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4 lime wedges
10 leaves fresh mint (if you grow chocolate mint, all the better!)
1 cup sparkliing Perrier or San Pelligrino
6T dark rum
4T simple sugar syrup(see recipe below*)
2T mango nectar (squeezed from fresh mango)
Crushed ice

Squeeze lime wedges into pitcher; add mint leaves and press leaves into sides of glass to release mint flavor. Add sparkling water, rum, simple sugar and mango nectar; stir and pour over crushed ice.

* Simple Sugar Syrup
2 cups sugar
1 cup water

Mix together in pan and bring to gentle boil. Stores for weeks in fridge.

This is a great refreshing boisson for hot summer weather. You can just triple or quadruple the ingredients and make it up in a pitcher to serve to guests as they arrive.