April 14, 2016

The Game of Travel

Make your travels all the more fun by creating a game out of it.  Create a list of sites, activities, food, or whatever you think may be interesting to see or do at your next vacation destination. When you and/or your travel mates get there, try to check off as many items as you can off your checklist. Whoever checks off the most items wins!

---Example list---

Destination: Los Angeles, CA

Instructions: Take a picture of you and the following:

() A celebrity
() The Hollywood sign
() Both of the Harrison Ford Hollywood Walk of Fame stars
() Eating Korean BBQ
() 10 different species of palm trees
() Taking the Metro
() Sitting on the 100 Days of Summer bench
() A traffic Jam
() The Watt Towers
() At the Griffith Observatory
() Eating Din Tai Fung
() 5 food trucks

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