Arrowhead Manor Inn & Event Center

9284 Hwy 285, Morrison, Colorado 80465
Innkeeper(s): James & Marguerite Herb

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Using freemium items also has some negatives for shoppers: photoshop download no creative (a) consumers acquire minimum efficiency. (e) The endless usage of toonit photoshop download freemium items is not guaranteed. (c) Consumers may not look at the photoshop download no creative photoshop download no creative premium type useful enough photoshop download no creative to cover it. For a low cost option to freemium PDF application please look at the PDF Facility site for more information. This model could be beneficial to suppliers and customers because it enables customers to know more about an otherwise unidentified product free of charge, while generating sales possibilities for suppliers. (c) individuals are photoshop download no creative bombarded and forced by offers to update.

How to Write about Cause-and-Effect to get a College Assignment

Providers also get longterm rewards because free users develop added brand-awareness through expression-of-mouth and may ultimately become paying clients. In order to stabilize this dynamic, you can find approaches for buyers to retain fees reduced while still benefiting from premium functions. Because an important amount of photoshop download no creative people just have essential needs and will simply employ small characteristics anyway, this style provides value. For suppliers, providing the freemium product is photoshop download can clave de microsoft office 2010 version completa redirected here actually a fresh way of developing brand awareness with shortterm and long-term rewards. Low-cost premium application goods are a precious method for people to get into premium attributes as opposed to putting advanced attributes to free models.

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Nonetheless, if youre looking for adobe photoshop and illustrator download something very easy and dont want to devote a lot of money a static site is often an excellent spot to start and updating into a site using a CMS photoshop download 2014 italiano is obviously a solution down the road down the road wherever earnings from your site may be motivated back into the business enterprise. Certainly a number are of systems you'll be able to choose from, and often site design firms, like Large Pay in Norwich, have their very own custom CMS really to select from. The cost of sites which use a CMS to regulate this content are often slightly more costly but for apparent factors, there's more work for the manufacturers to do and there are also less maintenance expenses for them down the road down the road using a fixed site-you could possibly need to spend them to generate any alterations you required. The first option is a static website, as well as the second is the one which is versatile using a CMS (Content Management Programs). For instance if you are photoshop download 2014 italiano trying to photoshop download 2014 italiano create an e-commerce photoshop download 2014 italiano photoshop download 2014 italiano photoshop download 2014 italiano website. A website that is static does what it really says about the container. Unless youve got an on side webdesigner a CMS is truly the only method forward. There are some corporations for which a CMS isnt an option, it's a requisite.

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Your products youre likely to need to post new people will most likely photoshop download 2014 italiano vary and get previous ones buy photoshop adobe down. Therefore any pictures and information that you just have on the website has to keep unless youve got a developer on hand to really make you the modifications - really irritating if youre trying to revise a news story for example. If youre about expanding your organization online serious, however, you really should choose a site photoshop download 2014 italiano style which features a CMS. You'll find arguments as to the reasons you need to select each, but you want to be taking a look at the supplement of a CMS, when youre seeking to truly maximize of the site, and boost your conversions. download sport png photoshop It can't move.

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A person can zoomin to find out a small route on a great place, like, or pick out a single concept from numerous pages of the novel. " How are you likely to sound right of the? "It was supercool." Sobieski defined Agera y Arcas being a savvy developer with company know-how — a combination not always within technology pioneers. Microsoft Seadragon Software Seattle Times reporter Microsoft is currently acquiring Seadragon Software, a Dallas-centered corporation developing technologies that would be applied across a number of the giant's organizations, including cellphone companies web-search, mapping and digital -image programs. The engineering may also concentrate in on a single image from the number of photographs. "He Is definitely intelligent," Sobieski said. Gedye was an organization program manager of schooling products at Microsoft from 2002 to 2004. Copyright 2006 The Seattle Times Company

The best way to Design a Magazine

"He seemingly have lots of the business feeling that we frequently uncover is without different entrepreneurs who merely have a technological background." Agera y Arcas has granted Seadragon demonstrations photoshop cs6 download mit in the last year to libraries and research companies round the state. Its label improved to Seadragon earlier this summer. "The engineering that Blaise proven to us is ultimately different than alternative methods of viewing and imaging imaging currently " Sobieski said. It did not take long for enterprise firms to commit to the engineering. Agera b Arcas shifted the business to Seattle in 2004. Seadragon has photoshop cs6 download mit 10 workers and was launched in Princeton, N.J. The organization was formerly called Mud Codex, stated Agera b Arcas, but after obtaining the Madrona funding it improved its brand to Seadragon Software. Established: In 2003 by Blaise Agera y Arcas, then a graduate student at Princeton, N.J.

What photoshop cs6 download mit Are the Advantages and Pitfalls of Adobe Photoshop

Terms were not made public, Friday, and Seadragon or Microsoft could comment on the matter. The engineering can enhance photoshop cs6 download mit information collection, specially on SE's, explained Peter Murray, assistant manager for media programs at OhioLINK, a greater -education company function from the state-of Ohio. What he is done is presented the ability to genuinely take a look at those 2.1 trillion search results in new approaches." The technology to adobe photoshop cs4 pt br download quickly sort through libraries of publications, movie and photos can be used by libraries, Murray explained. A-K A Codex. Small-known fact: Agera b Arcas acquired focus in 2001 for acquiring a form of printing technology employed by Johann Gutenberg. Managing Director Sobieski would not say Seadragon received but explained the fund's standard expense is $1 million although just how.

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At Sun Microsystems he labored inside the 1990s. Technology that allows people quickly view big photos from other gadgets or a personal computer has been developed by Seadragon. Seadragon could have discovered an photoshop cs6 download mit early on connection to photoshop cs6 download mit Microsoft its vicepresident of goods, through David photoshop cs6 download mit Gedye. Recently the acquisition was likely to close as early as, according to someone acquainted with the offer. "You search Google and get 2.1 trillion visitors," said Murray, who achieved Agera filemaker pro 12 student discount 2 b autocad per windows 8 download Arcas in a conference in 2004. How it really is applied: the organization suggests its technologies can be applied across a selection of areas, including libraries, digital mapping, newspapers, video, digital photograph collections and purchasing. Seadragon received at cc photoshop download least $2 million a year ago, including Aseries N round over the summertime from Madrona Venture Group. in 2003 by Blaise Agera b Arcas, then a graduate student at Princeton University.

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Web authoring application Alter Site creation has transformed from simply publishing some Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) signal and running for the Worldwideweb. Commercial Web publishing software (for instance Dreamweaver CS6) [4] eliminates needing to produce CSS styles from scratch. Web site prototypes are manufactured utilizing art, video, audio, and text, employing criteria that were accepted for website design. Unlike tissues, which are restricted to current anywhere inside articles and the rows of a desk, div tags may appear anywhere over a web-page. Website authoring software is software utilized by web designers and programmers to create websites and photoshop cs6 download instructions purposes across numerous systems including surfers and drugs. Web publishing application organizes and performs most of the duties and methods needed blog to assembled a well-planned site. HTML is exactly what the site programmers needed to utilize and, although it worked, alone it is complicated and boring. Greater industrial internet sites employ Content Management Techniques (CMS) such photoshop cs6 download instructions as Drupal [1] and Joomla photoshop cs6 download instructions [2] (open source), Adobes Dreamweaver photoshop cs6 download instructions (professional application) and WordPress [3] (likewise photoshop cs6 download instructions opensource).

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CSS styles created from damage won't show correctly download photoshop cc full in some windows [ ticket required ]. A page layout uses the Cascading Style Sheets format, in place of standard HTML platforms or frames, to prepare this content over a website. Site generation now encompasses a selection of skills including process integration, website design, coding, visual design, audio editing and editing. Website designers situation div tags by indicating floats and prices, preferred techniques by web standards. The basic source of the format will be the "div-tag"HTML tag that typically acts as photoshop cs6 download instructions being a package for pictures kodak photoshop download wording, and other site elements. These Internet authoring software packages include a number of languages and coding methods including PHP, Ruby on Rails and JavaScript attributes rapidly to a site underconstruction. A vital feature of Website writing application may be the capability to format semantic-web layout utilizing CSS personnel and resources.

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It nevertheless provides a significant role in site layout and photoshop cs6 download instructions it is the primary markup vocabulary for presenting webpages and also other info which can be exhibited in a web browser. Easy two-order CSS design maybe achieved by setting floats, edges, paddings, and also CSS properties that were other in a nearly unlimited number of microsoft office 2010 schulversion download combinations. When you produce a CSS design, you area div tags on the page, photoshop cs6 download instructions incorporate content to them, and position them in a variety of places. This may be hardly undesirable because unaided CSS layout can be very time-consuming and start to become challenging because you can find so many ways to get it done. Dreamweaver enables the building of websites with CSS designs by providing 16 pre-designed designs that function across windows that are different. Of utilizing Internet authoring software, a main purpose would be to utilize web standards-based construction for sites that flow simply across multiple screens.

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Hosting There are numerous plans to choose from. It's its own amazing data bill that shows bounce prices, unique visitors and popular websites. All these websites gives the capability to create an unrestricted quantity of subdomains and pages to you. Weebly has two different ways to attain statistics about readers. Many new site builders don't kalender download microsoft office 2010 pro full possess HTML development capability. Weebly cannot ensure that you'll appear towards the top of queries, however they give a handful of tutorials that give you recommendations on playing good by Google's guidelines and being found. You can keep the appearance of the site that is mobile just like your pc site, or you are able to absolutely change it out and concentrate on widgets that are different. The dashboard of weebly allows you to revise both the desktop and mobile types of your website, as well as the website building application goes further by exclusively allowing you to modify Android and iPhone types of the page.

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Google Analytics' inclusion products the data that Weebly presently provides. These totally personalized styles are skilled in appearance and so are divided into groups to help make photoshop cs6 download 4shres the procedure easy for you. The problem is, you and millions of additional websites for an audience are competing. Together with the aid, the site's design gives you access to develop explanations, your personal meta titles and keywords. If you obtain a consideration that is paid, you obtain the main benefit of you website not seeking like a blog. You can still find ways to find solutions to worries together with the livechat and email service possibilities.

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Luckily, they perform together. Nevertheless, that omission isn't worth driving this service aside. It's a small weakness customer support though Weebly dominates the subject in nearly every design and supervision side. Each switch is actually detailed, which means you learn just what form of gadget or media record you and the structure of one's page are adding together. This permits you to possess your site and look qualified at the same time. There is a site normally around $15 per year. When it comes time for you to alter photoshop cs6 download 4shres the photographs on your website, you will need to do some digging find the images that represent you and to access the free picture gallery.

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As an example, smooth, big photograph, minimalist and corporate is included by the groups. Advertising Features Your site is your storefront. If you wish to be found in a local industry and own a company, the Google Guide integration displays in which you are located from your site and links where you are back again to an area Google search. Luckily, that sort of encounter is not actually vital today. Because it doesn&rsquo, advertising can be a key element of the site design process;t do good to make information if it is not seen by any one. Basically, each style is portable -prepared.

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Nonetheless, actually that record might unfair. Its move-and- screen is one of the finest we have seen, based on convenience alone. Unfortunately, this is one of website designer application within our lineup's few forms that does not give come with one-free website. Your site that is desktop may have many columns or count on one homepage, while your mobile website may simply give attention to one-column and start to become more scroll-friendly. This company leaves the editing your responsibility. Weebly still retains an HTML founder within its assistance, nonetheless when you have a WYSIWYG format, it never has to be used. Being located on the top of Googleis normal results does take time, the keywords that were correct as well as importance.

Make Peace by means of Your Body and Look

You certainly will also remove any Weebly marketing out of your page photoshop cs4 download completo footer and get to remove extension. This service does not supply replies or immediate phone photoshop cs6 download 4shres help through a corporation forum page to area photoshop aktionen download questions.

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Even a equivalent in computer-science or minimum HNC related topic. Maintaining laboratory's compatibility test gear for the required stage for use together with the newest EMS application. Software quality design in robot with experience. download photoshop para mac take a look at the site here Expertise ofand experience of application assessment systems (e.g. Capability to execute record keeping with the finest quality level and extremely comprehensive studies. All budget liability with all the Dept. White/Gray/blackbox testing).

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Resources: commissioning, installation, The design of an enhanced HILS application test atmosphere and in addition laboratory software test equipment. Planning: testing of creation purpose software that is new initiated and Entirely implemented. If you feel you've photoshop cs5 me download all the skills expected please email mean up to date CVto. photoshop cs5 me download director. Things to anticipate in part: Personnel: nobody originally but perhaps a technician later on when the exam environment has been founded. Please note that zero vocabulary in this advert is supposed to discriminate to age's grounds, and we confirm that we shall happily take applications. This situation requires the capacity to function alone with little oversight. Must be entirely familiar with MS officeand IT goods.

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Knowledgeable about the application development functions applied photoshop 7 download license within the automotive sector. Capable in scripting languages, Python. Accustomed withspecific computerized EMS software test situations. Diagnostic with really ready problem solving a goodteam participant photoshop cs5 me download along with capabilities. BS degree in Compsci / maybe more or Computer Design. Publicity tosoftware Regression test environments and consent, Device test. Share this work Software Test Engineer Coventry/25000 000 DOE, to 35 Job Description: An Test Engineer must steer the design and progress of the software test construction that photoshop cs5 me download photoshop cs5 me download is existing and also to revise check rooms for your application approval / unit / photoshop cs5 me download for increasing application quality, photoshop cs5 me download regressionand incorporation test situations being formulated. Selections: strategies for development the style and enactment of test setting and an update HILS table.

Your Information To Alcohol Detoxification at Home Remedies

INCA and also the concept of EMS software instruments.

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The Forsaken World should by basic means be taken from the pc. * Go to startmenu and then select Control Panel * Double photoshop cs5 download chip click about the Add/Eliminate Software' choice while in the Control Panel window. Need to photoshop cs5 download chip uninstall Forsaken Planet from your computer but photoshop cs5 download chip without idea on photoshop cs5 download chip how to do? adobe photoshop full version for windows 7 Probably photoshop cs5 download chip these are what you photoshop cs5 download click for more info want to consult at this time. Based on some specialists assistance, the top choice to uninstall Forsaken World is to install a pleasant uninstaller plan which will be with the capacity of uninstalling programs in the easiest way. In this manner, the Forsaken Earth will not only be removed from your computer hard-disk, but also out of your registry meaning that it was totally eliminated. Is photoshop cs5 download chip it secure? It is because should you choose it physically, it might run you probably lots of time to examine & remove some affiliated articles entirely; more really, the manual eradication can be extremely risky also because if you remove a report inside the registry, you'll find yourself completely damaging your personal computer.

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Nonetheless, if you prefer to uninstall Forsaken World using the easiest, best and quickest technique, it is highly encouraged to use an uninstaller system like Excellent Uninstaller. This way, you are able to prevent losing your own time as well as steer clear of the threat of harming your PC. * Move your download photoshop elements 1 mouse around the Remove button and hit it. That's, if you execute it to uninstall an instrument, it'll take them of entirely from your Laptop without causing along any connected entries. Yeah, in contrast to additional uninstallers, Perfect Uninstaller claims to: This is the way the uninstaller works.

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Quick access to these dashboards is done through the Decathlon Launchpad, the program where all the Decathlon apps organized and are obtained. Knowledge can be viewed and put to work on any device utilizing either net or Windows clients. For more information please visit /decathlon ABB ( can be a boss in power and robot systems that allow while decreasing environmental effect power, sector, and transfer and structure customers to improve their effectiveness. Information (entry) everywhere Decathlon accesses great amounts of vegetable and process info at high speed across all methods and computers. These records offers the correct insights for decisionmakers boost, to program and consistently improve seed businesses, so that you can remain competing in a fast changing atmosphere. The new application development system is dedicated for wise answers led by commercial production applications in the industry who strive to all people with effect. Decathlon facilitates the alteration of this knowledge into actionable data and helps access that is harmonized to the data regardless of original data source.

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Decathlon software release 3 permits users to expand and start to become more nimble with the addition of fresh professional applications utilising the new software development equipment. Launch 3 improves these features by encouraging larger setting and advancing the application form selection inside the product, allowing tailored programs which permit personalized calculations meeting the specific need through the introduction of a software development kit. The person is given the ability to build dashboards which help direct-access to all or any appropriate data regardless of the data source by the brand new Dash Application. This power to incorporate personalized extensions where required is to gaining increased observations that result in productivity and improved plant marketing crucial. Designed to secure the future that was companys with industry standard compliance Any accomplishment is dependent upon their knowhow, businesses and ideas and around the ability to protect them. When shifting from desktop to your portable system its layout provides an easy user experience. This permits users to release Decathlon Application within active cybersecurity procedures. The 3 rd release of Decathlon application presents even more options for new industry specific program development and assists consumers satisfy new output and industry requirements.

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This permits Decathlon software users adjust and to swiftly expand to new specifications from different functional superiority plans or adjustments in business targets with the addition of fresh professional applications as desired. Decathlon Application is agreeable with business expectations and guidelines for remote information access and certainly will coexist with leading security options in the marketplace. The ABB Number Of companies works in about 100 countries and engages 000 people, about 140. Decathlon enables industries to collaborate across systems and communities inside the production method also to reply quicker to changing situations. These tools make sure to download games to psp that spouses on the market can build their website expertise applications, within an simple and economical method. Simple to expand The services software also hosts distinct professional production computer programs.

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Decathlon software includes plant operations knowledge from ERP control-systems, along with other info sources into actionable information. This screen also helps fast navigation involving the different purposes for more in depth investigation in contexts that are various, empowering decisionmaking that is fast and accurate. ABB shows era of its professional productivity application Decathlon Internet- alternative that is protected facilitates successful decision-making for method companies from multiple devices Switzerland, Zurich, June 15, 2015 ABB, the global energy and automation engineering team, has reported launch 3 of its commercial efficiency software.

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Wouldn't you love to have the capacity to preserve long lasting personal connections, dedicated and more useful. You might have observed that people simply make use of a small percentage of our brain. So, what else do you need? That is when methods including subliminal message software could not be truly useless in not just relaxing you, but also strengthening you with self and tougher abilities -perception. You will find also subliminal deals to help with inter-personal connections, which may photoshop cs4 download completo be the most difficult point to take care of within our lives. Within this small article I am likely to describe some of the many gains that you can be given by subliminal messaging software. People who have experienced head injuries who then begin to make fresh trails inside their brain to pay for any harm have shown that.

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By utilizing subliminal message software you'll be able to gradually become self-confident and more peaceful which often increases your natural skills. Plus you can take cs6 photoshop element 11 download advantage of the software while playing or focusing on your PC without even a energy. No smart aim is difficult to perform with all the utilization of subliminal messaging application, to sum up. Latest investigation photoshop cs4 download completo results are exhibiting as a state of photoshop cs4 download completo photoshop cs4 download completo mind has been energized that subliminal messages may dramatically improve your health. Recall, in some instances these objectives are extremely tough to attain and demand complete perseverance, more time, more work as excellent sacrifices working for you, however the energy of subliminal message will make it ten times easier. It's not easy often to photoshop cs4 download completo prevent it slowly building up, layer upon coating.

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The effectiveness of subliminal messaging application very well reviewed, as it pertains to strengthening the ability of your brain. You can start to comprehend that this can be a way to enable reduce symptoms of significant conditions as continual and horrors anxiety attacks. The number ranges from just a couple percentage to something as much as ten percent determined by which guru you choose to photoshop cs4 download completo imagine. With subliminal message software, folks are studying new abilities, building home-notion, and completing goals in many differs aspects of their lives faster, easily, with more performance. What's not in doubt is the fact that we don't use our brain's photoshop cs4 download completo potential all. The main reward with any of the messaging application scripts is the convenience and convenience with which degrees of anxiety and self-esteem can transform. Visualize should you might engage in to the rest of one's brain on purpose. Merely select the right related subliminal message software program that meets your needs, once you have decided on what element of your autocad lt download now life you would like to increase.

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You will experience more accomplishments in work, household life, in reality any grounds of the life. Lifestyle hidden is windows version autocad full autodesk navigation filled with strain and strain and "inyourface". Because subliminal communications offer simple and direct subconscious inspiration that anyone has to enable them execute well within their makeup download photoshop for windos 7 lifestyles this is, and the efficiency will be boosted by it in-all spheres of ones own lifestyle.

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Idina Menzel 17 Jun 2015, 4:49 pm

Idina Menzel

Playing Red Rocks August 11

    We are going to see Idina Menzel, the American actress and singer. She rose to prominence when she originated the role of Maureen Johnson in the Broadway musical Rent, a role which she reprised for the 2005 feature film adaptation of the musical. She received a Tony Award nomination in 1996 for her performance in Rent. In 2004, she won the Tony Award for Best Actress in a Musical for originating the role of Elphabain the Broadway musical Wicked. Menzel made her return to Broadway in the 2014 original musical If/Then, which earned her a nomination for the 2014 Tony Award for Best Actress in a Musical. She was then honored with the Breakthrough Artist award at the 2014 Billboard Women in Music awards ceremony. Menzel is also known for her recurring role of Shelby Corcoran on the Fox musical comedy-drama TV series Glee. This role led to a revival in Menzel's career as her name gained more recognition, leading to a two-year tour and more acting roles. These included the 2007 Disney film Enchanted which she played the role of Nancy and as the voice of Elsa in Frozen. Holiday Wishes (2014), her first album in six years, reached number 6 on the Billboard 200 albums chart. Menzel is the only competitive Tony Award-winning actress to ever reach the top 10. Menzel recently announced that she will be embarking on a world tour in 2015. Menzel's birthplace is varyingly reported as either Queens or Syosset, New York.She grew up in Syosset, the daughter of Helene, a therapist, and Stuart Mentzel, a pajama salesman. She has a younger sister named Cara. Menzel's family is Jewish, and her grandparents emigrated from Russia and elsewhere in Eastern Europe. When Menzel was 15 years old, her parents divorced and she began working as a wedding and bar mitzvah singer, a job which she continued throughout her time at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. Menzel, however, did not celebrate a bat mitzvah after she quit Hebrew school. Menzel attended Syosset High School. She changed the spelling of her surname to Menzel to better reflect the pronunciation the Mentzel family had adopted in America. She was friends with actor Adam Pascal before they worked together in Rent. In 1995, Menzel auditioned for Rent, which became her first professional theatre job and her Broadway debut. Rent opened off-Broadway at the New York Theatre Workshop on January 26, 1996, but it moved to Broadway's Nederlander Theatre due to its popularity. For her performance as Maureen Johnson in the original cast of the musical, Menzel received a Tony nomination as Best Featured Actress in a Musical losing to Ann Duquesnay for Bring in 'da Noise, Bring in 'da Funk. Her final performance in the musical was on July 1, 1997. Following the success of Rent, Menzel released her first solo album entitled Still I Can't Be Still on Hollywood Records, Menzel also originated the role of Dorothy in Summer of '42 at Goodspeed Opera House in Connecticut, starred as Sheila in the New York City Center Encores! production of Hair and appeared on Broadway as Amneris in Aida. Menzel earned a Drama Desk Award nomination for her performance as Kate in the Manhattan Theatre Club's 2000 off-Broadway production of Andrew Lippa's The Wild Party. Her other off-Broadway credits include the pre-Broadway run of Rent and The Vagina Monologues. In 2003, Menzel starred with actress and singer Kristin Chenoweth on Broadway in Wicked, a musical by Stephen Schwartz and Winnie Holzman based upon Gregory Maguire's novel Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West(1995). Menzel received the 2004 Tony Award for Best Leading Actress in a Musical for her portrayal of Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West. During her penultimate performance of Wicked on January 8, 2005, she fell through a trap door and cracked a lower rib. The injury prevented her from performing in her final show on January 9. Menzel did, however, make a special out-of-costume appearance at that performance, performed her final song, and received a five-minute standing ovation. Menzel was replaced by Elphaba standby Shoshana Bean. Following Wicked, Menzel appeared off-Broadway in the Public Theater's production of See What I Wanna See, a Michael John LaChiusa-penned musical whose run ended in December 2005, for which she received Drama Desk Award and Drama League Award nominations. She reprised her Tony Award-winning role as Elphaba in the West End production of Wicked when it opened at London's Apollo Victoria Theatre on September 7, 2006. During her run, she was the highest-paid female performer in the West End at $30,000 per week. Menzel finished her West End run on December 30, 2006. She was succeeded by Elphaba standby Kerry Ellis. Menzel played the role of Florence in the 21st-anniversary concert of Chess at the Royal Albert Hall, London from May 12 to 13, 2008, alongside Kerry Ellis, Adam Pascal and Josh Groban. In 2008, Menzel headlined the Powerhouse Theatre's reading of Steven Sater and Duncan Sheik's musical Nero from July 11 to 13, performing the role of Nero's mistress, Poppea. She was joined by Glee costar Lea Michele as Claudia Octavia, Jeffrey Carleson as Nero, and Michael Arden as Octavia's brother, Brittanicus. On February 28, 2013, it was announced that Menzel would make her return to the Broadway stage, starring as Elizabeth in the new Tom Kitt and Brian Yorkey musical If/Then. The new musical, directed by Michael Greif (whom Menzel previously worked with in the original production of Rent), had its world premiere at the National Theatre in Washington, D.C., starting with previews on November 5, 2013, till November 24, 2013. Following the out-of-town tryout, the show moved to the Richard Rodgers Theatre on Broadway and began previews on March 4, 2014. It officially opened on March 30, 2014. For her performance, Menzel was nominated for her second Tony Award for Best Leading Actress in a Musical. Will be amazing performance to see!

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