists working in unison is understood and has amazed those who love and enjoy the paintings of M & I Garmash. Contact the gallery at 904.824.0844 to RSVP.

Rembrandt Charms, Coast Diamonds, Lorenzo, Brazil Boutique, Sethi, Cargo Hold, LeStage, Richard Krementz Gemstones, Simon Golub and Sons, The Touch, Steven Douglas, and Citizen Watches – the caliber of bling waiting for you at St. Augustine’s Neff Jewelers at 7 Rohde Avenue. Dan Neff is a goldsmith with a degree in metals from the University of Illinois and has 30 years’ experience as goldsmith. Jan Neff has been appraising fine jewelry for 18 years.

Everyone says coming to St. Augustine is reminiscent of a trip to Europe. Well … meet fifth-generation Chef Jean-Stephane Poinard (member of the exclusive Les Toques Blanches Lyonnaises, a French fraternity of only 100 members led by legend Paul Bocuse, a French chef based in Lyon famous for his upper echelon restaurants and innovative approach to cuisine). At Chef Poinard’s Le Bistro’s de Leon, you’ll find dishes like roasted camembert served over new potatoes with lardon and walnuts; original Lyon’s gratinated onion soup with croutons and Swiss cheese; and escargot a la bourguignonne. Chef has created a lovely Valentine’s Day menu to include such choices as chive avocado mousse; an arugula shooter; billy bi soup (saffron and fresh pei mussels); warm pistachio and roasted almond goat cheese salad with pomegranate vinaigrette; ginger caramelized duck breast over baby asparagus; cool fish poached in a flavorful broth of coriander, cumin, and roses, with raisins, carrots, and zucchini served over couscous; chocolate bananas foster; and champagne. Breakfast and lunch are also available at Bistro, and the bakery offers the best baguettes, pastries, and sweet treats!

What romantic holiday would be complete without even just a bite of chocolate? From France to New York to Historic St Augustine, Chef Claude Franques Blends brings more than forty years of culinary experience to create his exceptional chocolates. Each piece is handcrafted with premium Belgium chocolate and a palette of the finest fruits, nuts, and spices from around the globe. Be sure to pop in to Claude’s Chocolate at 6 Granada Street.

Of course you won’t find a more romantic B&B than Bayfront Westcott House. Each guest room features hypoallergenic microfiber sheets (comparable to a 600 thread count); plush (ecofriendly) bath towels, and HydroSpa bath products.

Located on Avenida Menendez in St Augustine FL, this St Augustine bed and breakfast, Bayfront Westcott House, was built in 1880 as a private residence for Dr. John Westcott who was well known for his prominent military career, interests in transportation and politics, and research efforts in the cause and cure of yellow fever. He was a land surveyor for the St. Johns Railroad (whose tracks spread from the San Sebastian River to Tocoi) and was a heavy hitter in the development of the Intracoastal Waterway that links the St. Johns River to Miami. The house changed hands a few times over the years and saw its fair share of soirees amongst St. Augustine’s elite. In the 1970s, it was converted into a guest house and has been entertaining tourists and travelers ever since!

Today, Bayfront Westcott House is a 16-room, full-service bed and breakfast. Most rooms have a Jacuzzi tub, electric fireplace, and outdoor sitting area. In every room guests enjoy hypoallergenic microfiber sheets; plush but ecofriendly towels; and HydroSpa bath products. Enjoy a gourmet breakfast each morning (served inside or out as well as in bed upon special request) complimented by fruits, croissants, bagels, juices, teas, and coffee; water, tea, coffee, and sodas throughout the day; wine and beer as well as cheeses, dips, spreads, and a variety of hors d'ouevres each evening during social; and exclusive coupons for complimentary desserts at select restaurants.

There are still a handful of rooms available at this romantic B&B, so CLICK HERE to check availability and reserve your room now!