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Charming Inn Virginia - Eastern Shore, VA Charming Inn Virginia - Eastern Shore, VA

Full service at its best on Virginia's Eastern Shore!

At the head of Onancock Creek leading to the Chesapeake Bay sits Onancock, on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. This watermen’s town is graced with countless positives, but perhaps the greatest is The Charlotte Hotel, a charming eight guest room inn with the area’s most renown restaurant!

Having been purpose built within the shell of an old existing building on North Street, The Charlotte Hotel is a thoroughly modern inn. Everywhere one looks, on walls, floors, hallways, and in frames, is the artistic handiwork of one of the owners, Charlotte Heath, whose creative design has added to the unique qualities of this property. Guests can enjoy simple but very comfortable rooms on the second and third floors (they even sell the mattresses, which are to die for!), but the cornerstone of the business is the restaurant.

Located in two spaces, one in the main building and one in the attached, leased building known as the “Next Door Gallery” (included for sale as part of the package), the restaurant can seat a total of about 65 in both dining rooms. An attractive, intimate bar with stools and two small high top tables is a popular gathering spot or place to wait while a diner’s table is prepared. The mood is luxurious, the setting serene. The business is solid.

Approximately 75% of the inn’s business comes from food and beverage, but the restaurant has a very capable chef who is guided by the owners to create delicious and attractive meals that have garnered no small amount of positive press. With a solid revenue base of around half a million dollars, The Charlotte Hotel is profitable and has excellent upside potential with (among many other things) NASA’s increased development and reliance upon the installations at Wallups Island less than 30 minutes away. A new hospital is under construction in Onancock, which will be a source of business for years to come. In short, the future is bright for The Charlotte Hotel and its future owners!

While there are no owner’s quarters on site, there are attractive homes available in the neighborhood, or one could add a floor or two to the adjacent building, creating spacious owner’s quarters and even more guest rooms!

The B&B Team, Inc. is proud to offer this excellent business for $1,295,000 turnkey, which includes the adjacent leased property. A new owner could continue with the current arrangement leasing the Next Door Gallery by purchasing the main inn alone for $995,000. This is an excellent opportunity. For details, please contact Peter Scherman, 434-286-4600.

Inn photo courtesy of Keith Lanpher of Norfolk, Virginia.

Listed for $995,000

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