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Innkeeper(s): Kris Sheehan

The Traveling Red Chair Visits Sand Rock Farm 21 Jul 2014, 2:27 pm

The Red Chair paid Sand Rock Farm a visit this week and was welcomed on the deck for the start of another adventure.

Though it has traveled near and far from East to West, the Red Chair has never helped with a wedding until this weekend.

The Red Chair made a stop in the Redwood Grove visiting the giant redwood there, wondering if it might be related???

It arrived in the 1887 Barrel Aging Cellar to see the chairs were already set, ready for the Wedding Ceremony.

There was still plenty to do in the Wine Meadow. The Red Chair was right in the thick of it as the tables and chairs were set up for the Reception.

After the flowers were placed and the 100 guests began to arrive, the Red Chair took the opportunity to share some pre Ceremony fun.

Guests moved from the Ceremony to the Meadow for the feasting, and so did the Red Chair.

After the dancing in the Cellar and the guests had all gone, it was time for the Red Chair to help with the take down and clean up. Another job well done with the Sand Rock Farm wedding team and their helper, the Red Chair!

Not only did the Red Chair get to help put on a wedding, it also went up to the orchard to pick some ripe plumbs before the squirrels and birds take their share.

Just before leaving, the Red Chair had the opportunity to visit the wonderful old house. It couldn’t get enough of itself, preening in front of the Victorian mirror in the living room.

All good visits must end sometime. Now, our assistant innkeeper will load the Red Chair and luggage into the car, saying good-bye to Sand Rock Farm, and journey into Santa Cruz to its next stop.

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We Love Weddings! 21 May 2014, 1:18 pm

We love weddings at Sand Rock Farm! We have them almost every week. Each is special and unique.

We couldn’t wait to show off a few new pictures from a recent wedding. Succulents grown by the bride’s mother were highly featured. They were both centerpieces and favors! What a great idea!

The couple chose to create a comfortable spot to relax with lounge furniture set up in the Wine Meadow.

Then there was all that dancing in the Wine Cellar from the Bride and Groom’s first dance to the rest of the party joining in.

As we are into the season, there will be more photos to share soon.

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Weather is Fabulous!!! 2 May 2014, 2:22 pm

Santa Cruz and Aptos are buzzing these days. Weather is fabulous! At Sand Rock Farm we are welcoming guests coming to the Coast to hike, bike, taste the wines, enjoy the ocean and our gardens, fountains, trees and meadows.

Flowers are blooming, bees are gathering nectar, and birds are chirping making nests. Mother’s Day is next weekend. If you have not made a plan for your Mom, think of visiting.

So much to do. Plan ahead so you don’t miss a Day on the Farm, May 10

If your tastes run to Art & Chocolate, you won’t want to miss the Open Studios Tour in Live Oak and Pleasure Point. See where the artists live and work. Nibble on a little chocolate as well at each of the studios along the way. May 10 and May 11.,

Or, if music and dance is more your thing, check out the Cabrillo Spring Dance Concert May 9th-11th at the Crocker Theater.

One of my very special Mother’s Day traditions is going to the annual Mother’s Day Open House at Roses of Yesterday & Today
May 10-11, from 9-4. Enjoy cookies, ice tea and lemonade and add beauty and fragrance to your life!

Come smell the roses and enjoy the full bloom wandering through their gardens. They have potted roses for sale and bareroot roses will be discounted You never have enough roses!!!! It is just down the road from Sand Rock Farm.

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Spring Sprang and Summer is here! 23 Mar 2014, 4:19 pm

Spring Sprang and Summer is here. I am thinking June in April!!!! What a fabulous time to visit Sand Rock Farm and our part of the Central Coast.

I looked around this morning and saw the fog we call June gloom. (This is still March!!) The sun is shining now on the wild roses in bloom. (These are the ones that the deer don’t seem to like.) The other roses behind the deer proof fence have just begun to open.

The fabulous 65 year old pink dogwood is in full bloom, as is the tulip tree. Lilacs are sending their fragrance down the paths in the Spiral Garden while a few bright yellow daffodils still lurk in the shady sections of the garden.

We still are counting on a bit of rain, maybe Tuesday. This has been the warmest and one of the driest winters on record.

It is really difficult to explain to couples coming to look at Sand Rock Farm for weddings, that after 14 years, I still can not predict the weather a year in advance. (Certainly not like a year we just had.)

Though Spring is warmer than usual, there are still many Spring activities in April.

Earth Day,; the annual Easter Egg Hunt on the Beach, and Santa Cruz Mountain Wineries Passport Day, all take place on April 19th.

Come visit. It will be a busy, fun weekend in the Santa Cruz area.

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Hummingbirds, Harbinger of Spring 23 Feb 2014, 5:35 pm

A flash of color, a whir of wings flitting hither and yon, and you know the hummingbirds are here. Flashing their iridescent colors to communicate with each other, they are tiny but mighty and back in the Santa Cruz area from their winter in southern California and Mexico.

Plant any salvia, columbine, or other deep throated plant from which they can sip the necter. Set up colored sugar water stations for their visits. You will be rewarded with the red throated Allen’s hummingbird or the magenta Anna hummingbird (a year around resident). You might even catch the Rufous Hummingbird.

March 1st and 2nd visit the UC Santa Cruz Arboretum and celebrate the annual Hummingbird Days. There is plentiful bird watching, guided garden tours, presentations, arts and crafts and food.

Details at

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Eggs from dancing chickens? 26 Jan 2014, 2:16 pm

Eggs from dancing chickens? They are tastier than you can imagine!!

All manner of egg sizes, brown and white, cage free and organic are available at Glaum Egg Ranch up Valencia Rd a mile, across Freedom Blvd from Sand Rock Farm.

Since the first Glaum in the business built a model “Poultry Farm” in Nebraska in the 1920’s to today’s Glaum Egg Ranch in Aptos, California, the Glaum family has been caring for chickens and the eggs they lay.

80 years of egg ranching in one family is quite a record. What is more amazing is that the family founder’s ideas and inventions for chicken and egg production are still in use today by many egg ranchers across the country.

Chickens roam free, dust bathing eating a healthy diet with no animal protein, hormones or antibiotics. The Glaums are registered growers, the first egg ranch in California to be Certified Humane by Humane Farm Animal Care and USDA Organic.

The Glaums guarantee every egg they produce. Eggs are delivered to over 500 Northern California markets, restaurants and bakeries between 24 and 48 hours after being laid by Glaum cool trucks,

And, what about the Dancing Chickens, you ask????

Marvin Glaum, (the founder’s youngest son, second generation) invented the Egg Vending Machine. You may come to the ranch, insert Three dollars and receive a flat of eggs.

CLICK* to watch video
Not satisfied to just deliver eggs from a vending machine, Marvin decided to entertain the customer. After depositing your money, and receiving your eggs, a curtain rises and a dozen animated chickens prance around doing a chicken like dance to appropriate chicken like music. The chickens all sport seasonal and holiday garb, regularly changed, created by one of the third generation Glaum daughters.

Children and adults alike come to buy some eggs and watch the chickens dance. I come to buy the eggs.!

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Holidays are Over!!! 9 Jan 2014, 2:17 pm

Is there anything sadder than taking down that fragrant wreath you put up early in December? The boughs that were so brightly lit winding around the banister down the stairs have crumbled. Though the tree in the living room is still brightly lit, and fragrant, it too will come down this week.

Good by till next year.

Now all that sounds rather maudlin. But, January is here in Aptos and Santa Cruz and we have no fog. We have beautiful days and clear nights.

The fun is just beginning.

Who doesn’t love chocolate??? January 19th, the seven year old Chocolate Festival at the Cocoanut Grove features chocolatiers and chocolate artisians including restaurants, bakeries, patisseries, authors and catering companies.

You can go from chocolate in January to Clam Chowder in February. Come the 22nd for the 33rd annual Clam Chowder Cook-Off and Festival.

There is a more than a bit of outdoors if you want to learn all about Elephant Seals at Ano Nuevo. Reservations are required as it is breeding season. Sign up for a guided walk at

We would love to have you visit Sand Rock Farm soon. Like us on Facebook and you are eligible for 25% off on your January or February, 2014 two night stay (except President’s Weekend.)

Looking forward to a visit from you soon.

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Monarchs at Natural Bridges 22 Dec 2013, 1:37 pm

What would winter be in Santa Cruz without the migrating Monarchs!

Beginning in early October through the end of January, Monarch Butterflys stop off in Santa Cruz on their flight from Northern cooler climbs. Monarchs will rest, and nest in the same eucalyptus grove every year.

When the sun is out, the Monarchs flit through trees at Natural Bridges State Park. They may land on your shoulder or hand, twitching their wings before fluttering elsewhere in a blaze of orange and black.

Monarch Butterfly Grove are available at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m, weekends through January, with peak monarch observation occurring in late-November and early-December,

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Holidays are Here Again 18 Dec 2013, 11:34 am

Holidays are Here Again – at Sand Rock Farm and your home, too!

Finding that right tree, big or small is always a challenge. We go out every year right after Thanksgiving and look for the tree that fits in front of the Victorian mirror in the living room. It needs to be tall enough, about 8 feet, plump, but not too plump. Guests need to be able to walk around it to go to the dining room.

Of course we get two trees for our bed and breakfast, one for the upstairs hall and the big one for the living room. Once it is set in the tree stand and lights are on reflecting off the mirror, I know that we are ready for the season.

Well, almost…

As my daughter and her family travel outside the country between October and right before Christmas, I am periodically taxed with finding that just right , very, very tall tree for their house. We look for a tree that is at least 18 feet and not more than 24!

There are actually very few Christmas tree farms that plant and wait to harvest trees that size. Crest Ranch, oldest operating tree ranch in the Western US is just up Empire Grade road from Aptos is the only one I know.

We trek up to the ranch and search through what seems like acres of trees to find the one. When we do, we tag and pay for it and leave it standing a bit longer as we need a truck and able bodied helpers to take it home.

The next day, a truck, and two strong young men manage to load and transport that tree from the ranch to my daughter’s house. Some hours later, the tree is up, some lights are on and decorating parties are being planned.

Big or small, our trees, or yours, the trees herald in the Season.

Happy Holidays to all of you and Best Wishes in the New Year.

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Fall Passport 16 Nov 2013, 9:01 am

This weekend, November 15th, you will want to get a very special Passport. The Passport from the Santa Cruz Mountain Wine Association will grant you access to over 30 wineries in the hills and mountains surrounding Aptos and Santa Cruz .

A not to miss event. Some of the wineries are only open for Passport. All the wineries would like to share their wines with visitors. Each winery offers something unique. In one you might be given a vineyard tour. Another might show you the winemaking process. You usually are able to meet the winemaker and hear from him the attributes of his particular wines. Some of the wineries offer food and live music.

If you miss out this weekend, you can use the Passport any one of four weekends a year, the third Saturday of January, April, July and November. Wineries are usually open between 10 AM and 5 PM.

On your visit, a page of your Passport will be given a unique commemorative stamp by the winery. There is a prize for those Passport holders who have stamps from all the wineries.
Wineries open on non-Passport days will accept Passports and stamp your Passport. Passports are good for one free tasting winery visit on Passport days or throughout the year and is good for two years.

The Passport cost is $45 and can be purchased online or at any participating winery.

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