Once you get to the area you are traveling to see if you can locate the city's local newspaper. It's a good source for local events such as street fairs,... Read more
When packing your suitcase, roll your clothes instead of folding them. You will be quite surprised how much more will fit!... Read more
15% is the standard rate, however, exellent service deserves more. If the food is not satisfactory, speak to the manager, don't just leave without tipping. Make sure and check your... Read more
When packing your clothes, fold your clothes in tissue paper. This can reduce the wrinkles in your clothes. ... Read more
If the bellman helps you with your bags, you should tip him/her $1 to $2 per bag. You should do this at check-in and if he/she assists you with your... Read more
If you take a shuttle van or bus to your hotel or elsewhere, tip the driver $2 per person in your party.... Read more
If you are driving your own car and utilize valet parking, $1 to $2 is standard.... Read more
If you are arriving at your hotel or other destination in a taxi or limo, 10 to 15% of your total fare is the standard tip.... Read more
If a porter helps you with your bags, the standard rate is $1 per bag. If you have packed "everything but the kitchen sink", you might consider more. If you... Read more
It's always nice to have a snack while on the road or on the plane Why make an extra stop and pay extra when you can whip up some easy... Read more