January 5, 2014

Welcome 2014

Welcome to 2014. The New Year has arrived! As we look back quickly to 2013 and all the changes, remodeling, repair and work done in the last few months we are excited to be just about finished. This next year will bring a few more changes and complete the projects already in the works such as painting and the gardens. We are thrilled to share the progress already made and the dreams of the future here at Cypress House. Our next major event is a photo shoot and artwork for the newly painted rooms.
Trail riding is still a big attraction here with our stable of well behaved and superbly trained horses to take the beginner to advanced rider for the 2 hour or longer rides. We have both ranch and privately owned horses here at our stable that we match up to your height, weight, and experience level for a private guided trail in the Withlacoochee wildlife management area forest. Each ride is limited to a maximum of 5 riders per group and is only the folks you sign up with. We do not mix riders of different parties or level unless you wish to share your time. Each party/group will walk and trot the scenic trail depending on the level of your groups most nervous horse and rider combination. With safety of our guests and horses in mind, cantering is limited to groups of 3 or less, wearing helmets, and in limited areas due to the winding nature of the trails. The ranch offers a discount to riders that are also staying at the B&B for the 2 hour basic trail ride. The cost of the basic ride is $65.00 per person ($55.00 for B&B guests) plus 7% tax and a TIP for your wrangler.
Cypress Ranch has both ranch and privately owned horses for sale, as well as a select few private horses that are boarded here for a reduced board in exchange for use on trail. The ranch also has horse leases available* by the month, lessons and is in the process of building our horse obstacle challenge course.
The B&B closes on June 1st- August 15th so that we can offer a girls summer camp program with the horses. Each session of CHHORSECAMP.COM is a week long adventure for 10 girls ages 9-14 with a total of 8 sessions available. We are a combined working horse ranch and B&B, yet are 2 separate business that coexist for the benefit of both.
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