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The Red Chair Travels to the Featherbed Railroad 7 Dec 2014, 7:20 am

Recently we got a very special visitor who came to celebrate Thanksgiving with us. This visitor has been to vacation spots all over the US on a  tour that started in 2011 and is presently happening through Northern California. While this celebrity is known to many, it celebrates each of its visits with grace and dignity - and offers a seat to the weary. We were part of The Red Chair Travels, a very unique cross-country journey. 

This journey started in 2011 on Cape Cod, and continues to this day as the chair moves from one inn to the next. At each stop, the Red Chair is introduced to all that is memorable and beautiful about the local area, with a B&B owner as the chair's concierge.

While the Red Chair visited us we brought it to the Thanksgiving dinner table where we celebrated with family and friends and are thankful for the best year we've enjoyed here at the Featherbed Railroad. We are definitely thankful for family, friends and new friends in the form of guests who have been part of our lives on this vacation journey with nine unique railroad cabooses.

The Red Chair got to observe Mount Konocti, an inactive but not dormant volcano that has Clear Lake in its shadow. Mount Konocti is part of the Pacific Ring of Fire and is still plenty active with the largest geothermal energy plant in the US using the hot underground forces to create clean, renewable energy with water filtered from waste water. It's really, really a green energy source! 

We also spent the Thanksgiving weekend getting the Featherbed Railroad Bed & Breakfast Resort ready for Christmas with decorations all over. In fact, Santa's caboose has been prepped and is ready for our most famous visitors and the elves are scheduled to come and make sure the room meets their strict standards for this yuletime tradition. 

It was a pleasure having the Red Chair and we will follow its journey to see what other wonderful experiences it gets to enjoy as it makes its way across this great land. 

Traveling is about getting outside of the everyday and seeing the world with fresh eyes.  Through the journey of the Red Chair, we are all travelers off the beaten track where true relaxation awaits.

Cherpumple - The Turducken of the dessert table 3 Dec 2014, 9:17 am

A slice of our Cherpumple
Both Peggy and I are big fans of Charles Phoenix, a gentleman who Peggy went to high school with who has become quite well known for celebrating Americana in so many forms. Phoenix is a character who has been on many national TV programs including ones with Martha Stewart, Conan O'Brian and others. He got his start finding some great slides at garage sales and has built a world of notoriety in celebration of Americana in many forms. 

So what does Charles Phoenix have to do with the turducken? In his going through slides, he saw a number of these fancy main courses and thought about a fitting dessert. It is that inspiration that came up with the Cherpumple. The Cherpumple is like the turducken in that it's one dessert inside another, but it's so much more than that. 

The Cherpumple is, simply, a Cherry pie baked into a white cake, a second layer with a yellow cake into which is baked a pumpkin pie and finally, a spice cake which has an apple pie baked into it. You frost this three-layer, six-dessert monster and your guests will be astonished!

This year we decided to bake a Cherpumple and serve it on Thanksgiving to guests as a late-evening dessert. However, I got a cherry pie instead of a cherry pie so we sort of made a Raspumple. The good news is, we decided to document the process in video which you can see here:
The final result was one incredible dessert and we will definitely do this again! It was both a lot of fun and, as promised, everybody was astonished. 

Charles Phoenix is putting on some of his famous slide shows celebrating Americana and you can find out how to attend those on the Charles Phoenix website. We already have our tickets for his show on the 14th of December. 

And, here is the original video of the Cherpumple for your information! 

Getting to the Bottom of the Top Toilet Paper 21 Nov 2014, 8:00 am

Want to know a lodging property insider’s secret? Most owners of lodging properties wouldn’t use the toilet paper they put in their rooms. Seriously. Isn’t that crappy? Sorry, I just couldn’t resist. 

The reason I’m writing an entire blog about toilet paper is that this is a surprisingly important issue in the lodging business. But let’s talk about how toilet paper gets here first, okay? 

In the lodging business we go through a lot of toilet paper. Heck, you could actually be wiped out if you don’t choose carefully. But, seriously, most lodging properties buy toilet paper in really big quantities from suppliers. No matter how much investigation you do, you’re still stuck with several hundred rolls of whatever you’ve decided on. Unlike Costco there are no samples. 

Oh, sure, these suppliers promise that their TP is A+ and that it’s soft and strong and on and on. In some places we’ve been to it feels more like the cardboard box the paper came in would be a better choice than what’s actually in the box. And the lodging manager likely bought it based on the recommendation of someone at the supplier and now they’re stuck with their decision. 

One of the reasons we’ve stuck with this type of arrangement for all this time is that the toilet paper rolls that come from these hotel suppliers is wrapped individually. Opening a box of toilet paper is sort of like a really, really odd FedEx delivery with hundreds of individually wrapped Christmas presents. From someone terribly twisted. But Peggy found little plastic containers that happily perch on the back of the tank and hold a nice, fresh roll of TP. 

This means we’re free to conduct an exhaustive test to see what’s the best product on the market and aren’t limited to having to buy from hotel suppliers. So, like all exhaustive tests, we started at the world wide web. 

It turns out there are a number of organizations that worked to get to the, uh, bottom of this and have done their own research. And the results are fairly unanimous. 

The folks at Consumer’s Reports were the ones who put the test together and created a points system with the best possible score being 100. None of the tested products received this score so we wonder if it was impossibly high or involved the use of a butler, perhaps. Ugh, who would want that job?

Anyhow, there were three winners in this race. 

Starting from the third-place winner was Quilted Northern Ultra Plus with a score of 70 points. 

From a product standpoint it’s not a bad position to be in second place and that title goes to Charmin Ultra Strong which got a score of 71 points. That’s only one point different than the third-place winner so you would likely not notice a substantial difference between the two. 

So who’s at the top? You’d think that it would be some high-priced brand from a premium retailer. Maybe a private-label product from someone whose brand is associated with a long-standing tradition of quality. Or, perhaps, a very premium product available only in select places. But this is not the case. 

The number one most highly rated brand of toilet paper is a private-label brand but it is from America’s largest retailer - a company known for being a discount-focused retailer. The toilet paper that the team at Consumer’s Reports thought was the top of the top with a score of 88 points out of 100 is WalMart’s own White Cloud brand. 

Surprised? So were we. Frankly, our take on a private-label brand from a company who has worked hard to be focused on price first would seem to be something pretty lousy, but that’s not the case at all. 

With great trepidation we went and bought a package of WalMart’s White Cloud toilet paper to give it a chance. We have listened to Consumer Reports magazine in the past with mixed results, so this was a trial that we weren’t sure about. However, at least we’d only be stuck with a few rolls of lousy toilet paper in the event that the magazine was in error. 

But they aren’t. Frankly, this is the best toilet paper we’ve ever come across. As promised by the rating, it’s both exceptionally strong and also very soft. This is a really, really good product. 

Comparing in price to the bulk toilet paper that we normally buy, as do most lodging properties, buying at retail means we’re spending about twice as much as we had in the past. However, considering the quality increase that we perceive this is something that we feel is well worth it. 

Because you don’t want to stay somewhere and have one little thing just rub you the wrong way. So we felt it was our job to get to the bottom of this issue. 

Thanksgiving Dining Guide for Lake County 13 Nov 2014, 8:00 am

Tony Barthel is this post's author and is a consultant on social media to a variety of companies as well as the "fireman" at the Featherbed Railroad.
In the interest of giving thanks, I have created this list of who’s open on Thanksgiving. Turns out there are some pretty good choices all over the price spectrum. Now I’ve only put the places I’ve either heard about or have enjoyed myself. At the bottom of the list are the ones I called that plan to be closed. 

Sadly, some of the places I called didn’t answer their phones, have websites or any presence on the Internet or any way of knowing what’s going on. Those aren’t on the list at all. I also tried to think about more “general” dining places such as those that would offer something traditional rather than specialty places, so I didn’t really call the Mexican, Chinese or pizza restaurants. I also included no fast food nor chain places. Sorry, I’m just biased that way and it’s my list, after all. 

For any of these choices I would strongly recommend that you call and save yourself a seat, especially if you have a larger party. 

No matter what you do in this day of giving thanks we hope you have a great celebration with your favorite people and the least amount of political and religious discussions possible. But if you’re trying to ease the tension between the convertible and hard top members of the family, good luck. 

Unless otherwise noted, all phone number are area code (707). Links provided are almost always to the venue's Yelp listing. 

Blue Wing
9520 Main St., Upper Lake, CA • 275-2233 • Blue Wing Saloon

The Blue Wing is one of the nicer places in Lake County and has gone back to being a choice that I know will make people happy. The Blue Wing is offering a full, fixed Thanksgiving menu with seatings available at 1, 3, 5 and 7pm. Choices include turkey dinner, prime rib, cioppino or mushroom risotto with prices ranging from $33-45 per person. 

You can actually download the menu from their website for more information. 

Chic Le Chef
18983 Hartman Rd, Hidden Valley Lake, CA • 987-9664 • Chic Le Chef

Chic Le Chef isn’t a restaurant, but is a catering company that offers both full event catering as well as individual take-out style meals. For those who are short on time but have good taste buds, Chic Le Chef does a first-rate job of creating meals you can take with you and enjoy at home or somewhere wonderful. On Thanksgiving Julie will offer a traditional Thanksgiving meal and can prepare one or enough for the whole family. Orders will have to be placed in advance but at least this leaves you time to spend with family or enjoy a Thanksgiving meal on a hilltop overlooking the beauty of Lake County or just in front of the TV, frankly. No cooking is a good option too!

Green view Restaurant
19210 Hartmann Rd., Hidden Valley Lake, CA • 987-3146 • Greenview Restaurant

Greenview Restaurant is located inside the beautiful Hidden Valley Lake golf course. Greenview will feature a Thanksgiving buffet with turkey, ham, pear sage stuffing and much more. The price is just $19.95 for adults, children (10 and under) are just $9.95. Reservations are required.  

Konocti Vista Casino
27755 Mission Rancheria Rd. Lakeport • 262 1900 • Konocti Vista Casino

Konocti Vista Casino has been a big supporter of many fishing tournaments on the Lake and probably has the nicest boat marina open to the public. The casino's restaurant will be open from 9am-9pm with a special Thanksgiving menu as well as some regular items available as well. There will also be a special kids' menu. 

Lyndall’s Sports Stop Grill
4220 Main St., Kelseyville, CA  • 279-0123 • Lyndall's Sports Stop

As the name may imply, Lyndall’s is a casual spot but has a surprisingly varied menu including items that vegans and vegetarians would appreciate along with more everyday food choices. While some details were being finalized when I wrote this, the staff indicated that there will be a traditional Thanksgiving dinner from 2pm-10pm. Regular menu will also be available. 

Howard’s Grotto
14732 Lakeshore Dr., Clearlake • 994-0441 • Howard's Grotto

Howard’s is another place that just has been a consistent home run. While they won’t have it on Thanksgiving, you might consider going back for their fried chicken on another day. On Thanksgiving they’re going to have turkey, ham, roast pork, chicken parmesan and prime rib specials. Noon-7pm. 

Marina Grill
3707 E Highway 20, Nice, CA 95464 • Marina Grill

From 11am-2pm the Marina Grill will have a full Thanksgiving Dinner including ham and turkey with all the goodies. As of this writing the price will be under $14. The Marina Grill is a local cafe with fair pricing and good food and just a comfortable vibe. 

Robinson Rancheria
1545 E State Highway 20, Nice, CA • 262-4000 • Robinson Rancheria

There will be a Thanksgiving buffet at their restaurant from 2-9pm for just $13.95. Robinson Rancheria is the closest casino to the Featherbed Railroad. Please note: all the local casinos do allow smoking indoors. 

Riviera Hills Country Club
10200 Fairway Dr., Kelseyville, CA • Riviera Hills

With incredible views, the Riviera Hills Country Club is another nice place to eat in Lake County. The “Riv’” will feature a buffet from Noon-5 - $24 for adults, children 12-under $12. 

TJ’s Downtown Grill
370 S Main St., Lakeport • 263-4368 • TJ's Downtown Grill

TJ's is going to feature their full menu as well as a Thanksgiving buffet with turkey and ham carving stations plus a dessert table and salads for $19.95. Open 11am-10pm. 

Twin Pine Casino
22223 S State Highway 29, Middletown, CA • (800) 564-4872 • Twin Pine

In calling around these were the most incredibly pleasant people I spoke to. The enthusiastic individual on the phone made me want to change my Thanksgiving plans and head to Twin Pine.

Twin Pine’s restaurant will feature a buffet for $26.95 ($5 discount with player club card) from 2-8pm. Thursday is also senior day so everybody over 50 they get $5 in free play. There is also a free senior slot tournament that day - sign-ups start at 10, game at 11. There will also be a poker tournament that night which starts at 7pm. 

Wildfire Restaurant
835 E Highway 20, Upper Lake • 262-5500 • Wildfire Restaurant

While nobody there had any information, being a casino it’s inevitable that they’ll be open as well. 

Here are the places that responded who will not be open on Thanksgiving. 

  • Blue Moon Cafe, Kelseyville; 
  • Happy Garden, Clearlake Oaks; 
  • Jimmy’s Deli, Lakeport
  • Main Street Bar & Grill, Clearlake; 
  • Park Place, Lakeport; 
  • Mount St Helena Brewery, Middletown; 
  • Old World Tavern, Lakeport; 
  • The Spot, Clearlake; 
  • Saw Shop Gallery Bistro, Kelseyville;
  • Woody’s Cafe, Kelseyville

Family's coming for the holidays - are you ready? 7 Nov 2014, 8:00 am

This is the time of year that so many people look forward to as the string of holidays ensues - Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and new year’s eve. What makes this time of year so special is that it represents milestones in the calendar that often mean that friends and family are due for a visit. 

As the holiday season approaches the bleakness of winter is punctured by the warm glow of your favorite (we hope) people springing from Facebook and actually giving you status updates in person. It’s truly magical. And you don’t have to worry about the batteries on that darned not-so-smart phone just because you want to find out about Aunt Millie. 

But, for some people, Halloween isn't the scariest occasion on the calendar - guests in the house can sometimes make it feel almost like it was haunted. 

There is that old joke that house guests and fish stink after three days. This can’t just be our thinking - there are actually articles about being a great house guest. And cartoons. 
Dim And Dash's being a houseguest cartoon
Oh, I didn't tell you I got a new pet?
There was a good episode on Duck Dynasty where brother Jase stays at Willie’s house while his kitchen is being remodeled. Jase, the earliest riser, wakes up his brother by cooking steak for breakfast at 4 in the morning. Oh yeah, differing sleep schedules are another fun thing about house guests.

Even Martha Stewart is getting in on the preparations for having company stay.

Wait, you have to disrupt your house so that people can come stay? There has to be a better solution. Of course you know we are always trying to be helpful so here's a great idea: have your family members stay at the Featherbed Railroad. 

Oh, if you are the one traveling, don't worry about telling your family that you're staying with us - there’s even an article for that

While that certain uncle might seem annoying to you even after the first day, his jokes and stories are new to us. And by family and friends staying with us that means it’s just one fewer meal you have to have with them. Sure, you can't wait to see your favorite aunt but how did she end-up marrying him

Now don’t get us wrong, we know you love having family stay. Heck, being in the lodging business we, too, get family who come and stay and we always look forward to catching up on things that weren’t posted on Facebook. Selfies are so much better when they’re in person. 

Thanksgiving wouldn’t be the same without those political discussions and “those jokes” that always earn a groan.

But if it is appropriate to have Uncle Marv stay somewhere besides near an open flame, we’re offering a very special rate for stays during the holidays. Your guests can get 25% off their stay when they use the coupon code “Anniversary”. This is part of our celebration of 25 years in business. 

Here’s another idea - you could also let your friends or family stay at your house and you could get away for a few days yourself. You can get the same discount and still enjoy a relaxing soak in a spa tub for two, or watch one of the hundreds of movies we’ve recently added to our video library. Oh, and don't forget breakfast that you don't have to make yourself. Score. 

And when you stay with us and they stay at your house, think of the look of horror on your insurance agent’s face when you show them that. No, we can’t figure out how something like that would happen either. 

Of course, if you’re looking for that perfect gift for the holidays or even for no reason, we also offer gift certificates that are valid here and at over 4,000 resorts across these United States. You can get a gift certificate in any amount whatsoever and one size definitely does fit all. 

Whether your family comes and stays with you or with us, we hope these holidays are joyous and wonderful reminders of how special these people are. So here’s to you, to family and to keeping up on Facebook. Because you can’t smell that from your side of the computer. 

25 Years of Unique Vacations 16 Sep 2014, 6:57 am

September 16, 1989 the Featherbed Railroad opened its doors officially for the first guests to stay. From stories told to me by the Bassignani brothers who helped build this place that was much later than originally anticipated for the first day, but converting a caboose into guest room is no easy task. But a quarter of a century later the vision of Len & Lorraine Bassignani and Kelly & Sherry McLean continues to be a great vacation destination for many hundreds of people every year. 

The idea of converting a caboose from a utilitarian office at the back of a train to a fancy guest room might be crazy to some and I’ve heard that it took a bit of selling for the idea to catch on with Lorraine and Sherry, but catch on it did and Lorraine’s beautiful artwork still adorns the walls of several of our rooms. She truly jumped in with both feet and used her talents to create interior decor that is still impressing people to this day. Len’s handy work is still in evidence all over the property as well as he used some creative ingenuity to come up with a solution to problems that might have seemed overwhelming. 
So the story of how this place came to be comes from a tail of two vacations where the family went on a journey up to Dunsmuir where the Railroad Park Resort also features accommodations in railroad cabooses as well as box cars. They also traveled to the Madonna Inn where Alex Madonna and his team created a place where each room has a different theme. Somehow the idea of combining these two came to them and the vision for the Featherbed Railroad, where each caboose has a different theme, was born. 
Their timing was ideal because the railroads were getting rid of cabooses at that time and you could have one relatively inexpensively - providing you took it off the railroad’s tracks. At that time they were scrapping the cabooses as quickly as they could so time was also of the essence. It turns out that Kelly’s experience in the moving business was perfect but where to put such a place? 

The answer came as Len was delivering a load of goods to the local hardware store and drove by the property that is the Featherbed Railroad today. A lake-front plot of five acres at just the right price was a magical solution to his quest and he called Kelly and the ball was rolling. 

Kelly’s and his brothers, Brett and Mitch, apparently were enlisted to lay the tracks that the cabooses were to rest on. Apparently that was a particularly hot summer so the work wasn’t much fun and, at one point, the boys wanted a break but Len reminded them that the cabooses were on their way so work continued. Since Lake County is the only county in California that reportedly never had a railroad the only way to get the cabooses here was on the back of a “low boy” truck. 

A caboose riding down the street on a truck is truly an unusual sight so there were several people who followed the load to see where it was going. A few of those people continue to stay here and tell us of following the cabooses to the Featherbed Railroad just to see where they were going. 

The vision of converting a caboose to a guest room is easier in one’s mind’s eye than it is in the real world and while the plan was to open the doors about six months after the cabooses arrived, the reality is that it took well over a year. But it finally happened on this day, 25 years ago. 

Harvest Season is here now 3 Sep 2014, 8:34 am

Lake County Pear harvest is wrapping up and the Lake County wine grape harvest is in full swing.

Enjoy this Lake County harvest-inspired recipe. And don't forget to check out our awesome Farmer's Markets and enjoy some of the best farm to table staples in the area!
Our own pear tree on the Featherbed Railroad property has been especially prolific this year with a very nice harvest of some beautiful Bartlett pears. They've already found their way to several breakfast services here and there are quite a bit more - but they won't last long, especially with this recipe!

It's Not Too Late for Wet Fun on the Lake 17 Aug 2014, 11:24 am

It's not good to brag and we know that. But it is important to share facts and, the fact is, there is still a good amount of water in Clear Lake. 

Yes, California is in a drought and it's pretty severe. We've also seen several of the lakes around here where you can stand in the deepest parts and not get your bikini bottoms wet. But our ancient beauty, Clear Lake, is soldiering on with enough water that several local friends have kept their sail boats in the drink and spend quite a bit of time enjoying the Lake. 
The County just posted a web cam on the top of Mount Konocti and the post, embedded above from Facebook, is a sweep of the Lake with beautiful views. And water. 

Local fishing guide Bob Myskey regularly posts pictures from his guide trips where customers catch plenty of bass. Disney's Watersports reports that lots and lots of their boats are still going out every day (did you know you get a deal on boat rentals as a Featherbed Railroad guest?) and the water's so clear, you can actually see the bottom of the Lake from the end of our pier. It is below average in water level, of course, but it's not parched. 
A beautiful sunset over Clear Lake taken on August 22, 2014.
If you'd rather enjoy a cool, deep, lake then nearby Blue Lake also has plenty of water. In fact, Admiral Peter reports a brisk business renting his electric pontoon boats for folks on Blue Lake. These silent, easy-going craft are actually a peaceful way to enjoy the Alpine-looking Blue Lake. There are rope swings and day-use passes at several of the campgrounds there as well. 

So if you're thinking you missed out on water-related fun this summer, you haven't. We're here, sitting lakeside, enjoying just another summer for a beautiful lake that's been here for a couple million years. 

As we like to say, do you have your reservations yet? 

Interesting Beer: Anderson Valley Bourbon Barrel Amber 14 Aug 2014, 7:57 pm

Among Tony's passions in life are trains (no kidding), cars and beer. So when we got our alcohol permit in February Tony immediately set-up an account with the local beer distributor and got cases of what he refers to as the five crowns of Northern California beer. But anyone who likes interesting beer knows those already so they didn't really sell all that well. 

So we had an idea - how about finding some of the most interesting beers around and stocking those? Stay tuned to this blog, if you like beer, and join us on a journey of some of the most interesting beers in the neighborhood which we will stock small quantities of for guests who share Tony's passion about beer. Of course this means Tony actually gets to write off beer tasting, and that's a wonderful thing. 

Our first interesting beer is Anderson Valley's Boont Barl, the company's signature Boont Amber beer but aged for six months in Wild Turkey bourbon barrels. 

Wait, aged beer, you say? Craziness? Not at all. While there is a commodity beer producer that goes out of its way to sell how "new" its beer is, the truth is, aged beers are fairly common and really spectacular. Heck, another beer mass marketer makes more of a deal of its silver cans than it does the actual beer in them. Commodity beer isn't really all that great. 

But beer aged in bourbon barrels is quite something. Aging a beer in bourbon barrels imparts some of the flavors of the barrel and its former contents into the beer creating a very unique and rich flavor. 

Anderson Valley's Boont Amber is already a pretty unique beer without the hoppiness that a lot of trendy beers have nowadays. While there are certainly those who like beer with a lot of hop flavor in it, Boont Amber is really a very smooth beer. Tony says he tastes hints of vanilla in that beer but everybody's got an opinion. 

For beer geeks, this beer's only got 6% alcohol by volume with an IBU rating of 16. We're selling 22-ounce bottles to guests of the Featherbed Railroad for just $15 and we bought one of the last three cases our distributor had. 

We're going to try to do an Interesting Beer every month and they will be available at the Featherbed Railroad while supplies last. 
The somewhat remote Anderson Valley is really an extraordinary place but, even more so, the area actually has its own homemade language, Boontling. Still spoken by a handful of residents, Boontling is considered by modern linguists to be one of the world’s most extraordinary examples of a homemade language. At its peak Boontling was even taught in the valley’s schools and it was not uncommon for bright lighters (outsiders) to be completely dumbfounded by local conversation.

Who knows, a couple of these 22oz bottles of Boont Barl might make you change your language to incorporate a bit of Boontling. No matter what, we wish you Bahl Hornin'.

Lake County Wine Adventure 2014 22 Jul 2014, 10:36 am

For the 2014 Lake County Wine Adventure we've got some very special plans. What is Wine Adventure, you ask? A celebration by the wineries near Clear Lake where you purchase a pass and enjoy wine, music, food and entertainment for the weekend of July 26-27 at almost 30 locations around the Lake. This year we've got two wineries pouring their wines here plus so much more. 
We're going to start Wine Adventure a day early this year by having Stephen Dilley of Lavendar Blue wines here on Friday for wine tasting from 3-7pm. As a special bonus, Stephen is offering very special pricing to guests of the Featherbed Railroad on cases of his award-winning wines. 

Saturday and Sunday as Wine Adventure officially happens we've got both Red Lava Vineyards, who were here last year, and R Vineyards as well. Yes, we've doubled the number of wineries we're going have here! We will be open for tastings as part of Wine Adventure from 11am-5pm both days. 

Each of these wineries have some great estate-grown wines that we know you'll enjoy, especially when paired with our peanut butter & jelly chili! We'll also have other appetizers paired with the wines these fine wineries are pouring. 

Furthermore, we're going to have Sounds Like FUN! DJ company playing music as well as operating their outdoor photo booth here. Visitors will be able to get souvenir photos of themselves and will have plenty of goofy props to take advantage of to personalize their photo experience!

As if all that weren't enough we're also going to have a number of local artisans on our lawn celebrating the beautiful art they create. From gourds to paintings and wood crafting, there will be plenty to see and several have indicated that they will be practicing their artistic craft live during the event!

We're very fortunate to have a waiting list for rooms for this weekend but that doesn't mean you can't grab your Wine Adventure pass and come by and see us. With the promise of a variety of great wines, beautiful art and your favorite music along with a take-home souvenir that you create yourself, we might just be the best stop on Wine Adventure and definitely one you won't want to miss!!